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Green Packaging - Sealed Paper packaging

Paper packaging replacing plastic

Tracking-Pack: Peace of mind by tracking your packaging

You spent millions of euro and years developing your product, refining the marketing, developing relationships with logistics firms, distributors and retailers – after all that investment doesn’t it make sense to ensure you know where your product is at all times?


Montebello Packaging developed a Neckless Tube tube design.


The unique duo-pack combines two products which perfectly complement each other.

Packaging for Birch water

Packaging that communicates about the product

E-commerce pack for wine bottle

Wine bottles packaging designed for parcel shipments

Glaze Roof light Transit Packaging

The solution is adaptable, scalable and a 100% recyclable, replacing presswood board and none recyclable vinyl tape.

Creative option for promotional Packaging

ElastiTote is a creative promotional option for carrying sample products or trial offers. With innovative combinations of elastomer loops, tags with perforations, folds, adhesives, slits, and shapes of all kinds.

Kite Packaging Introduce new ‘box for bottles’ innovation

Innovative protection in the Food and Drinks industry has grown in popularity in recent years, particularly with users who are sensitive to the need for good quality, reliable protective packaging at very competitive prices. Kite Packaging has introduced its new box for bottles innovation.

Tyvek Roll Stock

It is an extremely flexible roll stock packaging material that won’t break or tear as easily as medical-grade papers

Multi-sensory promotion packaging

This multi-sensory promotion packaging Red Bull Illume was developed in cooperation with ROX Asia Consultancy.

Airless Swipe Dispensing Jar

Airless containers are fast becoming some of our best selling products. So we are delighted to announce the release of a new type of airless jar, with a unique swipe dispensing applicator. Dubbed the “touch & slide” pump, it allows fully protected cosmetic creams to be dispensed with a simple, swift, sliding motion.

Innovative Packaging for USB

A locking vacuum-formed tray to create a secure and distinctive shelf presence.

Sale pack for bottles

The 4-bottle pack of the Carling Cherry Cider premium beverage of Staropramen combines simplicity and efficiency.

N’CRYPT® Pharma Security Solutions

N'CRYPT is a proprietary portfolio of anti-counterfeit pharmaceutical security solutions from Amcor

Cost effective floor drain pack

This cost effective packaging solution in which the product will be excellent across.

Biodegradable Edible Bottle

This biodegradable bottle for water is made up of agar, a substance from algae.

Mondi Introduces New Water-repellent Industrial Bag HYBRIDPRO to the Russian Market

The bag belongs to Mondi’s next generation of water-repellent bags, developed as part of the company’s focus on exciting new solutions achieved through ongoing R&D work and collaboration with customers.

Universal vehicle frame

The multipath-enabled universal frame replaces many vehicle-related individual frames.

Sports Ball Packaging

Technologically Advanced, Responsible Packaging with Enhanced User Experience

rlc | packaging group gives toothpaste a brand new look

rlc makes the dental care product line "White Now" more brilliant than ever with a packaging relaunch. Cardboard with high-quality finishing and large PET windows with a clear view of the premium tube inside attract attention at the POS. The folding box is designed for a streamlined packing process and the choice of materials makes it more sustainable than its predecessor. 


ColorMatrix Lactra SX Light Blocking Additive in solid masterbatch form provides high-performance light blocking technology and protection for liquid dairy contents when added to monolayer PET bottles

Eye-catching Teapot-shaped Stand Up Pouch for Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods Packaging business of Mondi in North America has introduced a new, customizable Teapot-shaped SUP (Stand Up Pouch), designed to capture shoppers’ attention on consumer goods retail shelves.

TWISTER Dry Powder Inhaler

Twister, a new versatile affordable capsule-based Dry powder Inhaler (DPI), with the aim of bringing cost effective drug delivery devices to pharmaceutical companies, helping them market affordable healthcare treatment to patients worldwide. 

User Friendly and child resistant Closure

EZ Grip & EZ-Safe are closures range which are ergonomically ribbed which make them user friendly.

Corpack introduces its newest innovation the ‘Perphone’

Designed, developed and produced by Corpack, this is the newest innovation in perfume packaging, combining the world of mobile phones with a fragrance.  


An interesting user engaging pack for fish that defines the freshness of the product inside

Bio-Based Fully Renewable Chilled Carton

Tetra Pak developed Tetra Rex® Bio-based, the first carton packaging made entirely from plant-based materials.

Amcor's Sleek, Transparent Container Molded of 100% PCR PET Overcomes Compatibility Issues and Delivers Strong Shelf Appeal

Products, the leader in eco-friendly household, fabric, and personal care products, has expanded its liquid laundry offering, introducing its new 4X Concentrated Detergent product in a 53oz polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle containing 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET resin from Amcor Rigid Plastics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rigid plastic packaging for food, beverag

Korrvu Lok

 Innovative Packaging for eCommerce

Lightweight Square-Shaped Edible Oil Bottle & Cap

The lightweight, square-shaped Edible Oil Bottle and Cap from Adani Wilmar (Fortune Brand) replaces an oval container, making it more environmentally responsible by maximizing cube efficiency and shelf space.


New advances in packaging at Michigan State University can help produce stay fresh longer.

Natural Packaging

Sustainable concept which reduce waste and improve recyclability of packaging

Reusable Packaging for sanitary cleaner

This reusable packaging for sanitary cleaner named as Mix & Ready is an intelligent cartridge system which reduces packaging by 95% and shipping weight by 97%.

Tetra Rex- Fully Renewable Carton

Fully renewable package for chilled liquid food

U.S. Light Bulb Packaging

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission now requires manufacturers of incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs to use new labeling on consumer packaging to help consumers choose the most  efficient bulbs for their needs.

Tactile Lacquer for films

Wipak developed a Haptic Laquer for the Präst Cheese package in cooperation with Arla.

Headlight Packaging

This transport headlight packaging is designed so that it creates a simple manipulation unit that is fully palletized on the EUR pallet

New food packaging in trains soon

You could soon see food in new packaging in trains       

Presentation Packaging For Hearing Aids

The MED-EL audio processor patient kit for hearing implants unifies different packaging solutions with its new, modular design.

Die Cut Insert Tray for CardioFocus Heart Light Ablation System

The CardioFocus Heart Light Ablation System Balloon Catheter Die-Cut Tray manufactured by Beacon Converters Inc. is honored with multiple industry awards for innovation and sustainability.

Catcher Board MB12 is an innovative board solution developed by Smurfit Kappa to prevent the migration of mineral oil hydrocarbons from packaging into food products

Catcher Board MB12 reduces the migration of any organic substances by 99%, and has been tested for a shelf life of more than 12 months. It is certified by Eurofins and ISEGA, both world leaders in the  food and pharmaceutical product testing and approved laboratories for food safety.

Tray Typer

The KFC Tray Typer is an ultra-thin, water- resistant, rechargeable wireless keyboard with built-in Bluetooth.

Brand promotion

Take away bucket that can print smartphone photos

Smart Sunscreen Lotion features printed sensor

A sunscreen aerosol can, that identifies skin-type, sun levels and calculates the maximum “safe” time in the sun.

Take it easy with AD*STAR® *carry

Trouble-free filling on the newest automatic cement filling lines and minimum breakage rates during transport and storage: the precisely manufactured and robust AD*STAR  sacks make filling and transporting cement even more efficient – very much in line with the ongoing modernisation of China’s cement sector,  which aims at increasing the overall production efficiency. 

Take away packaging for theatre

The NaPak packaging tray has been developed for take-out orders at the movie theatre, offering a more hygienic option for holding fried snacks such as nachos or french fries and as a holder for the cup at their chair.

Bottles made of wood

This is a natural fiber compound bottles which look like turned out of wood. This bottle represent a promising alternative to conventional packaging and open up new application possibilities.

GrassBox for shoe packaging

This Grass box used for shoe packaging is a successful development of paper containing a high percentage of grass as a raw material.


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