Gin bottle with elegant and independent design

Gin bottle in an elegant and independent design. Very good ergonomics for superior handling. Subtle, rich in detail, effective.


This bespoke bottle was created by Stölzle Flaconnage the British production site of the Stölzle Glass Group for Gin. The Isle-of-Harris gin bottle offers an elegant and independent design. The brand's distinctive features such as reduced bottle silhouette or the turquoise colour were subtly taken on and independently designed. "A bottle full of nature in the form of a breeze from the Scottish Isles and the sea" has been nicely transferred in the form of irregular waves in the glass, while ergonomics and handling are neatly concealed by indentations in the bottle. Details such as the wooden cap and cork round off this strong characteristic design. An innovative development team made the elaborate bottle design and decoration come true. Along with its thick bottom base the bottle impresses by a very fine ripped surface all over. Every rip can be defined as a symbol to underline the importance of the excellent work and huge expertise of all the highly-skilled people involved.

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