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Innovative Packaging for bathing soap
Box has side perforation just for breaking it from side after that whole box will open in the form of

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 19 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Innovative packaging for Breads
  Looks really creative. The pack is sure to get customer's attention when on

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 18 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Packaging For dry Fruits
Now a Days dry fruits are comming in a very fancy and creative packaging in the market. Recently i viisted

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 18 December 2014  |  comment Comments(1)

Pharma Multi-Inform
Pharma-Multi-Inform are specialty labels with an enlarged area for text. Due to their multi-page design, all the required information

Posted by Subhash Bose on 17 December 2014  |  comment Comments(2)

Got Me a Spoon

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 16 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Two-in-one biscuit packaging system
•The two-in-one packaging system allows food manufacturers to switch from slug to pile packs and vice versa in less than

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 12 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Pack for Chewing Gums
      Quite interesting.  Packaging sends a message "chew the product (chewing gum) and get shiny teeth. May be useful to attractive

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 11 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Smart packaging for Take aways
In order to meet the needs of the increasingly specific

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 11 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Pharma-Tac: The quick way to hang a bottle

Posted by Subhash Bose on 11 December 2014  |  comment Comments(2)

Fish Pack
  The pack has been designed in a sleek format with a "fish" print

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 10 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Wine packaging that forms a rack
  Very creative design for packaging of wines. Giving customer convenience for storing and

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 9 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Creative packaging for Pasta
    Interesting pack for pasta - design is such that it creates brand differentiation

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 8 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

What if we could print our meals?
It would be very nice if we could print our food. what you think? is it possible to print our

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 5 December 2014  |  comment Comments(3)

New food packaging has green credentials using natural combination of starch and clay
Sheffield Hallam University and Karlstad University in Sweden will soon introduce to the market with sustainable and biodegradable alternative food

Posted by Bhaskar Ch on 4 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Pump-on-Pouch system
•MWV MiniMod is an airless pump on pouch system that allows one-handed, controlled dispensing of products and is suitable for

Posted by Rohit Raj Sachan on 3 December 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Beautifully designed bottle/pack for water
"The shape says it all". Attractive looks, brand differentiation, shelf identity, stacking style

Posted by Chhavi Aggarwal on 2 December 2014  |  comment Comments(2)

Aluminum Wine Closures from Herti
Aluminum closures of the type ‘pilfer-proof’ have a wide area of application and differ in dimension. Herti offers closures

Posted by Subhash Bose on 26 November 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Innovation in Medical devices
Medical devices is one of the major part of Pharma and Healthcare packaging. We are starting this discussion to share

Posted by Amita Venkatesh Valleesha on 25 November 2014  |  comment Comments(11)

Oreo Cupcakes + Retro Oven Cupcake Box
What you'll need: 75g butter 245g sugar 2 eggs 205g plain flour 1 tbsp baking powder 1 pinch salt 205ml milk 75g crushed Oreo cookies How to do it: Pre-heat

Posted by Subhash Bose on 25 November 2014  |  comment Comments(0)

Aluminum Caps
EMA Pharmaceuticals is a leading European manufacturer of Aluminum Crimp Caps and combined Polypropylene – Aluminum “Push-Off”-Seals for Pharmaceutical Containers.

Posted by Subhash Bose on 25 November 2014  |  comment Comments(0)
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