Active Packaging

Insignia Technologies has developed an active and intelligent film label solution that helps prevent food waste

Packaging that act as anti-microbial, to extend the shelf-life of soft and delicate fruits

With the deadlines for compliance with two major pieces of legislation fundamentally affecting the pharmaceutical sector, a leading industry analyst has made a strong plea for the industry to adopt more Active and Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) solutions ‘to deal with the traceability requirements of today and the authentication and compliance issues just around the corner’.
With delegate numbers exceeding 200 and a record number of Brand Owners attending and presenting, the AIPIA Congress proved beyond doubt that Active and Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) is about to make a big impact and has enormous potential for every stakeholder. The event took place in Utrecht Holland on 18/19 November.

Active packaging for Cosmetics packaging to enhance shelf life

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