First Modular Line Processing For Advanced Wound Care

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Optima Packaging Group Gmbh

 Optima life science at ice munich 2013 first modular line processing for advanced wound care optima life science with its medicon mdc 300 vario presents a new, modular machine platform for the segment advanced wound care. Processing with this system type can be very simply modified or expanded. The user thus has advantages as soon as materials or the structure of a wound dressing product are amended.

Therefore, the lines are ideally suited for new product developments and especially for flexible series production. The performance of the flexible plant is set up for a web speed of  60 mmin packaging material or 500 productsmin. A new production process can be implemented in the shortest possible time, even in sterile rooms. The plant operator can configure the module himself by means of a &ldquoreal&rdquo plug & play system. No knowledge of programming is required. In the product development stage, with medicon mdc 300 vario there are now optimum tools available that guarantee rapid market introduction and at the same time shorten timeintensive processes.

When used in series production there are no limits on the platform with respect to format ranges or the complexity of the processes. All function modules such as rolloff, rollon, cutting, web edge control, camera systems etc. As necessary for the manufacture of the various types of wound dressings are obtainable from optima life science. The machine system can be combined with a fourside seal bag packaging machine enabling the products to be packaged immediately. Moreover, modules with special functions can be developed and integrated.optima life science at ice munich 2013 march19th &ndash 21st, hall a6, booth 164 

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