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A Multi Pack Sleeve For Distribution Systems Of Produce

Cost effective multi pack. The sleeve wraps up to 8 fruits family packs of fruits or vegetables. It lowers substantially the handling costs and helps to increase sales as it is sold in 48 units. From the logistic point of view, the new package sleeve stabilizes
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Bonbon Nestl

Nestles special confectionary pack. The mothers day special edition of the nestls chocolate bonbon package, granted a sophisticated touch to the product, turning
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30 New Packaging For Baby Foods

Baby food in pouch. Plum organics has introduced what it says is one of the first plastic pouches for baby food on the u.s. Market, a format the company is using to combat fears of bisphenol a in baby bottles. The resealable, 4oz polyethylene pouches can dispense the liquid food onto a spoon, eliminating the need for a bottle or
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Tadim Sunflower Seeds 400gr

Flexible packaging for dry fruits. 30 mic matt opp 20 mic metallized opp. A gusseted dried fruit package where matt film enchases the appearance of the package, while metallized film provides genuine protection for the dried fruits. Full surface is
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Honey Its Smart Pack

Honey packaging, smart pack is a unique packaging idea for honey, first ever used internationally by attiki co. This packaging enables the use of honey outdoors.
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Food Packages Fill Out Again To Combat Shrinking Demand

While package sizes for many u.s. Food items shrank in size a year ago, the current recession is causing brand owners to rethink
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Dairy Industry Shifts Packaging Needs

The u.s. Dairy industry is gradually shifting to flexible plastics and offering new singleserve packaging for ice cream, part of a potential equipment purchasing spree documented by a new study from the packaging machinery manufacturers institute pmmi. The newly released study of 40 top u.s. Dairy
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A Single Serve Salad Dressing Pack

A unique, reclosable pack designed in response to a demand from customers in the travel sector, food service and manufacturing markets for a single serve, aethesthetically pleasing design that is more user friendly than the glass bottle,
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Solid Board Ma Fresh Fish Packaging

This concept of an airtight, paperbased transport packaging with a protective gas atmosphere, is intended for the distribution of fresh fish without ice through the logistical chain. Due to its characteristics smell free & leak proof, recyclable oneway
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Grapes Basket

An innovative package, which upgrades the packed grapes. Comfortable for the consumer to carry by the handle. Enables to wash, store and serve the grapes in the basket.
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Astro Bites

Freezedried ice cream has previously been marketed to the outdoor activist who needs nonperishable food for traveling. this product is creating a new market for an existing product.The unique packaging of the astro bites will lure customers to try som
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Beverages Retort Innovation

Retort pouch within a pouch designed to contain liquid yeast for beer and winemaking. Converted for wyeast laboratories by ampac flexibles, cincinnati, oh, the pack is called as smack activate the yeast in the smack pack, the inner package co
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Olympics Will Recycle All Plastic Bottles

All plastic bottles discarded at each olympic venue will be collected and recycled to maintain the cleanness in the stadium, according to a meeting for olympic waste recycling held here on wednesday.According to the meeting, coca cola, worlds largest 
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Coke Cuts Pack Sizes

Cocacola has reduced the size of its canned drinks sold in hong kong in a bid to mitigate rising raw material costs.The cans will be reduced by 7 from 355ml to 330ml, Which is the most common drinks can size sold in the world.
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Nanotechnology In Packaging

Consumers will accept nanotechnology in packaging to prolong the shelf life of food, but are less keen on its use to modify the colour, taste and proportion of nutrients in the food, according to a study.The research, carried out by professor michael 
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Guidance On Antioxidants

The us food and drug administration fda has published guidance to help small companies comply with the labeling of antioxidant products and high potency products.The small entity compliance guide sets out the agencys position in plain language rega
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Downsizing Trend Driving Us Rigid Food Packaging

The trend towards smaller, more portable beverage and prepared food containers will play a large part in the increased use of plastics in rigid food packaging in the us market, according to a new report published by usbased bcc research. The category is
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Bottled Water Industry

Congress is considering to pack water in biodegradable containers.The campaign by house speaker nancy pelosi to green the capitol or at least her half of It with more environmentally sensitive products and services has run headon into two giants
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Cherry Supplier Chooses Amcor Pushpop

Fruit supplier utopia uk is using the pushpop pack from amcor flexibles for new season cherries.The packs can be printed on all sides and can be stacked to differentiate the lines on supermarkets shelves. Its pplus modified atmosphere technology reduces
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Cocacola Reveals Twoliter Contour Bottle

Cocacola north america ccna recently announced a pilot program of its signature contour bottle in a convenient twoliter size, beginning midjune in birmingham and chattanooga. These cities were chosen to introduce the new version of the companys most

Kellogg Films Raise The Bars

Around 1990, kellogg co. Rice krispies treats squares were transformed from a cerealbox recipe into a sweet retail option for snackers


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