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CVS Store Brand OTC Compliance Pack

Many Over-The-Counter(OTC) products are used to treat the side effects of prescription medications – pain, constipation, etc.

Lidocare Pouch

Bemis Healthcare Packaging had developed Lidocare Pouch for NFI/UPM Pharmaceuticals.



Syringe Pack equipped with Electronic Compliance Monitor Technology

Med-ic Syringe Pack equipped with Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor) Technology submitted by Intelligent Devices SEZC Inc (IDI) for Information Mediary Corporation

Motor driven autoinjector

Onejet is the first motor driven disposable autoinjector, compatible with standard primary containers (PFS from 1 ml to 2,25 ml), designed to easily deliver high viscosity products.


Innovative medication pack that captures the level in an opaque bottle of liquid medicine.  

Innovative inhaler packaging secures iF Design Award

An international panel of judges heralded the innovative packaging design of Mundipharma ’s k-haler device. The design is intended to help patients use their inhalers more effectively. Impressing a 63-strong jury of design experts, the k-haler secured an iF Design Award for packaging design in the medicine/pharmaceutics category.

Innovative Inhaler Packaging

An innovative inhaler packaging that aims at helping patients to overcome day-to-day challenges faced during inhaler usage

Implant syringe

Medication packaging and injection applicator in one functional package Targeted subcutaneous application of long-term medication. Secure, precise and relatively painless. Makes local anaesthesia unnecessary.

Teknor Apex’s New Medical-grade TPE for Cold-storage Requirements Proves Better than PVC

At MD&M West, Teknor Apex Company introduced medical-grade thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) developed for cold-storage bags and pouches. These newly developed TPEs exhibit low-temperature toughness superior to that of PVC, weigh less at comparable film gauges, and open the possibility of running thinner products without sacrificing performance.

Aptar Pharma’s Preservative-Free Multidose Dispenser Chosen for the First Time for a Prescription Dry Eye Product in the US with RESTASIS MULTIDOSE™

Aptar Pharma’s innovative and patented preservative-free multidose Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser is available for patients in the U.S. prescription market for the first time with Allergan’s RESTASIS MULTIDOSE™ (Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion) 0.05%. This approval and launch makes the Aptar Pharma Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser the very first, and only, U.S.

Patient-friendly medicine pouch

UK-based technology and product design company Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) has unveiled a new patient-friendly approach to pharmaceutical packaging with the introduction of a single-use medicine BeeBetter pouch.

Gx® InnoSafe: Greater protection against needlestick injuries

Gerresheimer to present an integrated and passive safety system for avoiding needlestick injuries at Pharmapack in Paris. Düsseldorf/Wackersdorf/Paris, December 12, 2017 With their exposed cannulas, used syringes are a source of risk at physicians’ surgeries, laboratories, and hospitals the world over.

Syringe Pack equipped Electronic Compliance Monitor

Med-ic Syringe Pack equipped with Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor) Technology, Submitted by Intelligent Devices SEZC Inc (IDI) for Information Mediary Corporation

Precise and Hygienic unit-dose spray applicator

The MIXPAC Barrel Dose Spray is a precise and hygienic unit-dose spray applicator for sensitive ingredients. It is a part of the modular BarrelDose packaging and application system, which delivers easier application increased shelf life for pharmaceutical ingredients and lower process costs.

Blister Pack for Prefilled syringe

This time it has won this award for its entry Innovative Blister Carton, which is actually a blister pack but mimics a carton in its final shape. In a glittering ceremony at Interpack venue at Dusseldorf, Ecobliss team received the award from World Packaging Organisation President, Mr.Thomas Schneider.

The ChemoLock™ Needlefree CSTD at the ASHP Midyear Meeting in Orlando

ChemoLock is the first and only needlefree CSTD to receive United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for pharmacy applications (product code ONB), as well as patient administration applications (product code FPA).

Packaging Design for KX365 Daily Nutritional Programme

KX GYM, a private health & fitness focussed members club based in Chelsea, London, recently launched a new online shop. The first product on the site, KX365, is a daily nutritional programme that helps maintain optimal health.

SmartMix™ Pre-filled Reconstitution System

Yukon Medical’s SmartMix is a novel reconstitution and delivery device capable of reconstituting a lyophilized or liquid drug and diluent. Utilizing pre-filled fluid vials, the SmartMix offers an innovative alternative to pre-filled syringes and other specialty containers that require costly studies and significant development time.

Safelia® is an innovative autoinjector for prefilled syringes

Safelia® is an innovative autoinjector for prefilled syringes, available for 1 and 2.25 m sizes, suitable for large volume and high viscosity delivery through thinner needles. Safelia® can mechanically “tune” the injection thanks to design adjustments.

Packaging for Prescribed Medicine

NINLARO capsule is a prescription medicine used to treat multiple myeloma.
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Röchling Opens New Plant in China

Shenyang, 27 September 2017... The global plastics specialist Röchling has opened a new plant in China. Röchling Automotive opened the new production site in Shenyang, the largest city in the northeast of the country, at a ceremony attended by numerous guests.

Gx® InnoSafe: Greater protection against needlestick injuries

Gerresheimer to present an integrated and passive safety system for avoiding needlestick injuries at Pharmapack in Paris.  

Tamper evident Pack

This folding carton has a feature of indicating whether or not the package has been opened. After opening the carton, the word “Opened” will appear on the closure panel.


The development of this folding carton had three objectives: (1) avoiding mix-ups of two different medications, (2) saving costs by eliminating the plastic separators and additional labels, and (3) simplifying the non-valueadding processes of the packaging procedure.


The development of this folding carton had three objectives: (1) avoiding mix-ups of two different medications, (2) saving costs by eliminating the plastic separators and additional labels, and (3) simplifying the non-valueadding processes of the packaging procedure.

Pharma Compliance Pack

Pharma Compliance Pack supports patients optimally with their medication and meets the highest standards of compliance and convenience

Disposable Dry Powder Inhaler

The BLISTair is a disposable inhaler (dry powder inhaler) based on a thermoformed film. A blister machine makes the inhaler, fills and packs it. The primary packaging (for the powder/API) is the device.

Polyester Film for Pharma Packaging

Special polyester film as an alternative to the tradition BOPA and PVC substrates used in cold formed pharma packaging

Amcor Flexibles and Rohrer win a 2017 Alufoil Trophy

The Frangible Formpack® Blister is a multi-chamber pharmaceutical blister that enables moisture-sensitive active ingredients such as drugs, vaccines or diagnostic reactants to be contained in the same package safely, prior to being mixed and dispensed. It has been jointly developed by Amcor Flexibles and machine builder Rohrer – Leading Solutions.

Easy Open and Scrap "PEEL SCRAP®"

This individual packaging box can be opened and disassembled easily with minimum force while maintaining sufficient strength. Once disassembled, the box becomes completely flat which allows reduced volume of paper waste.


Greater safety for the manipulation of the sharp objects, avoiding cuts or possible infections. The transparency of the contanier allows the consumer to see if it is full and if replacement is suitable. The autoblock lid prevents an incorrect manipulation after the container closure. Energetic saving, maintenance and manipulation cost.

Double chamber pharmaceutical blister acts as mixer and dispenser

The Frangible Formpack Blister, is an aluminium foil blister pack, with several chambers, made of Amcor Flexibles’ Formpack bottom web and a lidding foil.

Unit Dose dry powder Inhaler

Unit dose disposable dry powder inhaler which is designed to be an ultra low cost device

Zero-Waste, Water-Soluble Pods Shake Up Personal Care

Consumers are growing more accustomed to seeing water-soluble, unit-dose pods on shelves in the laundry and dishwasher detergent aisles, but now they can also find these little pods next to cans of shaving cream.

PETG Thermoformed Package

PETG thermoformed tri-fold, NorthStar’s Radiogenix™ Isotope Separation System’s packaging is designed to hold and protect three separate bags filled with liquid reagents, one being caustic, and its tubing during storage, shipping and handling.


Portions of sensitive single-use liquids and pastes are traditionally packaged using the blow-fill-seal method (BFS). However, in general this is complex and inflexible.

Lightest Child Resistant Closure

PP28 Closure (development 1 of 2) We have designed two revolutionary PP28 (child resistant) closures that have been developed to offer flexibility within the marketplace. Designed, engineered and strategically optimised to be the lightest PP28 closure of its type.

New Film for cold form blister

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Bi-axially Oriented Polyamide, BOPA (commonly known as BON) films have been conventionally used in cold formed pharma packaging industry. Alu – Alu blister laminate is comprises of three layers i.e. 25 micron BOPA/ 60 micron soft aluminium foil / 60 micron PVC

Tablet container with a separate compartment for leaflet

People who take medication know how important the patient information leaflet is, but they also never know where to put it when the pack has been opened. Once a tablet container has been opened, and the leaflet taken out and read, it’s generally very difficult to fold it up neatly again so that it fits back inside.

Carton for Pharmaceutical

Rondo has developed a carton that is made exclusively of carton board and therefore with excellent sustainability.

Compliance Packaging

The Faller had developed new Compliance Pack offers optimal support to patients taking medicine. The packaging solution was specially developed to make it easier for patients to medicate using tablets.

Dispensing tray for fixed-quantity of pills

The development of this tray is based on the consumer habit of shaking the bottle when taking pills. It has been developed in order to improve usability and can be installed at the opening of the bottle, allowing it to dispense 1 or 2 pills at a time.

Peli BioThermal Present Insight and Innovation at LogiPharma 2017

As it was announced Peli BioThermal is the winner of a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation, key members of the Peli BioThermal team will be sharing knowledge and insight into industry issues and the latest solutions serving the pharma supply chain at the three-day conference, in Switzerland on April 25 - 27 2017.


Spin'n'dose™ - for exact large dosing of viscous prescription drugs.

Thermoformed package for Cook Urological’s Nitinol Basket 

The thermoformed design is helping Cook Urological, a leading global medical device manufacturer, significantly reduce packaging costs by slashing tooling costs, per package costs and assembly costs.

Solution for automatic drug prepration and administration

Intuity Ject offers a unique, secure, automated alternative for simple and precise preparation and injection of drugs, in only 5 steps. This medical device is particularly intended for all biological products in vials, including viscous products, both in liquid and dry form, for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.


A chip, which is not visible from the outside and can not be manipulated, is installed in these closures, thus giving users a further possibility to increase the product safety of their products. The revolutionary shutter communicates seamlessly with any NFC-enabled smartphone. NFC readers are installed in almost all modern smartphones.

Capsumatic Capsules Dispenser

An innovative range of capsule dispensers!

Avery Dennison Launches New Tt Sensor Plus Label In Europe

US-based packaging material provider Avery Dennison has launched its new temperature data logger technology, TT Sensor Plus, across Europe.


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