Transit Packaging for Hazardous Chemicals

RPC Promens Industrial Ettlingen has developed a versatile transit packaging solution for a variety of applications including chemicals, food and hygiene products.


The unique Multitainer is also UN approved as a combined pack for the carriage of hazardous goods.

Available in five and 10 litre sizes, Multitainer comprises a transparent LDPE container within a cardboard outer. This
combination provides a wide area for high-impact branding while reducing overall transport costs, as the container uses
up to 75% less plastic than a rigid alternative and takes up less space on a pallet – with 540 fi ve litre and 360 10 litre Multitainers per pallet.

The lightweight pack also offers easy handling and excellent pouring control for end users, including full discharge of the contents with no glugging. Standard neck sizes are 31mm and 45mm.

A variety of accessories, such as taps, screw caps with tamper evidence and jolly adaptors, can be specifi ed, enabling the Multitainer to be adapted to precise customer requirements.

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