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Packages for cosmetics: beautiful and efficient

Posted by   Rohit Sachan  on 21 April 2014
The world is becoming more affluent, and people want to wallow in luxury. This is illustrated among other things by the fact that more expensive cosmetics are being sold today than ever before.
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The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment

Posted by   Rohit Sachan  on 12 April 2014
Review of EU waste management targets as an opportunity to ensure the continued relevance and effectiveness of the PPWD in a changed regulatory and market setting.
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Sorbead India Emerging as Leading Molecular Sieve Supplier and Manufacturer

Posted by   Rajesh Galgalikar  on 11 April 2014
In the world of desiccants, this is another type of desiccant which performs well equivalently well like other desiccants like silica gel, Activated carbon clay and many other. Just like silica gel granule, it has the capacity to absorb 40% moisture of its weight and is manufactured by Sorbead India.
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Packedia pro and packedia web-pro – packaging development without CAD

Posted by   Chhavi Aggarwal  on 9 April 2014
For several years packedia web-pro in its previous form offered these possibilities as prototypes for testing. This commercial version is available for prospective customers who do not want to install software in their own companies or do want to participate in the centrally managed catalogs from all over the world as SAAS (software as a service). Accessible under :
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Sorbead India announces the launch of Reuse Silica Gel Desiccant Packets

Posted by   Rajesh Galgalikar  on 7 April 2014
Sorbead India gladly announces its best range of desiccant packets. Desiccant packets are although manufactured by many companies but it is advisable to purchase only those products which are affiliated under all terms and conditions set by the government.
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