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This package offers a decisive advance in terms of sustainability in this product range. 

Envio Films

The new generation of forming and non-forming films

Easy open can for Tuna Fish

This packaging design concept for the Tuna fish is redesigned and improved can style as compared to the ordinary used cans. The mechanism used for opening cans has replaced the pull-back tab mechanism with a sliding key mechanism which the key can also be used after opening as a fork, useful for ‘on the go’ consumption.
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Packing System For Seafood Products

Rpc bebo has introduced a new packing system to meet the unique demands of seafood products.   
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Takeaway Coffee Cup Packaging

Innovative Coffee Cup Design For Takeaway

Crown’s Cottle with Eye Catchy CAN design

Crown launches Cottle can, as beverage brands with an pack differenting design.

Packaging design to engage consumers

An interesting creation on how korean food giant chung jung won is using packaging design to engage consumers


Global closure systems expands its food standard range in europe with magellan, a new lightweight 38400 55mm valve closure.
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Gerber Selects Tetra Pak Cartons For New Lazy Town Smoothies

The Gerber Juice Company Has Packaged Its New Lazy Town Smoothies Range For Children In Tetra Pak Cartons
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Nicholl Launches Printable And Ovenable Map Tray

Stora Enso Has Handed Nicholl Food Packaging Distribution Rights For A New Ovenable Paper Tray Designed For Modified Atmosphere
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Hovis Gets Patriotic With Union Jack Bread Bag

Hovis Is Looking To Cash In On Growing Patriotism With The Launch Of New Bread Packaging Featuring A Giant Union Jack
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Clondalkin Creates Premium Look For Chocolate Brand Anthon Berg

Clondalkin Subsidiaries Catshaensel And Lpf Have Created The Packaging For A New Range Of Anthon Berg Chocolates That Use Gravu
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Heinz Mayonnaise

Heinz has created a new packaging design for its heinz mayo brand and is relaunching it as heinz mayonnaise, for the first time,
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Icoco Coconut Water

Soft Drinks Manufacturer Iconiq Drinks Has Launched A New Coconut Water Brand, Icoco, In These Liquid Cartons
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Furniss Biscuits Ranges

Design Agency Creative Direction Has Created These Packs For Two New Ranges From Cornish Biscuit Maker Furniss
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Nescaf Launches Compact Refill Pack

Nescaf Has Launched A New 150g Compact Refill Pack Format For Its Original, Gold Blend And Decaff Products In An Effort To Redu
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Pointy Bottom Tin Can

In The Saturated Coffee Industry, Its Difficult To Stand Out From The Crowd However, Simplicity And Style Differentiate The Pa
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Easy Access Chocolate Packaging

there are a couple of problems with chocolate bars. the first inconvenience is that they cant be unwrapped fast enough, and the
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Closure With Integrated Scoop

 The megaflap closure, suitable for large, bulky containers, features an integrated scoop retention mechanism.
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Portions On The Packaging Container

Food industries have started using portion controlled packaging. Companies are marketing to dieters who often have trouble measu
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Packaging Ready For Takeoff

The juice drink was created by zimbi juice drinks as a healthy childrens beverage in a bottle shaped like a rocket ship.
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Egg Container

Material used to produce this product is natural microwave carton and as a complementary material rubber. The rubber functions a
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Instant Fix With Instant Stir

A quick fix to great coffee on the go is the spoonin. Its a coffee mix sachet where the stirrer is fashioned from the sealing s
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Lenticular Printing For Promotion

The ever creative marketers at mcdonalds are back with yet another cool ad. The busstop posters printed using lenticular techn
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Interactive Packaging

Coca Cola Is Launching A New High Tech Beverage Can To Address The Latest Interactive Packaging Trend To Grab The Attention Of Y
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Botanical Perfume Packaging

The artisan botanical perfume packaging is made from recycled, biodegradable paperboard, using no glue and vegetablebased inks.
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Social Media Chocolate Wrappers

These facebook chocolates are a creation of a student audrey wells. The chocolates packaging is made from randomlychosen frien
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Fresh Grind Pack

A low cost yet powerful and attractive two piece creative packaging option for a table top segment category catch fresh grind.
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Daily Dose Multipacka

Dailydose Is A Multipack Solution Directed Particularly At Families And Consumers Who Wish To Consume Small Amounts Of Fruit Dos
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Fried Snack Pack

In General, The Fried Snack Such As French Fries For Takeout Order Is Packed In A Packaging Without Any Closure And Proper Cont
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Compact Packaging For Instant Noodles

The Problem That Canned Instant Noodle Still Takes Up Too Much Space Has For A Long Time Bothered Both The Consumers And Designe
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Break Fast Oatmeal Packaging

This package contains the right amount of oatmeal with added sugar and salt. You break your break fast pack over a bowl, add wata
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Luxury Tea Packaging Design

Luxury Tea Packaging Design From The New Zealand Tea Company, Named Zealong Is Requested By The Owners Who Needed A Unique Name
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Milk Packaging Explaining Its Benefits

Children Have Quite A Bit Of Sway Over Parents At The Supermarket, And Theres Little Doubt That Kido Milk Packaging Wouldnt Ap
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Wide Mouth Pouch For Consumer Convenience

The New Resealable Pouch Format Features A Widemouth Opening, Enabling Consumers To Easily Access Meat Snacks, Crackers, Cookie
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Lids For Onthego Consumption

Comfor lid is ideal for direct consumption of liquid fruit and dairy drinks. It provides a convenience packaging great for on
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Two In One Coffee Straw

Coffee Packaging In Straw
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Magic Chopsticks

Soya Sauce Dispenser Chopsticks
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Packaging As A Gaming Accessorya

Chocolate package targeted for children in a fun shape to play with while enjoying the candies inside. The unique shape of this
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On The Go Vodka Tube Packaging

Go vodka comes in on the go tubes in delicious flavors including lemon, cranberry and strawberry. There are also extreme versi
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Keep Biscuits Fresh With Coated Films

Biscuits Cookies Protected By Packaging Made With Coated Oriented Polypropylene Opp Films Stay Crispy, Fresh And Brittle Lon
no image

Leaf Topped Packaging

Nutral Is Made To Be Natural, And To Further That Idea They Have Created A Line Of Packaging That Is Based On The Skin Of The Fr
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Tea Packaging

Sandstrom partners designed this very elegant packaging for the new tea brand from steven smith, the genius behind tazo tea.
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Portable Pet Food Packaging

Toppaw rethinks the identity of pet smart by introducing a new portable dog food packaging. The focus of this packaging was to
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Fish Packaging Design

The Design In Its Resemblance To Fish Nets, Scales Or Even The Fish Packed Tightly On Shelves Syncs Nicely With The Product
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Aluminium Can For Milk Packaging

Moscowbased creative agency studioin has come up with outofthebox packaging concepts for the milk packaging.
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Select Coffee Form The Label Information

Seattles Best Coffee, Part Of Starbucks Corporation Announced A Radically Simplified Packaged Coffee Line Designed To Change T
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Alarm For The Shelf Life

Generally Everyone Consumes Milk, But Do We Keep A Tab On The Expiry Date Every Time We Pour Milk From The Bottle Or The Carton
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Popittray Technology

A new revolutionary development in the area of food packaging called the popit tray technology. The popit tray is an exciting
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Cap With Juice Concentrate Dispenser

Cumulus bottle concept is simple, its a plain reusable bottle with a juice concentrate dispenser located in the cap. Pop in the


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