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Tyvek Roll Stock

It is an extremely flexible roll stock packaging material that won’t break or tear as easily as medical-grade papers

N’CRYPT® Pharma Security Solutions

N'CRYPT is a proprietary portfolio of anti-counterfeit pharmaceutical security solutions from Amcor

TWISTER Dry Powder Inhaler

Twister, a new versatile affordable capsule-based Dry powder Inhaler (DPI), with the aim of bringing cost effective drug delivery devices to pharmaceutical companies, helping them market affordable healthcare treatment to patients worldwide. 

User Friendly and child resistant Closure

EZ Grip & EZ-Safe are closures range which are ergonomically ribbed which make them user friendly.

Temper evident carton design

Rondo offers Tamper Evidence solution that is integrated within the carton. The solution is replacement of traditional used counterfeiting or tampering solutions which had additional cost of procurement for glue and tape

Rectal applicator

Enema dispenser with dust cover. Screw-on solution: Best suited for the Pharma, Healthcare markets.

Smart dry powder inhaler 

This Israeli invention delivers the medication better to overcome the drawbacks of current inhalers, gives the patient real-time feedback and provides hard data for the physician.

Easy-To-Open Barex Replacement Takes On Pharmaceutical and Single Dose Applications.

Peelable Exponent is designed for hard to hold and sensitive chemicals. It is ideal for sample and single dose applications.

Amcor’s Formpack- A New Cold form Blister

Amcor's Formpack blister can be elongated more than standard cold form solutions, resulting in cavities that can be drawn deeper. 

Child-Resistant Packaging for Nasal Pump

WestRock Launches the Child-Resistant, Consumer-Centric HiMark® CR Nasal Pump which is Child resistive.

Capsu'Matic: Gel Capsule Dispenser

Stiplastics designed and developed a new solution to dispense gel capsules known as Capsu’Matic

Amcor Anti-counterfeit solution for Pharma Packaging

N'CRYPT is Amcor's proprietary portfolio of anti-counterfeit Pharmaceutical Security Solutions represent an innovative and proven approach in delivering patient safety, supply chain integrity and pharmaceutical and medical brand protection.

Amcor Anti-counterfeit solution for Pharma Packaging

N'CRYPT is Amcor's proprietary portfolio of anti-counterfeit Pharmaceutical Security Solutions represent an innovative and proven approach in delivering patient safety, supply chain integrity and pharmaceutical and medical brand protection.

Child Resistive Closure for Ophthalmic Packaging

Amcor Rigid Plastics has launched a new child resistant (CR) closure, SerurePlus, for ophthalmic packaging.

Vials perform in ultra-cold storage for new Amgen therapy

Amgen has selected West’s Daikyo Crystal Zenith® vials with FluroTec® stoppers to contain its FDA-approved therapy IMLYGIC™ (talimogene laherparepvec).

Warning about counterfeit GSK eye drops in Singapore

The authorities in Singapore have warned the public about counterfeit versions of a GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) product that pose health and safety concerns.


The new bottle and closure combination is designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards and leak testing.

Absorbent Pouches

Absorbent pads and pouches are designed to ensure safe and compliant storage

Owen Mumford launches new touch activated lancet

Owen Mumford, a leading medical device manufacturer, today unveils a new addition to its range of medical devices, available initially in the US before expanding out to other markets.

New drug-delivery capsule may replace injections

Researchers have innovate a pill coated with tiny needles can deliver drugs directly into the lining of the digestive. 


Using electronic technology to help patient compliance in the treatment of chronic diseases, Aptar have developed 2 innovative smart solutions, known as eDevices, for pMDIs and spray devices for nasal and sub-lingual applications.

Tamper evident and anti counterfeit pharma packaging.

Over ten percent of medicines worldwide are counterfeit, according to a study by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To tackle this problem, STI Group design a pharmaceutical packaging that patients, pharmacists and hospitals can rely on and that ensures that the product in their hands is an original product.

vaginal drug delivery device

Neutroplast has launched an innovative product directed at women’s health, a vaginal drug delivery device which allows the correct, comfortable, and safe administration of various dosage forms.

Medicines Monitor Uses E-Ink Technology

Intelligent packaging for pharmaceauticals

Smearsafe™ Blood Dispenser

Smearsafe offers a simple, seamless way to dispense a drop of blood from a tube. In a matter of seconds, a lab tech can insert Smearsafe, collect the required blood, and dispose of any unwanted components, without ever removing the lid of the tube.  

Roll on applicator for din18 bottles

Verbeeck Packaging Group has added a brand new innovative product to its catalogue: a brand new roll on fitment with stainless steel roller and tamper evident cap for din18 glass bottles.

A combination lock to prevent blood transfusion errors

Medical errors can have serious consequences, but mistakes during blood transfusions are particularly unacceptable. Though such errors are rare, they do still occur, and Typenex Medical, a Chicago, Illinois company, has created a solution that pretty much eliminates the possibility for errors.

3D printed pacemakers

An alternative way of transplantable biomedical devices by directly printing three-dimensional (3D) medical electronics. 

Dissolving Micro needle Patch

New technology for painlessly administer vaccines,

Twist n Use Tube

This tube is precise and hygienic single-dose application system.

Painless Implant Syringe for subcutaneous injection

Implant syringe system features a medication packaging and injection applicator for subcutaneous injection of sustained-release tablets in one functional element.

AirFluSal Forspiro Respiratory Inhaler

This innovative respiratory inhaler “AirFluSal® Forspiro®” developed by Amcor’s partner Sandoz International for people suffering with asthma/COPD


BargerGard is a Polyurethane (TPU) material that can be die-cut, welded and/or formed to protect the sterile barrier and the medical instruments and components from hip stems and catheters to needless and screws from damage.

Cool spin by Alba: A spinning, cooling eye contouring applicator

Alba launches cool spin at luxepack monaco 2015, an exclusive eye contouring applicator for cool & relaxing sensation, never seen on the market before.

SqueezeOpen-User-friendly closure system enhances consumer experience

A unique user-friendly closure system from SqueezeOpen is a primary packaging solution created to enhance consumer lifestyle.


Microbristle Applicators are the innovative response to the rising trends of precise drug application

Eye drop application aid

Dropaid helps dropper bottle users open the bottle and position the dropper correctly.

Powder Spray Bottles

These brand new powder spray bottles have to be seen to be believed. they actually spray powder

Next Generation Aspirin shapes up in new pouch pack

The Next Generation Aspirin has a new formulation which is more active and moisture sensitive.

PhutureMed, an advanced packaging solution specifically for pharmaceuticals

PhutureMed has an integrated E ink display and sensors to constantly monitor the ambient conditions of the medication.
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Chester Medical Reveals Uk First For Digital Braille Printing

Chester medical&rsquos one of the leading digital carton manufacturers for the pharmaceutical industry, has introduced the printing of braille dots onto a carton without the need for braille tooling.
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Aquafresh Holographic Toothpaste Cartons

Glaxosmithkline Has Turned To Chesapeake To Create This Striking New Holographic Carton For Its Aquafresh Toothpaste
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Cushion Labels For Glass Containers

Glass Containers Filled With Pharmaceuticals Require Particularly Complex Packaging To Ensure That They Arrive At The Customers
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Striking Airless Bottle

A smart, refillable pack incorporating patented airless technology. Ideal for pharmaceutical and otc products, the show bottle f
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Safe Journey For Pharmaceuticals

Fake drugs jeopardize the health of patients and damage consumers trust in pharmaceutical manufacturers. The transparenthologr
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Detachable Labels For Pens & Auto Injectors

Pharma corporations require innovative label solutions for pens and auto injectors. These specialty labels should be optimally a
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New Model Szcx16045x European Style Of Injection Blow Molding Machine For Plastic Bottle

Oil Cylinder Under Worktable,No Oil Contamination During Mold Exchange
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Package For Ampoules With Fliptop

This Is A Novel Fliptop Package Designed For Pharmaceutical Products Ampoules Having The Following Features The Top Of Package Has Been Strengthened And The Damage To Contents During Transportation Can Be Avoided, Medical Professionals Can Sheck The Number Of Contents And Take Them Out
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Vovs Ns

Vovs ns the vovs needle shield is a component of a delivery system for pharmaceuticals. It combines the advantages of a well controllable preparation, sterilization and filling process with a tamper evident seal and a free choice of rubber materials. This delivers high security to the patient and
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Simpleject Autoinjector System

The Device Is Equipped With An Oversized And Ergonomic Soft Handle That Makes It Easy To Hold, A Syringeloading Device That Automatically Removes The Needle Cap, A Needle Guard That Hides The Needle During Injection, And A Syringe Housing That Sets The I


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