Freshdy-Fresher for Longer

Vegetable and fruit packaging with intelligent microperforation in a multilayer foil barrier keeps contents fresh and appetising for longer ad significantly extends shelf-life.


Freshdy™, Fresher for Longer, is a flexible multilayer micro-perforated bag, which allows fresh fruit and vegetables to stay hydrated for longer. Due to a series of micro-perforated layers, natural products have the ability to retain water vapor. The stratification of micro-perforated BOPP plastic layers, that when applied to the bottom or surface of a bag, managed to retain the water vapor, for longer. Mother nature was the inspiration for this bag packaging. Following the basis of the principle used by onions, garlic and corn, this vegetable and fruit packaging uses the inner moisture to enable the contents to keep for a longer period. Using intelligent micro perforations in a multilayer barrier film, moisture loss is intelligently controlled, thus significantly prolonging the life of the product.

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