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Reverse Printed Flexibles

This package features reverse printed multi-variant image which is visible on the inside and does not contact the product.

Lightest Child Resistant Closure

PP28 Closure (development 1 of 2) We have designed two revolutionary PP28 (child resistant) closures that have been developed to offer flexibility within the marketplace. Designed, engineered and strategically optimised to be the lightest PP28 closure of its type.

Coca-Cola Great Britain to double the amount of recycled plastic in all of its bottles to 50% by 2020

Coca-Cola today announced it will double the amount of recycled plastic in all of its bottles in Great Britain, meaning that all twenty of the company’s brands, including the Coca-Cola range, Sprite, Fanta, Smartwater and Schweppes, will move from 25 per cent to 50 per cent recycled plastic packaging by 2020.


This September, Ball, the world’s leading can manufacturer, will be returning to Drinktec. Ball’s dynamic stand with feature the latest additions to the product range, interactive displays, samples, and opportunities for visitors to discuss innovative packaging solutions with experts.  

INTRAVIS presents "Closed Loop" at Drinktec

Innovative. More innovative. INTRAVIS: The vision inspection expert for the plastic packaging industry headquartered in Aachen, Germany will be represented for the first time with their own booth at Drinktec in Munich, Germany (September 11-15, 2017) this year.

Steadyedge PET container

SteadyEDGE is a unique, patented base solution which offers enhanced brand differentiation options together with maximum production efficiency.

Heavy Duty, Dual Cylinder Stationary Industrial Compactor

SP Industries offers the CP-3002 industrial compactor. With a dual cylinder design, this compactor easily handles packaging materials, wooden skids, crates and process scraps.

Mondi donates €37,250 to UNICEF for ‘Water Supply for Aleppo

Vienna, 10 July 2017 – Mondi has again made a donation to UNICEF in connection with the company’s biannual customer satisfaction survey. To encourage customers to participate, Mondi promised a donation to a charity fund for each completed survey received. This year the initiative resulted in a total donation of €37,250, far surpassing the €27,000 raised by the 2015 Mondi survey.

Packaging Automation enable Blacketyside Farm to increase throughputs by 25%

A 25% increase in orders for strawberries and raspberries supplied by grower Blacketyside Farm lead to  the requirement for a faster, more efficient tray sealing machine to replace the existing model  

Wooden Spray Pack

Quadpack’s Geometric Wooden Purse Spray is the fragrance pack and has a unique geometric design that’s totally on-trend, drawing inspiration from new trends in architecture, interior decoration, art and fashion.

Macfarlane Packaging Unboxing study to help online retailers with their packaging performance

Internet retailers are set to benefit from an “unboxing” survey which is being launched by Macfarlane Packaging, the country’s leading supplier of protective packaging, and which could be the largest ever of its kind in the UK.    


Designed for retail applications, the new Color-Eye solution enables consumers to easily and accurately measure the color of any item on the go to find matching or harmonizing products.  

Multilayer PET Bottle

This PET bottle for Vichy Catalán mineral water is the the 1.2 litre made from multilayer PET with a more ergonomic and manageable design that includes an engraving of a Gaudí mosai

Paper based barrier Packaging

Sappi jointly with Felix Schoeller developed an exciting paper-based packaging solution for Belgian chocolate producer Delafaille.

New Film for cold form blister

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Bi-axially Oriented Polyamide, BOPA (commonly known as BON) films have been conventionally used in cold formed pharma packaging industry. Alu – Alu blister laminate is comprises of three layers i.e. 25 micron BOPA/ 60 micron soft aluminium foil / 60 micron PVC

On The Go disposable plastic packaging with Handle

This disposable on the go plastic packaging with handle can be used for food and fruit.


This machine combines two packing levels that have so far been undertaken in separate machines: cardboard box packing and foil wrapping.

Nicelabel 2017.2 Improves Label Data Integrity And Decreases Effort To Ensure Quality

Nicelabel today announced the release of nicelabel 2017.2, an update to its next generation nicelabel 2017 platform launched last year. Nicelabel 2017.2 introduces new label content management functionality, significantly improves device management and visibility and further simplifies installation, activation and upgrading.

New Cold Moulding Process for Aluminium

A new, semi–smoothwall container range, branded as “Happy Day” by makers Contital, are produced using a new patented manufacturing process which allows the manufacturing of containers with perfectly smooth sides and base, resulting in higher non-stick properties compared to traditional formats

Bone Shaped Pack for Dog Food

This Bone-Shaped Container pack, designed for wet dog food, has a powerful shelf appearance and message. The entire aluminum foil pack, created by Constantia Flexibles for German pet food manufacturer saturn petcare, is also printed to underline bones as one of any dogs’ favorite foods.

Direct Object Printing Technology

Direct Object Printing technology eliminates the need for label substrates

New way to Print tube digitally

The ToBeUnique system is an innovative method of digital printing of tube.

Sonoco to Acquire Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.

Builds on ‘Perimeter of the Store’ Growth Strategy; Expands Company into High Barrier Flexible and Forming Films Capability

Dual packaging of bus seat set called “Tetris”

Packaging solution “Tetris” offers comprehensive solution for various types of bus double seats. 

Child Resistive packaging for e-cig liquid

Many e-cigarette users, especially younger ones, view e-cigs as a lifestyle accessory. Some brand owners are therefore using packaging design (both graphic and structural) to position their e-cig brands as stylish, chic or elegant.

Tablet container with a separate compartment for leaflet

People who take medication know how important the patient information leaflet is, but they also never know where to put it when the pack has been opened. Once a tablet container has been opened, and the leaflet taken out and read, it’s generally very difficult to fold it up neatly again so that it fits back inside.

Refill Jar

The luxury claim and upscale aesthetics are leitmotifs in cosmetics packaging and must be convincingly communicated through design, ergonomics and functional aspects. I

Eco-Pouch for Spirit

The Eco-Pouch, is patent pending, a “revolution in sustainable spirits packaging”, according to UK-based distributor Identity Drinks Brands.

Pitcher bag

Pitcher Bag is a 4 panel bag with a reinforced handle on the side gusset spelling tremendous ease of carrying


PFP TERMOPOLIMEROS from spain has developed a surgical container.

Amcor Vento – Coffee Packaging

Vento allows coffee producers to capture the flavour and aroma of freshly roasted coffee without hard valves

Indian Railways to use RF tags to track wagons and coaches

The Indian Railways will use radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) for tracking of wagons, coaches and locomotives to ensure effective and transparent functioning. 

Carton for Pharmaceutical

Rondo has developed a carton that is made exclusively of carton board and therefore with excellent sustainability.

High-barrier papers for your sustainable packaging

Sappi’s paper-based packaging solution with an integrated barrier against mineral oil is intended for both outer and inner packaging. Its original application was dry foodstuffs such as pasta, rice, cereals, pudding powder, tea, and much more; and that remains the case today.

ProAmpac’s award-winning EZY Pro10 pouch

ProAmpac’s award-winning EZY Pro10 pouch is a shaped, stand-up pouch with a spout that perfectly fits in the consumer’s hand. Pre-filled with 30g of protein powder, the user fills the pouch with 230ml of water and shakes before consuming.

Bin Liners

Universal plus is an innovative bin liner which offers several advantage

Snap pocket perfume

Snap pocket perfume is a small size perfume, contained in a robust non-glass container. The 20 ml/0.7 fl oz. spray bottle is about the size of a business card holder and looks kind of like a pack of gum.

Tools Packaging

A new concept for tools packaging

Little Pocket

This is a french fries box design.The “little pocket “on the front can guide user to squeeze ketchup in it, rather than on paper plate, provide a sanitation, environmental protection and healthy way to eat

Successful Interpack for Comexi

Comexi, specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging industry, closes its participation at the Interpack trade fair with new business successes resulting from the hundreds of visits received at its booth as well as the closure of trade agreements.

Successful Interpack for Comexi

Comexi, specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging industry, closes its participation at the Interpack trade fair with new business successes resulting from the hundreds of visits received at its booth as well as the closure of trade agreements.

PushPop Bag

PushPop is an innovative, patented stand-up pack with a novel easy opening system which does not affect barrier integrity.

Compliance Packaging

The Faller had developed new Compliance Pack offers optimal support to patients taking medicine. The packaging solution was specially developed to make it easier for patients to medicate using tablets.


PFP TERMOPOLIMEROS from spain has developed a surgical container.

Dispensing tray for fixed-quantity of pills

The development of this tray is based on the consumer habit of shaking the bottle when taking pills. It has been developed in order to improve usability and can be installed at the opening of the bottle, allowing it to dispense 1 or 2 pills at a time.


With more than 1,000 exhibitors, interphex japan is the world's leading and firmly established b-to-b trade show specialised in pharmaceutical r&d and manufacturing. 


This bag from Flexomed absorb ETHYLENE. Depending on the product, this packaging reduces food losses between 3% and 9%.

Gin bottle with elegant and independent design

This bespoke bottle was created by Stölzle Flaconnage the British production site of the Stölzle Glass Group for Gin.This pack is very good ergonomics for superior handling. Subtle, rich in detail, effective.

Stretch Sleeves Produced Using Offset Printing

Ccl label proudly presented a world first: stretch sleeves produced using offset printing. Once again ccl are a leading innovator by becoming the first company worldwide to install second offset prin­ting machine with central cylinder technology. Thus allowing us to produce stretch sleeves not only using flexo, but also by offset printing.


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