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Gin bottle with elegant and independent design

Gin bottle in an elegant and independent design. Very good ergonomics for superior handling. Subtle, rich in detail, effective.

Nemera: Using intelligent design to deliver safe preservative free multi-dose eye drops

Novelia® represents a major innovation in ophthalmic drug delivery

PET bottles with innovative bottom structure

The new Sidel StarLite PET bottle base for still drinks offers more bottle-base stability and resistance, resistance to extreme temperatures (hot and cold), lightweighting possibilities, energy savings, design flexibility.

CSP technologies, inc. Introduces activ-seal orifice-reducing closure with desiccant technology

CSP Technologies, Inc., a leader in packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences – has developed closures, with gas scavenging technology built directly into an induction-sealed, tamper-evident screw cap.


The good looks and convenience of RPC Superfos’s EasySnacking pack were key factors in its selection by Lithuanian food producer Viciunai Group for a range of surimi sticks and fish salads.

Multitainer: Transit Packaging Solution

The multitainer is a versatile transit packaging solution for a variety of applications including chemicals, food and hygiene products.

HDPE Pouch Cards

CleanCut Technologies offered custom die-cut pouch cards to properly position and secure medical devices and procedural components inside a sterile pouch.

Avery Dennison Launches New Tt Sensor Plus Label In Europe

US-based packaging material provider Avery Dennison has launched its new temperature data logger technology, TT Sensor Plus, across Europe.

PLA Based Capsule

The capsules are made using EarthFirst® PLA (polylactic acid) film manufactured using renewable technology

Pocket Shot

Pocket Shot  is 50-mL plastic packs  small, unbreakable, easy-carry, easy-open, pocket-sized flexible “bottle”

Burger King packaging for Halloween

As a seasonal design for Halloween, Burger KingNULLs Whopper packaging highlights a brand identity which proves that it is in touch with its guests.

Tobacco firms fail to stop UK introduction of plain packaging

The latest attempt by tobacco companies to prevent the introduction of mandatory plain packaging of cigarettes in the UK has been rejected by the court of appeal.

Bio based PE film

It is a facestock which is made entirely from sugar cane ethanol

Sneaker chocolate Packaging wins Bioplastics award

Mars, Rodenburg, and Taghleef win the 11th Global Bioplastics Award 2016 for chocolate bar wrapper. Mondi also contributed to the success.

Tetra Brik- Sustainable Aseptic Pack

The new package is manufactured using a biobased plastic film 


This is a carton developed by adding a advertising function to the conventional “DIET BOX”.


Bericap has developed a new 2-piece sports closure, allowing a 2-colour look with a transparent PP shell and a coloured HDPE pourer section.

EZ Peel

EZ Peel packaging for ground beef chubs in retail stores

Time and temperature indicator

Insignia Technologies has developed an active and intelligent film label solution that helps prevent food waste

First impression that lasts

Building on a tradition of easy opening, comfortable handling and smooth pouring, Tetra Gemina Aseptic 1000 Leaf makes a big impression on the shelf. In Russia it scored as an outstanding performer when benchmarked against other packages.

Amcor's wine bottle overcap to detect counterfeits

Amcor & Selinko launch In fact, the first connected capsule offering a unique solution for wines and spirits to fight counterfeiting. Domaine Rebourseau in Burgundy will be the first winery to adopt InTact.
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This flavoured milk display developed by CRIMSON CS PRIVATE LIMITED is attractive and is designed for Client brief (Fonterra Brands SL).

Cushioning material made up of Mushroom

Restore all natural protective packaging from Sealed Air is a home compostable solution that’s grown, not manufactured, to meet packaging needs.

Refillable Packaging for Lip Balm

The new lip balm package is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic.

Poultry Split pack

This pack can tackle the double opportunity of reducing food waste as well as keep preserving food for longer

Starbucks welcomes holiday season with return of red cups

Since 1997, Starbucks has welcomed the holidays with a special red cup that celebrates the spirit of the season. Over the years, designs have ranged from the modern, using whimsical brushstrokes in bold colors, to the nostalgic, featuring mistletoe and ornaments. This year, for the first time, Starbucks red cups will feature designs created by customers with 13 distinct cups in stores.

On-the-go food packaging

Flexible packaging technology innovator Excelsior Technologies is launching a series of new food on-the-go solutions.

Airless jar

It is having a unique opening experience with airless technology

Innovative refill pack

A refill package in which there it no requirement of opening and dispensing the product inside the outer container

Smart and Mix Pro

Smart and mix pro is a convenient dilution control alternative for all ready-to-use spray bottles, ideal for small sites where storage, logistic and budget resources are limited.

Duerr’s turns to Ardagh for distinctive new jar

The glass packaging manufacturer was briefed by Duerr’s to develop a jar that looked like, and had the feel of, citrus fruit. Sales and marketing director, Richard Duerr says: “The shape and format of preserve jars hasn’t changed for a long time – consumer research told us that we needed to do something to shake up the category and appeal to a younger consumer.”

Specialty Labels for Injection Systems

The design of the systems is focused on user friendliness and intuitive operation

Hi Tech Packaging for Keeping Lychee Fruit Fresh and Red

Lychee fruit, which is harvested fully mature, requires careful post harvest preservation. Traditional methods for preserving the fruit’s color include immersion in acid solutions, which spoil the taste and are proscribed in several countries.

Insulated Cardboard box- Cool InnPac

It is a insulated cardboard box


The machine comes with two available modules; one for producing Single and Dual Gusset Shaped pouches with Front-Face Dispensing and one for making Side Gusset pouches with Front-Face Pour Spout. Each roll away, quick change module comes with a vibratory bowl feeder, rotary spout application system, servo motor, draw roller, electronics and tooling.

Parkscribe - Microwavable steam bag

Self-venting steam bag to meet consumer demand

Resource efficient packaging

The re-designed pack reduced the damage to the primary packs by 99%.

Desiccant can

Desiccant canisters and capsules which are used when controlled atmosphere packaging is required

Packaging for Battery Cells

This BEAM-BOX is an attractive, sustainable, innovative and practical to use pack.

Innovative patient communication with interactive packaging

secondary packaging offers many possibilities for supporting patient communication.

Eye-catching and simple

The YIELD Ceramic French Press is a functional and beautiful addition to the kitchen table. The packaging also embraces a clean approach that is eye-catching and simple, with shining gold graphics against a crisp white background. Designed by Yield, an independent design house in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Kraft colored bottle

This innovative, consumer-preferred bottle retains the appeal of this iconic and trusted Kraft brand, while significantly improving transport efficiency, energy consumption and consumer convenience, with no change in source materials.

Easy Open and Scrap Carton box

This individual Easy Open and Scrap “PEEL SCRAP” packaging box can be opened and disassembled easily with a minimum force while maintaining the sufficient strength of the package.

Good example of Packaging communication

This playful and communicative packaging for a language learning game.

One touch assembly

POP design

Labels filling creativity in packaging

Rengo designed labels for Tiotamin-D2 manufactured by Nissin Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd.

Beer gift pack

This pack for Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. combines the luxury and quality feel. It is a gift set box that represents the texture. 

GL FILM replacement of Al foil

“GL FILM” delivers superior barrier performance attained through a combination of vapor deposition and coating technologies.

Pad-Loc™ Super Absorbent Pads (PLS)

High moisture packages demand more absorption. Pad-Loc™ Super Absorbent Pad utilize revolutionary super absorbent granules combined with a unique pad construction to offer an ideal solution for meat and poultry processors as well as case-ready markets.

Water-Based Retortable Sauce Pack

The Pulmuone Company was named a Gold Award winner in the 28th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for the development of a commercial, water-based adhesive for retortable pouches, a first-known application in the industry.


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