Hanger Info Label

Hanger label features various innovative solutions for pharma industry


Hanger info labels presents various features such as complete and uniform emptying, good documentation, sufficient space for work instructions in different languages, quick, hygienic and easy to use.

Hanger info labels  is a new labelling  solution from August Faller GmbH allows infusions to be attached in a vertical position. For this, part of the tear-resistant foil label is simply peeled off. The result is a loop which is firmly secured to the bottle with a special adhesive. When twisted, the loop ensures a vertical position resulting in complete and uniform draining of the bottle.

This label has a part of the label which can be peeled off and stuck into the patient’s file which avoid manually entering of the administered record into the patient record.

It has a multi-page information brochure which can be read repeatedly and firmly re-attached to the bottle.

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