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Light weight packaging - Strategies and Innovation
Packaging world is moving every day more and more towards sustainable packaging options. One of such options is moving to

Posted by Amita Venkatesh on 14 October 2014  |  comment Comments(5)

Food Packaging Safety Hazards
Hello! Let's start a simple fun learning activity to understand various aspects of Food Safety. We many a times

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 1 October 2014  |  comment Comments(11)

What are selection parameters of product which is going to be offer free with our Prime Product?
Hello All, Can some body from the marketing side let me understad about these parameters?. 

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 1 September 2014  |  comment Comments(7)

What if we carry a Cup in our pocket ?
Smash Cup - An idea to hopefully lessen the coffee cup footprint. 

Posted by Santosh Tej on 28 August 2014  |  comment Comments(3)

Benchmarking is the final stage or the starting for a packaging design
As we all are now using Benchmarking as a strong tool during our packaging design and development. Would like to

Posted by Amita Venkatesh on 1 July 2014  |  comment Comments(2)

Green Cap
Found this interesting video which is an animated version to show/describe how green caps are being manufactured for TetraPak. The

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 25 June 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

How to be more innovative?

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 24 June 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

What if there was no packaging? What does the Packaging mean to you in real life?
What does the Packaging mean to you in real life? Imagine World without Packaging and Life without pacakging! Check out

Posted by Bhaskar Ch on 20 June 2014  |  comment Comments(1)

Thermochromic Inks that reduces food waste
How thermochromic inks helps to reduce food waste, what are the ares where these inks are being used?  Describtion about thermochromic

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 19 June 2014  |  comment Comments(3)

We All love to Enjoy Sugar Cane Juice But How we can get it Packed ?
Last Weekend i visited to Sariska Tiger Reseve Alwar Rajasthan in between my tour i enjoyed Sugar Cane Juice on

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 30 April 2014  |  comment Comments(1)

What if you are not visiting Interpack 2014
Interpack is the great show for packaging professional and packaging decision makers. At the same time, not everyone can visit

Posted by Sandeep Goyal on 23 April 2014  |  comment Comments(2)

Scan food item’s bar code, get recipes on your phone
The packets on the supermarket

Posted by Santosh Tej on 4 April 2014  |  comment Comments(1)

A new Device designed for helping "Gunshot Victims" in seconds
Gunshot wounds can cause a person to hemorrhage and die in fairly short order, particularly if the would is in

Posted by Santosh Tej on 25 March 2014  |  comment Comments(1)

A toothpaste tube you can tear open at the other end when trying to get the last bit out
•Wastage of product in lami tubes, every consumer faces this problem in each tube of face wash, tooth paste or

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 11 March 2014  |  comment Comments(4)

Crowns Plastic Beverage and Water Closures ROPP caps Chamfered caps Aluminium Collapsible Tubes Twist of caps and Metal Printing.
Oriental Containers Ltd. is jointly held by Oricon Enterprises Ltd., and Navis Capital, Malaysia.   The group employs over 1500 people and

Posted by Sujeet Pathare on 23 December 2013  |  comment Comments(0)
images 5.jpg

IML (In-Mold Label) Printing & Decoration
Hello, Let's start Knowledge improvisation and fact sharing on IN-Mold Labels, Process of Manufacturing, Machinery,Cost Optimization xon Process of manufacturing of IML

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 15 November 2013  |  comment Comments(13)
Hand Book on Printing.jpg

Hand Book of Printing Packaging and Lamination

Posted by Shrikant Athavale on 5 September 2013  |  comment Comments(1)
Book on PSA and Printing.jpg

Release of Technical Books on 1. PS Adhesives and Coatings

Posted by Shrikant Athavale on 5 September 2013  |  comment Comments(0)

Bio degradable Water Repellent Coating for paper

Posted by Shrikant Athavale on 5 September 2013  |  comment Comments(1)

Ideas & Opportunities 2013
Ideas & Opportunities 2013 is approaching fast. Participants are excited to take-off the ride to the world of "innovations". Let's discuss

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 2 July 2013  |  comment Comments(6)
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