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Monoject needles

Need thm in India as per following specs: - Monoject - 23G x 5/16” (0.6mm x 7.9mm)
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Syringe case DMF listed

Need  a syringe case in India and it should be DMF, please let us know if you can supply
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Looking for contract manufacturers for packaging a new product

Product Details: Mosquito repellent tablet of size 4cm*2cm*0.2cm. The tablet should be dipped in essential oils and it abosrbs the oils. After which it has to packed. A flow wrap machine will cater to this type of packaging. 2 layers of packaging is required, which is similar to "godrej aer" room freshner

Glass bottles for fresh juices

Need 25,000 of similar bottles in 50 ml, required in New Delhi, please contact

Label for indicating food expiration

We are looking for the supplier of label manufacutrer who have label specialised for indicating food expiration. It will be preferable if label show detrioration of food by checking ammonia level present within the package.   

Fresh Labels

We need Fresh labels for meat packaging, something like that is shown in the attached picture, please let us know if you can offer. These are required for supplies to Vietnam.

Requirement of Embossed release liner

We are looking for HDPE film Embossed Release liner with silicon coated for Medical application. Please let us have know the good suppliers at India.
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We are manufacturing absolute no heat virgin coconut oil. For our product we need 200ml/500ml paragon glass jars needed for virgin coconut oil urgent. The requires image has been uploaded. Thank you!

Dia.50 Cream Tube Packaging with 5 Metal Rollers for Massage Cream with Clear Cap

Product Details: 1. Sort: Round Skincare Tube 2. Diameter:tube-50mm; 3. Capacity: From 120ml to 250ml 4. Tube Length:Different tube length is available 5. Layer: Single layer,Double layers, 5 layers

Pourers, Spouts for pouches

We need these kind of platic spouts to be fitted on pouches. We need them in India. Please let us know if you can offer them.

Stand Up Pouch Suppliers

Hi! I am looking for suppliers of stand up pouches with following variant –
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KRIS Flexipacks has been an integral part of the growth of Flexible packaging industry in India for over 30 years. We create customised and innovative labels and flexible packaging solutions - Laminates, Shrink LD Film, Hygiene Packaging, Milk Film Pouch, Easy Peel Lid Film, and Labels (Shrink and Wrap Aro


What material Yakult bottles are made up of? How much it would cost to setup a similar packaging line? 

Non-Vented Vial Access Device/Adapter For Lyophilized Products

Hello, looking for suppliers of non-vented vial access device for lyophilized product (20mm and 13mm) are required for india but market would be regulated usa and eu market material - medical grade materials with high lipid and chemical resistance etc.

Multilayer Barrier Trays

Hi! Looking for suppliers of MULTILAYER BARRIER Thermoformed trays for retort product packaging. Material - PP and CPET based Image - is only for reference purpose (picked from google) Suppliers may contact undersigned -  Chhavi Goel +91-124-4965-782
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X-Ray Dimensional testing

Is there any testing lab in India or abroad which provide dimensional testing of rigids by X-ray scanning?

Nylon based tea bags

Looking for Indian supplier of nylon based tea bags

Dual Chamber PFS for lyophilized drugs delivery

We need Dual Chamber PFS for lyophilized drugs delivery system and also would apprecaite the filler if possible. Supplies are required for India but market would be regulated US & EU
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Wraparound labelling on PET Bottle with indexing

We are looking for a filling, capping and labelling machine for PET bottles 500ml, 1l and 5L bottles. The bottle is circular with a off center mouth Labelling needs to be on the sides.  It would be a two sided labelling or a wrap around label The label needs to be applied with specific start point with a reasonable tolerance say 5-8mm 

3 D printers for metal cans

Hello, we need some prototypes to be done for metal cans. Can this be done on 3 D printers? Is there anybody already offering this in India?

Blister Packaging Machines

Hi! One of our client's is looking for "blister packaging machines" to pack disposable syringes. Machine providers of solution providers may contact at - Mr. Shishir Aggarwal (Attached Image is not of the actual product. This is only for reference taken from internet) 

Topical Solution (Testosterone) Applicator Like Axiron

One of our customer is looking forward to an applicator like Axiron. It needs to be similar but should not infinge any patents. So if you have something to offer then please let us know.

Plastic Twist Off Cap Dmf Source

We need the caps for one of our pharma customers in india. They need it for medicated shampoo and teh supplies need to be from dmf source as the product is for regulated markets of usa. If you have something to offer then please let us know.

PP straws

Material- PP Length – 88 mm ID - 3.8 mm Thickness- approx. 0.5 mm Center to center distance : 15 mm Need in roll for for auto machine applicator

Oxygen Busters

The small packets of O-busters are made of material containing iron powder and natural zeolite, this doesn't allow entry of oxygen and moisture in the packaging. Oxygen absorbers perform their action though a chemical reaction process. When all the iron powder has oxidized, the oxygen absorbers stops this absorbing action. These are said to be even more effective than vacuum packaging

Caps for nail paint glass bottles

Hi! We are looking for suppliers of caps for glass bottles for nail paints. Location preference - India Material substrate - plastic with variant colour options, shine / glossy finish / different shapes and with applicator brush Size of bottles : varying from 3ml to 10ml (nail paint)

Pumps and caps for lotion bottles

Hi! We are looking for suppliers of caps with dispensing pumps for glass bottles lotions and cream. Location preference - India Material substrate - plastic with variant colour options, shine / glossy finish / different shapes

Clean Room Medical Packaging

Top Clean Packaging is an international family group, which is specialized in the ultra-clean plastics industry.

Closures for glass jars

Hi! We are looking for suppliers of closures for glass jars for creams and personal care products Location preference - India Material substrate - plastic with variant colour options, shine / glossy finish / different shapes

coding on PU gloves used in sterile area

  Attached is the picture of a glove. This is used in sterilse area of pharmaceutical companies. They need to be washed and autoclaved several times. So if you have the solution please let us know

Laser coding for PU gloves

We need a laser coding system that can be used to do coding on PU gloves. The gloves are washed several times and also auto claved. So we need something that will not come out after several washing and autoclaving cycles,

Looking for Camera Inspection System for Glass Vials

We are looking for solution providers for one of our projects (for a big pharma MNC) wherein we have to recommend camera inspection systems for –

Closures for glass jars + Pumps and caps for lotion bottles

We can supply jar closures, made in the US.  We can also supply pumps and caps made in the US and offshore.

Airless Jar with Screw Neck

Hello! One of our client's require "Airless Gel Screwneck pump for their anti-acne products". Details are as follows-

Gravity Feed Metal Detector

VINSYST TECHNOLOGIES is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of ALL Types of Industrial Metal Detectors extensively used in Varied Manufacturing Industries including the Food Processing, Food Grains, Spices, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, FMCG, Cement, Rubber& Plastic Industries.

Disposable Food Packaging Requirement for a New QSR Chain

We are a new chain of QSRs with the first restaurant coming up in HSR Layout, Bangalore.

Cream jars for US market, DMF source

We are looking for various cream jars for US market. The supplier should have DMF. The jars will be required in different sizes. One size is the attached picture. Please send us your offers. We need them in India.

Containers For Api Products

Looking for suppliers of containers for packaging API products. The requirement is for one of our projects for a pharma giant. The container features –
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