Senior Friendly Closure packaging

Easy Safe and intuitive opening


Sanner GmbH has developed a new closure FOG 27  for effervescent packaging. According to the company this FOG 27 closure can be opened in about a third of the time – and with 70 percent less physical effort compared to conventional closures. In this way, best-agers receive a safe, high-quality alternative and Food supplement producers also gain satisfied customers. In terms of tightness, the FOG 27 is just as reliable as conventional closures: despite the easy opening, full product protection is ensured. One of the reasons, is that the FlipTop of the new closure is tightly attached to the tube and can be intuitively closed. Another advantage: the closure cannot get lost. This way, a small packaging optimization provides significantly higher convenience and customer satisfaction.
Together with the Brilliance® Tubes from Sanner, which are decorated using in-mold labelling (IML) technology, customers can receive an all-in-one solution for highest convenience and attention at point-of-sale. The Brilliance Tubes offer high-quality, photorealistic printing with endless design varieties.

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