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Designing a safer labeling system for Pharma
Labeling of injectable drugs is  one troublesome area  that effects every single facility. There are many errors happening due to this. Although

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 18 February 2015  |  comment Comments(8)

Know your plastics better
A comprehensive sheet on all plastics and their behaviour. Understand more on the plastics you use and be eco friendly

Posted by Amita Venkatesh Valleesha on 4 February 2015  |  comment Comments(1)

Natural Mango Shaped Pouch For Fruit Drinks

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 22 January 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Wine Bottle with Glass
This patented innovation is simply a "wow" innovation in wine packaging.

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 20 January 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Packaging for Energy Drinks
In day today activities and experience we see so many packs that instantly says "what product they contain". For example

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 16 January 2015  |  comment Comments(2)

Changing Trends of Advertisement

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 6 January 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Combo pack for Juice
An interesting pack for juices wherein individual packs are printed in such a

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 29 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Room Freshner
An interesting pack for air / room freshner wherein closure pump

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 24 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Is Racism intentional or accidental when you see such such Racist Food Packaging
What are your views when you see such Racist Food Packaging, Is it intentional or accidental?

Posted by Bhaskar Ch on 23 December 2014  |  comment Comments(1)

Festive Packs
Hello! It's Festive time again - retail stores and supermarts are full of festive gift packs. I was just wondering if 

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 23 December 2014  |  comment Comments(7)

Multiple releasability capacity for snack food in a gusseted pouch by a single adhesive tape.

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 22 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Innovative Packaging for bathing soap
Box has side perforation just for breaking it from side after that whole box will open in the form of

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 19 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Innovative packaging for Breads
  Looks really creative. The pack is sure to get customer's attention when on

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 18 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Packaging For dry Fruits
Now a Days dry fruits are comming in a very fancy and creative packaging in the market. Recently i viisted

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 18 December 2014  |  comment Comments(1)

Pharma Multi-Inform
Pharma-Multi-Inform are specialty labels with an enlarged area for text. Due to their multi-page design, all the required information

Posted by Subhash Bose on 17 December 2014  |  comment Comments(2)

Got Me a Spoon
  Biuld in spoon for on the go foods, snacks, cackes etc.   

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 16 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Two-in-one biscuit packaging system
•The two-in-one packaging system allows food manufacturers to switch from slug to pile packs and vice versa in less than

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 12 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Pack for Chewing Gums
      Quite interesting.  Packaging sends a message "chew the product (chewing gum) and get shiny teeth. May be useful to attractive

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 11 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Smart packaging for Take aways
In order to meet the needs of the increasingly specific

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 11 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Pharma-Tac: The quick way to hang a bottle

Posted by Subhash Bose on 11 December 2014  |  comment Comments(2)
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