Pizza Hut Football Box

Pizza Hut is turning these greasy pieces of cardboard into a game board.


 Pizza Hut is turning these greasy pieces of cardboard into a game board. The company will serve its medium pizzas in a Flick Football Field box. The design features a football field that's printed on top, and contains detachable goal posts, football triangles and a scorecard. Flick football is a tabletop game traditionally played with a piece of paper that has been folded into a small triangle. Players flick the "football" back and forth across a table. They score points based on where the football lands. According to the David Timm, Pizza Hut's chief marketing officer “We know our fans enjoy a little competition and we're happy to provide a platform that lets them get in on the game in a whole new way." Customers are invited to share videos of their flick football skills for a chance to win free pizza from the chain's $5 Flavor Menu. Prizes will be awarded weekly based on different challenges posed by Pizza Hut, including the longest flick, most creative flick and the most consecutive flicks.

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