Sacmi Wine and Spirits to exhibit at Enolitech 2017 in Verona

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Starring role to be played by KUBE labelling technology, renowned and appreciated by leading Italian wineries. Also on show will be a complete, integrated range for the wine sector, with which Sacmi, following its takeover of Defranceschi Italia, aims to provide “turnkey winery” solutions


Sacmi wine-making solutions will play a pivotal role at Enolitech 2017, the international wine and food oil technology fair being held in Verona from 9 th to 12 th April. Following a series of strategic takeovers that has resulted in the Group's full-blown entry into the wine world, Sacmi will soon be heading to Italy's biggest wine industry fair to present the new Wine&Spirits Division.


Playing a central role on the stand will be the KUBE modular labellers. Designed by Sacmi Verona, they aim to provide the market with a versatile, efficient solution that can be applied across multiple labelling technologies and systems: just perfect for the wine industry where there is a for both total process quality and frequent label and/or size changeovers.


Visitors to the Group stand (20 m 2 , hall F, VIC N7) will have the opportunity to get a close look at the solution which, thanks to modular labelling units placed outside the carousel (plug&play technology), allows different applications to be managed in parallel (hot glue, cold glue, self-adhesive); the universal screw feeder, instead, powered by the brushless motor, can convey all the usual commercially available bottle types, from a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 120 mm in diameter. Completing the picture is the advanced control software and the possibility of equipping the labeller with the advanced LVS 360 vision system, produced by the Sacmi Automation&Inspection Division.


Already installed by leading Italian wineries, KUBE labelling solutions are merely the jewel in the crown of a system which, following Sacmi's takeover of Defranceschi Italia (completed in 2016), now includes every type of technology upstream from labelling. Sacmi, in fact, alongside ultra-clean fillers and solutions designed to handle bag-in- box packaging (aided by cutting- edge robotized systems for fully automatic bottling line management), now provides a comprehensive range of grape processing and wine-making solutions, already a part of the Defranceschi portfolio, which boasts key customers worldwide.


The nearly 40,000 visitors expected at Enolitech (according to figures from the previous edition at least 20% will be from abroad) will have a great opportunity to see Sacmi solutions up close. These solutions allow for the design of true “turnkey wineries” characterised by both technological and architectural quality, with minimum dimensions that prove to be efficient even on just a few hectares of vineyard. “Analysis of the wine industry demonstrates that, especially in the middle of the price range", underlines Sacmi-Defranceschi sales manager Laurent Guillemain, "there is plenty of scope for raising both product quality and improving the way it is presented. We know that these goals can largely be achieved by redesigning the winery and/or building it from scratch”.


Thanks also to teamwork with top-notch wine labs (such as Enosis Meraviglia, managed by Donato Lanati) and world-famous architects, Sacmi is also taking on the challenge posed by small, quality wineries, “not just as wine-making facilities but also - and above all - as complete, experiential places where customers can really get to know the winery's identity, land and family/company history”. Solutions with high added value that Sacmi W&S completes with advanced quality control systems for use directly in the vineyard (NIR solutions) and downstream from the line, with integrated solutions for storage logistics and management.

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Valentina Gollini
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