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Good example of Packaging communication

This playful and communicative packaging for a language learning game.

One touch assembly

POP design

Labels filling creativity in packaging

Rengo designed labels for Tiotamin-D2 manufactured by Nissin Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd.

Beer gift pack

This pack for Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. combines the luxury and quality feel. It is a gift set box that represents the texture. 

GL FILM replacement of Al foil

“GL FILM” delivers superior barrier performance attained through a combination of vapor deposition and coating technologies.

Pad-Loc™ Super Absorbent Pads (PLS)

High moisture packages demand more absorption. Pad-Loc™ Super Absorbent Pad utilize revolutionary super absorbent granules combined with a unique pad construction to offer an ideal solution for meat and poultry processors as well as case-ready markets.

Water-Based Retortable Sauce Pack

The Pulmuone Company was named a Gold Award winner in the 28th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for the development of a commercial, water-based adhesive for retortable pouches, a first-known application in the industry.

Innovative Refill Pack

Refill package featuring improved hygiene and usability

SpRing Latch

Re-closure system for increasing production line efficiency at minimum cost on paint

Roast-In-The-Bag Chicken Package

Tesco Plc has extended its Roast in a Bag range with a Roast Beef Joint packed Estercook High Temperature packaging.

Spotless Compostable Tea Bag

A dripping tea bag creates a mess and is unsightly.The answer is the so called SteaBag, an invention of the Finnish company Spotless Tea Bag Ltd, and offering the consumer a solution to the problem.


The Swiss Packaging Award is an award by the Swiss Packaging Institute, SVI, to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of packaging in seven categories. The aim of the competition is to showcase the creativity and innovation of the Swiss packaging industry. Winners of Swiss Packaging Awards are able to participate in the World Star international packaging competition.

Innovative shape of Packaging Canister

Canisters innovative in design with functional value-added design and good detailed solutions. Holistic and well thought-out.

Hexa Bag

It  is specially designed to pack ingredients and chemicals used in clean rooms


Pilzbox  the goal certified organic gourmet mushroom growing kits has (so-called. Grow kits) offer for the Swiss household. To this end, an innovative and ready-made mushroom-growing packaging concept has been developed which enables the consumer, without any prior knowledge and using the simplest means Gourmet Mushrooms fresh breed home from a box out and consume.

MC box

The MC Box is a recyclable packaging solution for heavy transport goods up to 2000 kg of corrugated cardboard and honeycomb.

Bottle and Preform Necks Sterilization

The decontamination levels obtained on preform necks achieve a 3 - 4 log microbial reduction in bacteria and molds

Two corners, three sides and a clear view: rlc | packaging group gives toothpaste a brand new look

rlc makes the dental care product line "White Now" more brilliant than ever with a packaging relaunch. Cardboard with high-quality finishing and large PET windows with a clear view of the premium tube inside attract attention at the POS. The folding box is designed for a streamlined packing process and the choice of materials makes it more sustainable than its predecessor.

Pouch with spine is upstanding innovation for refills

One of the things that we recognized early on,” says Becker, “is that most refill pouches can be messy and inconvenient. This is one more evolution of the pouch that will allow refills to become more popular in the U.S.”
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OTR and WVTR Barrier Coatings for AlOx Packaging Applications

Michelman introduced two innovative AlOx topcoats. Working in collaboration with BOBST, one of a supplier of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers, Michelman has developed and commercialized Michem® Flex B5770 and Michem Flex B5780.

EQUI 4 Stacking System

The new batch box of Equisa AG is an innovative design. The USP is that the weight of the upper pallet receiving via the stacking corners - these novel stacking corners cause the stack frame outside the pallet edge, making it absolutely comes no loss of space on the pallet.

Secondary pack for prefilled syringes

This is an innovative secondary packaging system for pre-filled syringes.


The Schumacher Packaging Group presents its patented world innovation CargoProtop® – paper based eco modules – as part of the new CargoProfil® product line. These are cover frames that provide a sturdy and secure way of packing loads onto transport pallets, and they are available right now.

Slim bicycle repair kit

This is an innovative packaging for Bicycle repair kit for inner tubes which fits in the smallest pocket with minimal waste. 

Flexible thermoforming packaging machines for sliced food

MULTIVAC will showcase its automation solutions at Interpack 2017. The solution portfolio covers all types of automation tasks and levels of integration.  

 Timber Label

Labels are made from paper and plastic films. This label is a special timber label.


The ONEMI Radio is a brilliant example of good design for soc

Biodegradable Barrier Pack

This bio-based packaging is 100% compostable

Alukbliss-Innovative thermoformable film

Alukbliss - an aluminum look alike packaging film with customizable barrier properties

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging offers a solution to mineral oil traces discovered in chocolate food products

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging offers WENTOPRO® as a solution to the recent discovery of mineral oil traces in chocolate products. WENTOPRO® is a multi-layer film that can be used as a ‘bag in box’ liner for chocolate and other food products providing a solution to the migration of mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH).

Kite Packaging launch range of universal corrugated corner protectors

As one of the UK’s leading packaging distributors, Kite Packaging focus on providing packaging solutions to protect products during transit, putting customers’ needs and requirements at the forefront of everything they do and due to demand now supply a range of corrugated edge protector.

Transit Packaging for Hazardous Chemicals

RPC Promens Industrial Ettlingen has developed a versatile transit packaging solution for a variety of applications including chemicals, food and hygiene products.

Innovative Modular Heating Technology For Thermoforming

This innovative modular heating technologyis a material-saving contact heating system made of ceramic elements for precise temperature transfer into polymer film. Integrated highly accurate control unit for targeted material distribution in the thermoforming process which will feature Optimum wall thickness distribution. Packaging material savings of up to 30% without loss of performance.

Slim Bicycle Repair Kit

Bicycle repair kit for inner tubes. Fits in the smallest pocket. Minimal waste. Intelligent combination of established packaging technologies creates real added value for users.

Implantatspritze (Implant Syringe)

Medical packaging and injection applicator in one functional element Precise subcutaneous application of long term effective pharmaceuticals. Secure, pin-point precise, and relatively pain-free. Rendering any local anaesthesia rendundant.

Seal of Authenticity for Coffee

The ‘seal of authenticity’ is an especially engineered tamper-proof brand protection/anti-counterfeiting solution that does not impact on the retail price of the product.

Innovative Curry Kit Packaging

The pack of curry is designed such that it gives full visibility of the contents

Landbox – Ecological Insulation Packaging

Insulating online shipping packages for food with unique material. Combination of straw and paper. Very good disposability. Economical.

Candle Packaging In Metal Container

The metal candle packaging provided a market breakthrough for aquiesse.

Corrugated Beer Pack Imitating Wood Pack

Smurfit kappa developed a packaging of the flavoured beer “boilermaker by tuborg” produced on behalf of baltica, a member of the carlsberg group.

Premium Cigar Packaging

A premium ecofriendly solution for cigar packaging

Appealing Pet Based Packaging For Honey

Natural American Foods launched a new packaging for their Buzz + Bloom craft honey range in PET packaging. 

Ecological Insulation Packaging

Economical Insulating online shipping packages for food with unique material combination of straw and paper and had very good disposability.

Rotating Promotional Display

Point of sale displays developed by smurfit kappa is a rotating promotional display called ‘rondel’ designed for use at exhibition and trade fairs.

After Eight Design Store

Eye-catching promotional display for special placement Unusual appearance. 2-sided accessibility. High quality print. Good brand communication.

New Fresh Cast Film And Bags For Cauliflower

R.O.P 's new product is engineered for extending cauliflower shelf life up to double the time compared to unwrapped cauliflower. The new cast keeps cauliflower fresh & crisp, preventing decay, shrivel and off-odor up to 12 days and saves weight loss up to 27%.

Mini Spray Packaging

Core Idea Behind This Design Was To Find A Packaging Which Works Both In-Store And Online According To The Company

Fresh Check Indicator

A Fresh-Check time temperature indicator is a self-adhesive device that is specifically formulated to match the shelf life of the food products to which it is affixed.

Cosmetic Pack with Velvet Feel

This carton design presents newly developed products in a highly attractive manner. To attract customers’ attention, the design focuses on two highly current trends.

AMAP For Packaging Of Flowers By Uflex

The Team At Uflex Developed A New Biodegradable Film, Flexfresh, Which Can Keep The Product Breathing In Hydrated Oxygen And Release Excess Humidity, Keeping The Flowers Dry


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