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We also offer many niche packaging products and offer complete after sales technical and coordination services. This is the showcase by our partners. If you would like us to market your products then please do let us know at

Packaging Solutions

We offer online packaging solutions to our clients as per the requirement of our clients. Our services are offered at affordable price. Further, our services are delivered within a short time frame. The packaging services offered by us include:
Functional Labels

Our domain expertise enables us to provide functional labels to our clients for packaging purposes. We offer integrated hangers, which helps in safely hanging of infusion bottles. Further, the other materials that we provide to our clients for packaging are as follows: * Pharma comb :With one or several detachable parts for easier and safer documentation and dispensing of drugs. * Pharma multi inform : Labels with enlarged space for text for ensuring that all requisite information is always available directly on the product. * Pharma pro secure: We offer multi seal closure seal via counterfeit-proof advantage labels to micro code markings to help our clients for packaging their specific items. These are special labels that offer solutions for security requirement.

COP Injectible vials with standard clinch neck finish

These are COP vials made from Zeonex® These can be sterilsed both by autoclaving and radiation. These injectible vials are available in 5, 10 and 100ml sizes standard off the shelf. These are delivered sterilse - ready to fill.  

Perfume Bottles

High quality perfume bottles with premium printing, excellent clarity, acid etching, sand blasting , single or multi color spray, silk screen printing, hot stamping, tampo printing metallization, lasering. One Stop Shopping for the worldwide customers in the Cosmetic and perfumery industry. Available in 3 ml to 100 ml and customized sizes can also be worked out

Cosmetics Glass Jars

 High quality crystal clear glass jars for cream and lotion. Jars are available with a transparent gloss finish, translucent matt finish, etch finish, Opal glass and also coloured glass. Available in 3 ml to 100 ml and customized sizes can also be worked out.

Amorphous Polyamide Nail Polish Containers

These Amorphous PA bottles for Nail paints offer very good chemical resistance excellent aroma, oxygen and solvent barrier scratch resistance. These bottles are manufactured by IBM process.     Special Features of PA bottles:Easy to colour (also with special pigments)Good PrintabilityMetallizationEasy to varnishDrop resistance as compared to glass bottlesLight weight

Packaging Consultation

With the help of our expert team, we are able to provide the following packaging consultations to our clients: * Packaging specification development. * Packaging validation protocols. * Packaging formats developments. * Packaging suggestions for routine problems. * Packaging troubleshooting. * Suppliers recommendations. * Packaging material recommendations. * Vendor selection guidelines. * Equipment & machinery recommendations. * Project management. * Training & guiding

Lenstar Lenticular sheets

We offer a wide range of Lenstar Lenticular sheets, which are extruded by PACUR, USA. These are available in 40, 100, 75, 60, 62, 100 LPI and designed for direct offset printing.

PETG Sheets

We offer PETG sheets to our clients for packaging medical and pharmaceutical products. These are approved by FDA and USDA and extruded by PACUR, USA. Further, our services are offered at competitive prices.

SRC plastic Droppers with CRC Caps

Standard Plastic droppers for Pharma products available in ½ oz with sizes7x65 mm, 7x68 mm for 1 oz sizes are 7x76 mm, 7x72 mm for 2 oz sizes are 7x87 mm and for 4 oz sizes are 7x108 mm.

Square bottles with Screw

Square bottle line with screw cap. These bottles are offered in HDPE material. Bottle volumes available are 25ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 140ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml. The bottles are available in LDPE, MDPE or PP. The screw cap is available in PP material. The bottles can be used for both liquids and solids.

PET Tubes for liquids

Round bottles with tamper evident closure for pharmaceutical application. The bottles are offered in PET material in wide range of volume. 10ml, 20ml, 15ml, 25ml, 30ml, 40ml, 50ml, 60ml, 75ml, 100ml, 125ml and 150 ml. The bottles are offered with white color HDPE tamper evident cap. The bottles are available in amber color. These bottles can be used for vitamin shots.

PET Round Bottles TE

Round bottle with tamper evident closure for Pharmaceutical applications. The bottle is offered in PET material. The bottle with the tamper evident closure is available in 100ml. Other bottle sizes are available on request. The temper evident cap is offered in PP material, 24mm diameter in white color. The closure is also available as child – resistant version. These bottles are available in both amber color and transparent

Injection Bottles

Injection bottles with standard clinch neck finish, for pharmaceutical applications. HPT offers Injection bottles in PET with options in bottle volume. These transparent bottles are available in 20ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml. More bottle sizes are available on request.

Tablet Jars with CRC caps

A range of tablet jars for pharmaceutical applications. These bottles are supplied with 2-part child-resistant, tamper-evident closures, with or without desiccant. The jars are available in following: 50ml, 85ml, 100ml, 140ml, 170ml, 200ml.

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