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Released: Mon, 09/17/2012 - 17:00 By Anonymous

 “ Lets us share ……some unique ideas of development/innovations in  BEVERAGE PACKAGING that you come 





 Single-serving wine bottle and Glass

Its yogurt-style, peal-off lid, recyclable and all without the worry of broken glass underfoot and with the easy-carry advantage of walking around with non-spill, pre-filled glasses of wine.

Picture1.jpg 32.81 KB

 A self explanatory "graphic" for Beer Can - Giving feel of the product packed 

naked-beer.jpg 191.46 KB

 Barbapapa – one of Savor & Sense original culinary creations, lovely!

I live a couple of blocks from there. There are a few homeless people that sleep nearby, and a few METRO stops in the area, but there's always a lot of people around. The big Sears parking lots nearby create a lot of visibility, and that particular intersection gets a lot of traffic, so I think it's a pretty safe location. Looking forward to more art within walking distance. Thanks.
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Jooze Packaging

A superb packaging for "Jooze" fictitious company manufacturing fruit juices designed by the Australian student Yunyeen Yong. Dedicated to target children in schools, the shape is inspired by the fruit slices with bright colors that vary according to the taste of the juice.

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 Dzmitry Samal designed a unique concept for beverage cans. The shape is much more geometric - featuring facets, instead of the familiar smooth round cylinder we're used to. The new can design utilizes a process called impact extrusion, a process where an aluminum slug (solid piece of metal) is pressed at a high velocity with extreme force into a die/mold by a punch. 

6a00d8345250f069e20120a.jpg 21.39 KB

The incentive behind the design of H2 Water Bottle packaging might have been to reduce the footprint of the vessels to save on the cost and environmental impact of shipping, but an alluring aesthetic is the first thing that the consumer would notice. The organic curvatures and the asymmetricality of the flasks are unusual amidst mass-produced containers and this example is certainly an unexpected object of beauty.

166945_2_600.jpeg 23.13 KB

SEE THROUGH CANS  (Transparent Aluminum: Real, Glass-Like,See-Through Metal)

Stronger than glass,. What was once used in the science-fiction Star Trek movies,

see-through aluminum is now used for manufacturing of see though cans.


see-through-futuristic-aluminum-material.jpg 49.43 KB
446728555_2a909b93ef_o.jpg 563.67 KB

We want to buy the printing machine for printing of  RED BULL energy drink same size same specification bottle.Pls halp me.


pradeep K.Gupta



Thanks for the query Mr. Gupta

We donot manufacture products but share information about recent developments (As also mentioned in other replies).

For your specific query on "red bull energy drink", you can try contacting the supplier or email us the link. Shall try getting the details


Dear Innovator,

Will you send me technical details of see through aluminum packaging materils?


It's realy innovative product for packaging.


Ashok Nimbaark


Hello Mr. Ashok

Thanks for your query. We are sharing latest innovations and trends in Packaging through our portal Packaging Connections (P Exchange), however we donot manufacture these products. Sole purpose of initiating such discussions us to keep the industry updated about latest developments happening across the globe.

However, in case you are looking for any specific information, kindly let us know. Like for this case, if we happen to get the technical details of "aluminum see through cans", shall share via email with you.


Energy Drink - Shape of the pack is self explanatory for the product packed inside

Re-Charge Beverage Packaging.jpg 40.54 KB

Dear all mamber,

Pls give me  for red bul energy drink "bottle" printing machine supplyer/manufactror address with cont. no.


pradeep K.Gupta



Printing and labeling is a vital part of a creation packaging, which has to be talented seamlessly to obtain pet result. Selection of paper is the most essential step for this. If one can shine the procedure, half of the job is previously complete and rest resolve be done by printer.

printing on corrugated boxes

The beauty of a product depend on it packing and quality,quality is to be must and and packing should be good looking that can make a good impression Valentine Day Greetings to the buyers,and you tells the best.

no doubt the above all designs were fabulous but i like the design idea for the jooze packaging but i m concerned with something and came up with a question that whether the brand name "jooze" is real or just a fake name? Regards Muqtada Khalid packaging boxes

Thanks Mr. Muqtada.

JOOZE is a Dutch word that means JUICE. Actually this pack is designed by a student and to provide a pack summary, he has created a fictional company with the fruit juice brand "Jooze" targeting kinder garden kids. This is nothing to do with any FMCG brand, its only to specify packaging of JUICE.

The teardrop Bottle Cap

A little bit of physics applied to a cap redesign does the trick to making things easier. The teardrop shaped Easy Access Bottle Cap is perfect. It’s ergonomic and smooth.

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John Walker’s Diamond Jubilee rare Scotch whisky marks the Queen’s coronation

Johnny-Walker-Diamond-Whiskey.jpg 328.56 KB

Resealable Soda Can
An interesting packaging concept invented by Johan de Broyer of Ukraine.

CreativePackageDesign_19.jpg 68.88 KB

Secondary Purpose Packaging

wine.jpg 357.53 KB

Stack able cans for beverage packaging

stakable cans.....jpg 401.91 KB

One can really make use of their brains in a right way. Not only in packing the beverages, but also in other stuff, I guess there are many innovative ideas and concepts to make it look attractive and effective. I will let my friends, who work at an assignment help australia company, know this site, so that they can also share their views in packing the beverages.

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