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Touchcode - Invisible Code

The touch code is an invisible code and thus allows freedom for graphic designers and product designers. This code can be read by simply placing it on a smartphone or tablet with multi-touch screen and the appropriate app.

Nike Stadium Shoe Box Packaging

A very creative box design when opened seems like a mini football stadium. The top has the sky and the bottom has the crowd and the complete field.  

Chips Packaging Concept

This crisp container seeks to engage snacker by converting it to neat serving dish.

Eco-Frientdly Light Bulb Packaging Concept

This pack for light bulb is made up of single unit of corrugated sheet. This bulb packaging concept is developed by a student named audrey blouin.


A champagne producers in France Syndicat Général des Vignerons de Champagne (General Syndicate of Winegrowers in Champagne) introduced CLOE, which is a new 'connected' cap, allowing them to be authenticated and tracked through the supply chain.


Woodtwister is an ecological screw top made of a 100% wood compound can be fitted either with a glass or wood inlay. 

Dissolving Sack For Cement

It Disintegrates During The Mortar Or Concrete Preparation Process And Integrates Itself

The First Sealed Paper Packaging

First Tightly Sealed Paper Packaging Which Was Launched By Bosch Packaging Technology And Billerudkorsnäs Beginning Of June

Pallets Anti-Slip Pads

Stabulon, pallets anti-slip pads stabilize your products on pallets during operations internal conveyor, storage and transport. Stabulon eliminates slippage issue, ensures the cohesion of your palette to secure and optimize the packaging of your products.

Adaptiq –Ready-To-Use Vials

AdaptiQ is a ready-to-use vials that gives more freedom with a leaner process, improved quality and more flexibility.

STABUGOM®, Close and Stabilize your products in one operation

STABUGOM® Gummed tape offers an efficient and definitive closing solution for boxes, while the anti-slip coating on the outside of the product affords it anti-slip properties. Strongly recommended when your products are shipped in maritime containers.

Senior Friendly Closure packaging

Easy Safe and intuitive opening

Multilayer on the go coffee cup

RPC Bebo Plastik has developed a multilayer on-the-go cup for a new ready-to-drink iced coffee from one of a fastest growing coffee shop brands in the world.

EcoSol® Water Soluble Film Technology - Newest Generation of Packaging Solutions

EcoSol® is a water soluble, biodegradable, polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) film ideally suited for various packaging applications.


This innovative lid replaced the extra lid requirement used for containers.

NEFT Vodka container

Tin can in form of oil barrel is absolutely an unique trend in field of Vodka.

NFC inbuilt autoinjector

 Thin Film Electronics ASA and smart systems announced a partnership with the Ypsomed Group (a developer and manufacturer of injection systems for self-medication.

PulpWorks Set To Revolutionize Blister Packaging, Rid the World of PVC

PulpWorks, based in San Rafael, CA, designs and manufactures sustainable packaging, molded from 100% post-consumer waste paper, for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. The company has created a compostable and biodegradable alternative to toxic and harmful plastic (PVC) blister packaging.

Aroma can for pharmaceutical

Clariant and its Healthcare Packaging unit, is introducing a new and improved family of Aroma-Can canisters to enhance nutritional products by adding a pleasant scent to product packaging.

Printed Coldform

Bemis Latin America has developed printed coldform for Doril Enxaqueca medicine.

Labeling Solution for Blinding Syringes

Schreiner MediPharm and Sanofi develop innovative labeling Solution for Blinding Syringes used during clinical study Trials.

Bringing Augmented Reality to Cans

CrownSmart™ is a new innovation designed to connect brands with end-users, allowing brands to gain an edge with the end user and access unrivalled consumer data.

Dunnage Bags for transit

These Paper Dunnage Bags from Fortris Load Secure and protect cargo from sliding, falling or tilting.

Packaging That Talks To Your Phone

James Lee, the Director of Technology and Innovation for Jones Packaging of London demonstrates a new prescription drug packaging that includes near-field communication (NFC) that will allow the user with a cell phone to read information about the drug on an cell phone app.

Aroma Protection Packaging For Coffee And Tea

The GustoCan is 100% made of tinplate, which distinguishes it from common packaging for products with volatile flavor.

Packaging Of Pipes

Wooden crate packaging for pipes is a good example for packing loose structures with very little packaging material


French company Axilone has patented a “One Hand” lipstick packaging. Axilone designed the packaging to simplify lipstick application.

ZeoCool Transport Box

A revolutionary intelligent temperature-controlled packaging solution, ensuring constant product temperature regardless of outside temperature, significantly reducing carbon footprint, volumetric requirements and distribution costs, with simple application and no assembly required.

Water-Based Adhesive For Retortable Pack

The Pulmuone Company has developed a commercial, water-based adhesive for retortable pouches, a first-known application in the industry.

Droplid - Innovative Concept

It is designed to reduce the strength required to open a glass jar by utilising the form of the jar itself

West: Electronic Patch Injector System

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.'s SmartDose electronic patch injector system technology includes a Daikyo Crystal Zenith® polymer cartridge, a plunger with Flurotec® barrier film, a telescoping plunger rod, and an electronic drive and control system.

Stand Up SqueezyStrawPouch

This flexible package contains a beverage or other liquid which a consumer can drink directly from the package with no other tools, fitments, caps, valves or objects required.

Dow Technology Enables Recyclable Flexible Plastic Packaging

Recycleready technology helps create recyclable flexible stand-up pouches consumers demand; can incorporate barrier film technology. 


Biodegradable packaging: the holy grail Leaving no waste behind, whatsoever, biodegradable packaging is considered the holy grail of the eco movement. If every product in the world is wrapped in biodegradable packaging, that would solve the waste problem altogether. For the moment, though, examples are scarce.

Vial Protect Pack

 Vial Protect Pack which consists of a protector cup and a shrink tack label to reduce risk of vial-breaking and direct exposure to the content.

Knead Product Inside The Pouch

This lightweight, compact package is used for easy and quick preparation of pancak.

Child Resistant E-Cigarette Liquid Pack

Child resistant pack for e-Cig liquids with various innovative features.


Anti theft Packaging 

Two Packaging Technologies Combined to pack sea food

The world’s biggest Atlantic salmon company, Marine Harvest, has combined two packaging techniques to prolong the freshness of its ASC Salmon Traiteur Loin produced in France.

Fold-up Package for TV

Oji chiyoda container co., Ltd. has helped in designing this pack for SHARP CORPORATION.

Eco-Friendly Film Printing with Water-Based Pigment Inkjet Ink

According to Kao Corporation they has successfully developed the world's first water-based pigment inkjet ink for printing on film materials used in flexible packaging.

New technology to boost plastic recycling

A UK project investigating the use of an 'invisible barcode' made from metal oxides to facilitate the sorting and separation of plastics packaging for recycling.

Zentis continues innovation with new type of dairy packaging

Zentis Polska has continued its strategy of innovation by introducing top-cup, a new type of packaging for the dairy industry in Poland.

Lightest Aluminium Seafood Can

Ardagh Group’s developed one of a lightest aluminium seafood can in its specialist aluminium can plant in Cuxhaven, north Germany.

Joint Pallet without nail and PP band

Toyotsu New Pack Co., Ltd. has developed joint pad made of corrugated cardboard which helps the carton being attached to the pallet.

ZSL London Zoo ditches single use plastic water bottles

ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos have become the first in the UK to remove all single-use plastic water bottles from its shelves.


OIA’s Senior Structural Designer  created the innovative packaging for the Sport Ball Project, pointed out that packaging for athletic and outdoor equipment is a very mature category.

Paper Packaging-Geami WrapPak

Eco friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap

Eye Catchy Perfume Pack

It is a rare experience to see packaging with such a clearly defined message and styling. 

Interactive screens on your packages

Instead of reading a label, consumers could be interacting with an electronic screen on packaging in the future, due to a revolutionary new development by scientists at the University of Sheffield. 


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