Senior Friendly Closure

GCS has developed a new screw cap with a TPE strip to provide a perfect grip, making it easier for consumers of all ages to open and close Volvic’s latest 1 liter packaging.


Danone waters has chosen global closure systems (gcs) to cap the latest 1l bottle of its best-selling volvic brand of natural mineral water. Gcs has developed a new screw cap with a tpe strip to provide a perfect grip, making it easier for consumers of all ages to open and close volvic’s latest 1 liter packaging.  The bi-injected cap, colored white and green, also offers on-shelf appeal, another key requirement for danone. “this closure is very innovative in terms of screw caps for volvic, offering both increased convenience for consumers and on-shelf differentiation. This cap is very well perceived by consumers, solving the micro-stresses we identified in the day-to-day usage” says eric maffert, international marketing manager for volvic. The custom-made cap was designed and developed by zeller plastik in france, one of gcs’ 21 production plants around the world. 

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