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Peli BioThermal Present Insight and Innovation at LogiPharma 2017

As it was announced Peli BioThermal is the winner of a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation, key members of the Peli BioThermal team will be sharing knowledge and insight into industry issues and the latest solutions serving the pharma supply chain at the three-day conference, in Switzerland on April 25 - 27 2017.

Interpack 2017 | Mondi to show how innovative packaging can save food

Mondi partners with customers from the food industry to develop packaging solutions that reduce and prevent food loss and waste. Together with suppliers, customers, research institutes and experts from the Mondi E&I Food Safety Laboratory, Mondi has identified four ways in which packaging products can reduce food waste:

Proteo: the Newest Dispensing Solution for Flexible Packaging

Proteo is an innovative solution with a dispensing system that slides to open and close. It will change the flexible packaging world with its unprecedented and convenient proposal for the Personal Care market. It aims at consumers who look for convenience by offering a packaging that can easily be kept in a bag or even simply in their pocket.

 Innovative airless dispenser for flexible pouches

This is an innovative airless dispenser with a light packaging for hygiene & cosmetics formulas.

ooho - Sustainable Water pack

Edible packaging for water - Ooho


For their new product, the customer wanted an attractive and expressive packaging.

Biodegradable and Compostable Plant Pot

Due to CCL Label and collaboration from JD Transbio, CCL can now offer a new sustainable label solution along with biodegradable plant pot. This environmentally friendly development consists of a plant pot and label combination that can be fully reintroduced into nature

Christmas Bag-in-a-Box

The winning ‘Christmas Bag-in-a-Box’ product challenges the conventional image that people have of a Christmas box.

Keg with Double bag system

Ecodraft’s double bag patented system within a strong HDPE keg is a revolutionary development in the world of the drink distribution.

Shelf life extension with High Barrier film

Barrioflex premium barrier film is a special film extends the shelf life of food, securing food safety and reducing food waste. This special film will extend shelf life of food to secure food safety and reduce food waste with its excellent barrier property.

Cepac launches UK’s first curved corrugated packaging

The UK’s leading independent corrugated producer Cepac continues to pioneer innovative corrugated packaging, launching the country’s first truly curved corrugated product, Arcwise. Licensed from SCA Forest Products by Cepac, Arcwise integrates innovative high quality printing with corrugated cardboard to bend in smooth, continuous curves to fit snugly around goods.

Macfarlane launches new protective packaging

Macfarlane Packaging, the UK’s largest distributor of protective packaging materials, is launching innovative new packing products designed for the retail and industrial markets, during this week’s Packaging Innovations event at the Birmingham NEC (1st to 2nd March).


A new, high-tensile-strength polypropylene-based film designed for box-reinforcement tape applications

Wild Island Botanical Gin

Thirst Craft, a Glasgow-based studio has designed the visual identity and packaging for Wild Island Gin. The gin is produced on the island of Colonsay off the coast of Scotland, and is infused with botanicals sourced from the local area.


he new Airless tubes 'Evolux' and 'Evoclassic' combine luxury with safety. Available in two sizes, they catch the eye with their high-quality gloss looks.

Thermoformed IML

A thermoformed in-mold labeled (TIML) container with added advantage

Fritz Water Vest

Fritz Water Vest Offers Solution to Water Access in Developing Countries


Spin'n'dose™ - for exact large dosing of viscous prescription drugs.

Super barrel – Flexible Barrel Pack

 Self-standing double gusseted pack with bottom fitment

Ceramic Retention Transit Case

Ceramic Retention Transit Case is a unique development of a corrugated transit pack for safely mailing ceramic products.

Total Corbion PLA formally starts up operations

Total Corbion PLA officially launched its operations to produce and market Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) polymers. PLA is a biobased and biodegradable polymer made from annually renewable resources. As announced by parent companies Total and Corbion last November, the new company is a 50/50 joint venture based in the Netherlands.

Überwood Tube

This is One of polyethylene tubes with more than 25% wood content.

Serving tray packaging for truffles

Limited edition gift packaging for truffles which becomes a serving tray after being given to the recipient.

Thermoformed package for Cook Urological’s Nitinol Basket 

The thermoformed design is helping Cook Urological, a leading global medical device manufacturer, significantly reduce packaging costs by slashing tooling costs, per package costs and assembly costs.

YiPEELaunched Atta Noodle With New Design

ITC Has associated with Wow Design for the packaging design for ‘Atta Noodles’, the new variant from Sunfeast Yippee noodles.

PETJar That Can Be Pasteurized

Graham Packaging has developed ThermaSet, a blow molded PET container for hot fill, pasteurized food.

Flow wrap Pizza Packaging

General Mills Totino’s Pizza Overwrap used a new flexible packaging for extending the Use of Flexible Packaging.

Feldmuehle to Present Mineral Oil Barrier Papers at Packaging Innovations 2017 in Berlin

Feldmuehle offers paper with mineral oil barrier, providing packaged goods with effective protection against mineral oil migration and contamination. These papers are used by brand owners for the packaging of dry and fatty foodstuffs.

Display with magical moving base

This display base receives a magical additional function through a skilfully placed warp dispenser.

Lamitube for Axe

This tube features the transparent window at the end. There is absence of any disruptive side seam due to 360° inviseam technology.

Cardboard made cigar pack

When talking cigars, one generally thinks of packaging made of tin or wood. This pack provided a completely new way to present cigars - with cardboard instead of metal.

Ice Dronettack

Zenia Adiwijaya from Iowa State University Want a refreshing icy beverage delivered to wherever you are?

Pack with inbuilt strainer

A pack with a strainer is a spot on solution for seafood products in brine. Santa Bremor, one of the fish industry dealer in Belarus, concludes after using the UniPak container with insert from RPC Superfos for a few months.


A thermoformed in-mold labeled (TIML) container has been codeveloped with Coveris and Valio, the leading dairy producer in Finland and a pioneer in functional foods and unique milk-processing technologies.

Consumer Convenient Packaging

Packaging should  not only protect, preserve, transport, inform, and sell the product but it should also be customer centric and thus it should keep consumer satisfaction and convenience as its aim

Packaging for Steering Wheel Switches

Optimal protection for overseas shipment of steering wheel switches is a challenging issue. DS Smith come out with a solution which minimise risks and reduce costs.

Flexible shampoo packaging similar to rigid pack

Paharpur 3P have developed a new shaped stand-up spout pouch for thepersonal care segment.

Foldable Crate

Foldable crate is  having a unique locking mechanism, along with other beneficial design elements

Resealble cashew nuts Packaging

The packaging for Alesto cashew kernels (Lidl) look like an ordinary stand bag may not look spectacular, but it has a lot of very well solved details.

Wooden Spray

Environmental- friendly packaging solution for fragrances

Brush for hair care

The Brush-twist combines hair care and brush in one product.


LINPAC is continuing the active engineering of its ultra-light, resistant barrier flexible for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), in what has traditionally been a category of heavy gauge film usage.

New Plant by Parksons Packaging

Parksons Packaging, a leading manufacturer and exporter of printed and laminated folding cartons, on Friday inaugurated a new folding carton plant in Sri City in Chittoor district. 

Octagon Box

Octagonal-shaped box of sturdy cardboard with a coated liner

Solution for automatic drug prepration and administration

Intuity Ject offers a unique, secure, automated alternative for simple and precise preparation and injection of drugs, in only 5 steps. This medical device is particularly intended for all biological products in vials, including viscous products, both in liquid and dry form, for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

UTZ Poolpallet

The plastic pallet specially designed for automation processes in European format consists of a combination of polypropylene with glass fibre.

LRM-DUO: Machine with two pacakging levels

Two packing levels that have so far been undertaken in separate machines: cardboard box packaging and foil wrapping but now in single machine.


A chip, which is not visible from the outside and can not be manipulated, is installed in these closures, thus giving users a further possibility to increase the product safety of their products. The revolutionary shutter communicates seamlessly with any NFC-enabled smartphone. NFC readers are installed in almost all modern smartphones.

 A new split pack for poultry

LINPAC teamed up with Tesco and Cargill, supplier of chicken products, to launch a new split pack for poultry that addresses portion control and food waste concerns.

Tubs Convey Quality and Tradition

RPC Bebo Bouxwiller is producing a 750g tub and lid for Graindorge’s traditional premium crème fraiche, which is sold at cheese counters in large retailers. The thermoformed polypropylene tub has been specifically designed for dairy applications. It combines lightweight and safe handling with tight-fitting lids to maintain the freshness of the products after opening.


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