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Two Piece Injection Molded Closure

Astrapak has developed the world’s first multi-functional two-piece injection moulded closure for spice bottles.

Promotional Coffee Box

This promotional coffee carton is both unusual and convincing. It is trendy, stylish, cool and sustainable, can be reclosed and is of unique quality – and is a major sales success.

Engine Shipper Pack

The new pack brings savings of £450,000 on packaging and transport costs, compared to the original design, whilst providing faster pack assembly and reduced storage space.

Appealing Pet Based Packaging For Honey

Natural American Foods launched a new packaging for their Buzz + Bloom craft honey range in PET packaging. 

Thermofomed Formed Tray

This plastic foam trays is excellent for protective packaging and cost reduction purposes.

Pyramid Shape Refill Pack Of Regeneration Salt

Great haptics and excellent ergonomics characterize this carton packaging, which is optimally hand-held by its sweeping pyramid shape and is pleasant to embrace. 

Nanopackaging To Imrpove Food Safety

AIPIA HAS been formally accepted as a partner organization of the EU funded NanoPack project which will develop and introduce nanotechnology-based antimicrobial packaging to enhance food safety and reduce food waste.

Shelf-life Indicator tag

Insignia Freshtag the dynamic shelf-life indicator tag is designed to change color over a pre-set number of days at a prescribed temperature

Ampac Pull Tab™ Beverage Pouch

The Ampac Pull Tab™ technology for stand-up beverage pouches is a new pouch concept for non-carbonated beverages and includes a pre-made pouch with high quality graphics on both the pouch and pull tab lid. The pull tab print can be customized and remains on the pouch with no waste. The flexible pouch can also be customized by pouch shape and straw size (up to 8mm).

Senior Friendly Closure

GCS has developed a new screw cap with a TPE strip to provide a perfect grip, making it easier for consumers of all ages to open and close Volvic’s latest 1 liter packaging.

Shrink Sleeve Act As Label

It consists of a shrink sleeve with perforations and adhesive, so that the multi-pack also becomes the primary label for each individual bottle. When the multi-pack is broken into individual units, a portion of the sleeve remains adhered to each bottle.

Premium Carton

An elegant premium look carton with that certain touch

Apple Packaging- an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Fresh produce packaged in small portions or as a snack is becoming increasingly popular, it`s a response to the demand for healthy and practical food to eat on the move.

Child-Proof Packaging For Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

This child-proof packaging manufactured by a&r carton for orion pharma oy sileo, a medicine for dogs.

Flexshield Paperboard Barrier Coating

Flexshield paperboard barrier coating is a fully compostable lining that performs like poly.

SpRing Latch

Economical and user-friendly container closure system for metal buckets. Innovative tension ring with safety pin enables easy and reliable usage and resealing
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Buyer of olive oil, whether as a gift or for yourself, the enjoyment starts with the choice. The packaging has a major impact here. 

Sloggi Men “Match”

New folding box creates best product experience at the POS. Great added value for consumers and retailers. The carton is easy to open and close again without damage. Consumers can examine (but not remove) the goods at the POS and close the packaging afterwards.

Hanger Info Label

Hanger label features various innovative solutions for pharma industry

Twinfilm, A Patented Resealing System For Almost Any Packaging Line, Is The Innovative Solution From Petro Poloplast Gmbh

Films with integrated peelable seal for existing horizontal packaging lines. Production without the need for major alterations. Easy to open and resealable film bags for the consumer.

Packaging In The Shape Of Knife

Innovative Packaging For Consumer Products

Sunscreen Applicator

Packaging for Never Miss a Spot Technology is an excellent example of packaging innovation at its best.

Innovative Packaging For Speaker

Packaging is the customer’s first impression of a product and so the pack for kef’s blade two speakers was designed by argolin ltd by keeping this in mind.

Hipp Babysoft Cream In Cute Turtle Packaging

Pot of cream. Strong shelf impact with playful character decorative. Stable. Easy to handle. Innovative packaging form tuned to the audience. Strong shelf impact combined with playful character.

Christmas Bow Label For Coca Cola

The christmas bow label for coca cola is a special gravure printed 2 ply reel fed clear metallized opp labels, laminated with special glue, available with or without perforation, and a pull strip to convert the wrap around label into a “bow”. This special label was realized with our partner eshuis bv based in the netherlands

Metal Transfer PET Film

Polyester metal-transfer film allows vacuum-deposited aluminum on the film surface to be transferred with adhesive to paper and paperboard for superior brightness

Nano Coating providing free product flow

Researchers at The Ohio State University have found a way to create the perfect texture inside plastic bottles to let soap products flow freely. They describe the patent-pending technology in a paper which appeared in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society on June 27.

Sustainability with thinner label material

Label material having a reduced basis weight means less material, water / energy consumption and less waste at the material manufacturer.

Smart slide - the sliding closure

An easy, safe and intuitive way to open the product with new innovative closure system.


Proprietary Modular Clamp and Variable Pitch Make New Revolution MVP System Configurable between 12 and 24 Stations and Up to 100 Positions on the Same Platform, Producing Bottles up to 16 in. (40cm) tall at Up to 8 rpm

Film from milk protein

This film is environmentally friendly film made of the milk protein casein

Yogurt drink with juice balls that explode in your mouth

Yili China and SIG Combibloc launch yogurt drink with juice balls that explode in your mouth.

Edible Milk based Packaging

Scientist developed edible milk based packaging film for the products as a substitute for petroleum based plastic films.

Innovative paper packaging

Packaging paper with integrated functionality barrier and sealing properties.

Müller Soft Star Tissue

The new and unusual round shape for the packaging of a tissue box is striking, both at the point of sale and at home. Until now only seen as refills, the cylindrical design is outstanding as a tissue box and impressed the jury in particular.

Land Box

It is an ecological isolating packaging


Once a package leaves the factory, it embarks on a mysterious journey from point A to point B. And while it’s not necessarily important to know whether a pair of pants, for example, got exposed to unusually high or low temperatures during the shipping process, pharmaceuticals and foods are different.

Pizza Hut Football Box

Pizza Hut is turning these greasy pieces of cardboard into a game board.

Low SIT High Seal Strength Matt Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene Film

A daunting challenge confronting the big bag industry was the difficulty in manufacturing High Coefficient Of Friction (COF) anti-skid bags in matt option owing to the inherent properties of the ordinary OPP film.


The New DualFUSION Vial is First Vial That Combines the Benefits of a Strong, Protective Plastic Outer Layer and the High-Performance Barrier Properties of an Inner Silica Layer.

SpRing Latch

There is generally manual or complex machine concepts are usually required to close metal buckets with resealable spring clamping rings

Freshdy-Fresher for Longer

Vegetable and fruit packaging with intelligent microperforation in a multilayer foil barrier keeps contents fresh and appetising for longer ad significantly extends shelf-life.

Nano-Particle Antibacterial Packaging Paper

Scientists produce nano antibacterial packaging paper

Tinware to highlight patented new concept

Bedford based tin box packaging supplier Tinware Direct will be displaying its innovative, self-sealing tin, Pressitin, at Packaging Innovations London.

Packaging for 8 steering wheel switches, pallet and overseas transport

Transport packaging for good protection, secure fixing and optimum volume capacity. Single-material solution for standard stamping processes.

Edible Wax Non stick coating

A nontoxic, non-stick coating that lets loose every last drop


Tubex has developed an aerosol can without varnishes at all.

Ball’s Strawster scoops supreme award for innovation at Euro CanTech

Ball Packaging Europe snagged the top award at the Euro CanTech Awards,

Labels that Stand Up to Extreme Cold, Even Liquid Nitrogen

Intended for use in -80 to -196°C environments, Bel-Art® – SP Scienceware® Cryogenic Storage Labels feature strong, permanent adhesive that will withstand cold storage temperatures and maintain adhesion to glass, plastic, and cardboard, even in liquid nitrogen.


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