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Released: Mon, 08/13/2012 - 16:37 By arulstranger@gm...

Can you tell me one best package you have seen in the market, that attracts (impressed ) you.??




Experimental Milk Carton


Pop-Up Popcorn



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This is currently a conceptual pack for packaging Fresh Fish. The pack is made of multilayer PE provided and is with the graphics that recognizes the type of fish being packed. It can be filled with ice for transport to keep fish fresh until it hits the pan

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This packaging is made of six identical wooden cubes (nutwood, oiled). A leathern hinge provides the opening function, a paper loop used as closure. KLOTZ is not only for protecting the jewelry, also for presenting it!

Surprise effect

the first impression of this packaging does not suggest a jewelry packaging. On which side will it open?



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Yogurt Pack
Goa is a healthy yogurt made ​​with only fresh & delicious ingredients. The coolest thing that yogurt is that you can freeze it and make it frozen.

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Nail Packaging

Nail Packaging.jpg 154.61 KB

Nail Packaging

Packaging Body Soap
A truly interesting/bizarre example of packaging from Japan.

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Packaging salt and paper
Salt and pepper shakers shaped like D-Cell batteries. A vertical transparent strip along the side indicate the amount of spices left in the shakers. Created by Antrepo Design Industry

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