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The patented Sure Seal dairy film is a co-extruded packaging film for high speed vertical form-fill-seal pouch applications in the dairy industry.

Groovy New Heineken® Can Delivers Visual Impact At Point-of-Sale

This excellent, unique and eye-catching 33-cl can has distinctive grooved edges running around its entire body. It offers consumers an enhanced tactile experience that also provides its handler a good grip on the chilled can.

Corrugated: Retail Ready and Point of Sale winner

In addition to its enticing on shelf appeal, the practical benefits of this cost-saving solution made a stand out in this category. The customer historically packed their product in 10 count cases within their production plant.

Innovative packaging for milling head

This packaging for milling cutters is intuitive and easy to open, protecting both users and product.

Pepsi raises recycling awareness in Austria

The initiative for beverage can recycling – “jede Dose zaehlt” (every can counts) – is aimed at motivating consumers in Austria to collect and recycle their empty beverage cans properly. This way, the metal stays within the material circulation and can be reused.

Birla White Wall Care WPP Bag

Birla White Wall Care WPP Bag is a premium non-moisture ingress pack for packaging granular/powder building materials. This packaging has been especially engineered to address chronic problems that the building material industry has been grappling for long.

Anti-Slip Bag Package for Rice

KOHINOOR Anti-Slip Bag Package developed by UFLex India Pvt. Ltd. for the European Market is a unique solution for premium rice packaging for reasons more than one.

Sensual package for Naked skincare products 

This sensual package is showing as “Be gentle with this package, it is very shy.”

innovative egg packaging made with grass fibers

GreeNest is egg packaing made with 50% grass fibers . This package is developed by Huhtamaki’s molded fiber business.

New blister-packaging concept uses pouches to provide product protection and child-resistance

A uniquely functional pharmaceutical packaging concept, developed collaboratively by Bemis Healthcare Packaging and Presto Products Co., uses flexible packaging instead of paperboard cartons to protect blister packs.

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer featuring Snapsil® Opening Technology

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer featuring Snapsil Opening Technology which can be opened with one hand. 

Aircarbon: Sustainable Plastic made up of Methane

AirCarbon is a carbon-negative plastic developed by Newlight Technologies.

On the go fruit juice packaging

An innovative design for fruit juice called ‘Ice Box’, designed by Smurfit Kappa Poland, has won in the ‘Packaging Concept’ category at the recent Art of Packaging Awards. The same pack also took third place in the Overall Award covering all categories. 

Presto launches more efficient press-to-close zipper tape

Presto Products Company has announced the launch of a new zipper tape to help manufacturers of individual quick frozen (IQF) foods to improve their line efficiencies.

Lovelle Premium Wine Carrier

Lovelle Wine Carrier is a commemorative pack designed in celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

Single serving wine packaging with snacks inside

Ready to drink has a clever package design that allows consumer to open drink anywhere with a bonus snack inside.

Nivea Men Cream in Blue Tin

The new Nivea cream designed specifically for male users is sold in a newly designed box, imparting both the brand core values and tradition of Nivea.


Toray Plastics (America),introduces to CPG’s and converters new TreaTear® LT Series of linear-tear, polyproypylene sealant films for any type of non-retort pouch lamination, including stand-up pouches, requiring a low SIT (seal initiation temperature) and high heat-seal strength.

EcoShield Paper and Paperboard

EcoShield Paper and Linerboard is a patented product from Cortec. This is a packaging product coated with a barrier coating.

 Advanza Packaging innovate the existing identity of wine bottle

Advanza Packaging , throughout the project development Cumbres de Abona, innovate the existing identity to gain relevance, while respecting the personality and the recognition it has built throughout its history. Thus, they began design the new bottle, "Lucia".

Toly’s newly launched T15 Airless Jar

Toly’s newly launched T15 Airless Jar was announced the winner for the prestigious Cosmopack Wall Award in Innovation Packaging Skincare.
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3D Microlens UV printing

Sunrise has introduced new FLOAT 3D™ technology, it is like a lenticular image, but  its not lenticular.

Electric dispenser

An electronic dispensing system with accurate dosing.

Linerless label printing

Linerless labels offer a cost-saving and environmentally conscious approach to labelling. They are often used as label wraps on food trays and around drinks bottles.    

Multi-Pack for hard disk drive

Reflex Multi Pack manufactured a cushion multi functionality pack for hard disk drive.

Polystyrene substitute made from Mushroom

Ikea to use packaging made from mushrooms that will decompose in a garden within weeks

Complete Home Moving Kits Available

With convenience becoming paramount to our customers we decided that Ferrari Packaging had to branch out from industrial packaging and help relieve the pressure of domestic house moves.

New anti-bacterial packaging doubles the shelf-life of perishable food

Scientist has developed a new kind of natural packaging wrap derived from the shells of shrimp and other crustaceans.

TopFlow - the next generation technology for Bag-in-Box wine and beverage

A wine in box that pours from the top.The patented TopFlow technology enables 97% of the wine to be consumed without having to take the bag out of the box.Bottom plate inside the box is released and pushes the wine upwards.Simple and easy to use like any other bag-in-box, but so much better.

Easy to use paint pot

Flexa Premium Paint pot consist tray into the paint pot.

Vials perform in ultra-cold storage for new Amgen therapy

Amgen has selected West’s Daikyo Crystal Zenith® vials with FluroTec® stoppers to contain its FDA-approved therapy IMLYGIC™ (talimogene laherparepvec).

Flexfresh Packaging

The film provides good release characteristics of CO2 emitted by the produce

Corky cup

This cup keeps hot beverage at serving temperature.

Obeikan's new improved handle attachment

Obeikan MDF has redesigned the handle system for its boxes, so achieving a substantial improvement in both box assembly and transportation.

Noodle cup transform to robot changes its shape once customer press the lid.

Cup changes its shape once customer press the lid.

Innovative solutions for pasty products (tube laminate)

Tube laminate Danaflex-NANO is the first Russian laminate manufactured according to European standards and featuring ultimate quality barrier properties against bacteria, water, oxygen and light.

SuperLock® in the finals for Swedish packaging award

The food packaging SuperLock® from RPC Superfos is one of three finalists eligible to receive a consumer Packaging Award in a Swedish packaging competition.

Antibacterial packaging for cardiac devices

The AIGISRx R Antibacterial Envelope from TYRX, Inc. is FDA approved and a new fully resorbable “envelope” that encloses implantable cardiac devices, such as pacemakers and internal cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), and helps prevent surgical site infections.

Twists PAck

Ready-made cooked meal is supplied in a box, with the sauce packed seprately.

Warning about counterfeit GSK eye drops in Singapore

The authorities in Singapore have warned the public about counterfeit versions of a GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) product that pose health and safety concerns.

Absorbent Bag Cooler Kits – Complete Ready to Use Kits

Ship your temperature sensitive materials in our temperature control Variation 2 Absorbent Bag Cooler Kit (often referred to as temperature controlled bags). 

Crepe paper for flower wrapping

It is a compostable film used for wrapping flowers.


The new bottle and closure combination is designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards and leak testing.

Hack-Proof RFID Chips

New technology could secure credit cards, key cards, and pallets of goods in warehouses. Researchers at MIT and Texas Instruments have developed a new type of radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that is virtually impossible to hack.

Borealis and Borouge introduce a lightweight BorPure PE innovation for caps and closures

Borealis and Borouge, leading providers of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions, have launched an advanced grade of their BorPureTM high density polyethylene (HDPE) family to support the global beverage industry's lightweighting trend for caps and closures.

Temperature data logger

The Omega OM-21 single-use cold chain temperature data logger monitors the transportation of food products. Placed in shipping containers or packages, it creates a time-based history of the conditions in transit.

Absorbent Pouches

Absorbent pads and pouches are designed to ensure safe and compliant storage

Owen Mumford launches new touch activated lancet

Owen Mumford, a leading medical device manufacturer, today unveils a new addition to its range of medical devices, available initially in the US before expanding out to other markets.

Eye catchy triangular box

Award winning triangular box packaging.

Super Seal™ Junior - Hand Held Induction Sealer

The Super Seal Junior is a high powered hand held induction cap sealer that is ideal for laboratory applications, short run production and start-up operations. Its compact design makes this an ideal portable cap sealer. A digital timer, batch counter, foil counter and missing foil indicator makes this induction sealer very easy to use with repeatable results.


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