Smart slide - the sliding closure

An easy, safe and intuitive way to open the product with new innovative closure system.


This novel closure “Smart slide - The sliding closure” provides an easy, safe and intuitive way to open the product. This closure provides dripless dispensing. It is simple to open with one-hand. The bottle can also be placed upside down when open without spillage - practical for shower or facial cleansing products. The closure consists of a symmetric inner part, which is designed as a valve by means of 2K-injection molding. It also includes the rails on which the outer part moves. The 2 parts are assembled when the product is filled, so that an additional assembly machine eliminates the closure manufacturer.  The valve can be adjusted by a clever choice of materials for various products. This new closure transmits the gesture of our time, the "Wipe" finally in the packaging. It represents a novelty in the market, satisfying the additional unmet customer needs. The closure allows very simple, intuitive, open, drip-free removal and secure closure. Child's play and age appropriate - with just one hand. Even when open, the bottle can be turned upside down without leaking. The outer part can get almost any shape - depending on the application and design desired. The inner part is in form the same. So variety of shapes can be offered with low investment.

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