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Scope for Packaging Professionals
Someone rightly said "Packaging for a product is like a BODY FOR THE SOUL". What packaging professionals do is to create

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 14 August 2015  |  comment Comments(13)

Dhananjay Chaudhari
Hi guys, I am looking for online torque applicator machine for commercial products to check applied torque on Ophthalmic Bottles.

Posted by Dhananjay Chaudhari on 10 June 2015  |  comment Comments(2)

Toys Packaging
"Toys" is a sector which is not very much in talks when we consider packaging. However, the sector has a

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 5 June 2015  |  comment Comments(1)

Would you like to have your seasonal fruits in this kind of packaging?
Now a days we got slices of fresh-cut pineapple and melon in the pouch. Pouches extends shelf life while providing an

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 4 June 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Desiccants for Pharmaceauticals
Desiccants are products that absorb moisture and humidity from different packaged products. This is a traditional way we are seeing

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 3 June 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Packaging Research
Packaging Technologists or Packaging professionals work on various verticals as suppliers, end user industries, converters, raw material manufacturers, testing labs

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 24 March 2015  |  comment Comments(2)

Pharma-Tac: The quick way to hang a bottle
Solution: Pharma-Tac are specialty labels with integrated hangers, which allow faster and safer hanging of infusion bottles. The tear-resistant hanger

Posted by Subhash Bose on 19 March 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Center Tab Cap
The center tab cap enhances the safety and tamper evidence of the sealed product by protecting the injection site

Posted by Subhash Bose on 19 March 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

PET Rounded Bottles
PET material is ideal for many liquids, chemicals and solvents. PET rounded bottles are the greatest choice for the pharmaceutical

Posted by Subhash Bose on 19 March 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Delineation of Important factors for Design Forecasting
Hello All, Individuals, institutions and businesses often desire a futuristic vision that will channel their energy and resources for

Posted by Sugandh Malhotra on 12 March 2015  |  comment Comments(1)

Designing a safer labeling system for Pharma
Labeling of injectable drugs is  one troublesome area  that effects every single facility. There are many errors happening due to this. Although

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 18 February 2015  |  comment Comments(13)

Know your plastics better
A comprehensive sheet on all plastics and their behaviour. Understand more on the plastics you use and be eco friendly

Posted by Amita Venkatesh Valleesha on 4 February 2015  |  comment Comments(1)

Natural Mango Shaped Pouch For Fruit Drinks

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 22 January 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Wine Bottle with Glass
This patented innovation is simply a "wow" innovation in wine packaging.

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 20 January 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Packaging for Energy Drinks
In day today activities and experience we see so many packs that instantly says "what product they contain". For example

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 16 January 2015  |  comment Comments(2)

Changing Trends of Advertisement

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 6 January 2015  |  comment Comments(0)

Combo pack for Juice
An interesting pack for juices wherein individual packs are printed in such a

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 29 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Room Freshner
An interesting pack for air / room freshner wherein closure pump

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 24 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Is Racism intentional or accidental when you see such such Racist Food Packaging
What are your views when you see such Racist Food Packaging, Is it intentional or accidental?

Posted by Bhaskar Ch on 23 December 2014  |  comment Comments(1)

Festive Packs
Hello! It's Festive time again - retail stores and supermarts are full of festive gift packs. I was just wondering if 

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 23 December 2014  |  comment Comments(7)
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