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Innovative Chocolate Packaging

Retail ready display pack with impactful shelf presence and premium feel


The patented Sure Seal dairy film is a co-extruded packaging film for high speed vertical form-fill-seal pouch applications in the dairy industry.

innovative egg packaging made with grass fibers

GreeNest is egg packaing made with 50% grass fibers . This package is developed by Huhtamaki’s molded fiber business.

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer featuring Snapsil® Opening Technology

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer featuring Snapsil Opening Technology which can be opened with one hand. 

On the go fruit juice packaging

An innovative design for fruit juice called ‘Ice Box’, designed by Smurfit Kappa Poland, has won in the ‘Packaging Concept’ category at the recent Art of Packaging Awards. The same pack also took third place in the Overall Award covering all categories. 

Flexfresh Packaging

The film provides good release characteristics of CO2 emitted by the produce

Corky cup

This cup keeps hot beverage at serving temperature.

Noodle cup transform to robot changes its shape once customer press the lid.

Cup changes its shape once customer press the lid.

SuperLock® in the finals for Swedish packaging award

The food packaging SuperLock® from RPC Superfos is one of three finalists eligible to receive a consumer Packaging Award in a Swedish packaging competition.

Twists PAck

Ready-made cooked meal is supplied in a box, with the sauce packed seprately.

Eye catchy triangular box

Award winning triangular box packaging.

Mondi and Spotless Tea Bag tackle messy problem

The Steabag solution will be presented for the first time at the Mondi booth at Packaging Innovations 2016, 24-25 of February 2016.

Salted Ice mats

Sea food packaging with salted mats.

Squeeze pack

It's a wedge shaped pouch with various innovative features.

‪Convenient‬ ‪packaging‬ ‎Butter‬

Butter‬ Plus ‪is a convenient‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by Marta Suslow & Mara Holterdorf . This is developed with “Weidenhammer Packaging Group” (Weidenhammer Packaging Group is aquired by Sonoco Europe.

Cook-in bag

It could be used safely in a conventional oven up to 200 degrees celsius

Cuvee Coffee's Black & Blue in Ball's Nitro Cans win BevNET's Best of 2015 Award

When Cuvée Coffee's Black & Blue in nitro cans from Ball Corporation ( won BevNET's Best of 2015 Award for "Best Packaging Innovation of the Year," it was the culmination of a multi-year quest by Cuvée Coffee CEO Mike McKim for the perfect packaging for his growing beverage brand.

Lightweight 1-liter PET bottle for milk and mixed milk beverages

KHS develop lightweight 1-liter PET bottle for milk and mixed milk beverages was developed ready for the market and extensively tested at the Bottles & Shapes™ Center at KHS' site in Hamburg. As a handy alternative, the ultra-lightweight PET bottle offers many advantages versus the beverage carton.

Ready to Go Pomegranate Pack

Its ready to go pomegranate pack with an eye catchy appeal


LINPAC and Graphic Packaging collaborated to develop the four pack styles, which offer bakers and retailers superior and stylish on-shelf presentation to drive sales. Two leading food packaging manufacturers have teamed up to create a premium range of patisserie cartons ideal for cakes, cream buns, gateaux and pastries.

Walkers to launch Tear ‘n’ Share bag

The new packs can be transformed into a unique sharing bowl straight from the pack.

High barrier coating that ensure a shelf life of 3-5 years for food

For NASA’s Advanced Food System (AFS), Luminit developed a new One-Component Encapsulating material based on an innovative composite (or hybrid) of polymer and sol-gel as a directly deposited barrier coating on packaging polymers such as PET, polyolefins, and polycarbonate.

Coating that replaces 100% polyethylene

The Bio-Plus Earth containers with Smart Planet’s EC-40 coating contain up to 60% less polymer content by weight than 100% low-density PE coatings. 

Coffee capsule pack

This Pack provides longer product shelf life and better aroma protection

Absorbent Fruit Pads incorporate anti-microbials

NEW absorbent fruit pad technology which uses anti-microbials effectively to extend the shelf-life of soft and delicate fruits is being launched by AIPIA member Sirane.

Label to sense ripening of fruits

By simply viewing this lable customer can know the ripening of fruits. 

Sustainable packaging for on the go

Anchor developed a sustainable packaigng solution for on the go food meals. 

On the go pack for boiled egg

The pack offers consumer convenience to consume a perfect soft-boiled egg in just five minutes by this pack of new brand 'Yowk' developed by RPC Design and RPC Bebo UK.

Absorbent Fruit Pads incorporate anti-microbials

Packaging that act as anti-microbial, to extend the shelf-life of soft and delicate fruits

PepsiCo Doritos ‘Score and Win'

PepsiCo Doritos ‘Score and Win' POP(Point of sale) packaging design creates a “mirrored” half pallet TRDU unit.

Pasteurisable PET jars

Hot fill, Pasteurisable PET jars

Pizzabox 2.0

This innovative pizza box is more than a box. It adds functionality for the customer as well as the pizza shop.

Coca Cola Sharing Can

Coca Cola is one of the biggest brands of soft drinks in the world. Since its humble beginnings in 1886, today it's practically a household name.

E-Z Snackpak

This pack offers a unique shape, easy peel opening and conversion into a tray.

Clear Plastic Can

Sonoco introduced see through retortable can.

Patterson and Rothwell develops dessert pots with thinnest wall

Thin Wall PET container by Injection Molding


This package offers a decisive advance in terms of sustainability in this product range. 

Envio Films

The new generation of forming and non-forming films

Easy open can for Tuna Fish

This packaging design concept for the Tuna fish is redesigned and improved can style as compared to the ordinary used cans. The mechanism used for opening cans has replaced the pull-back tab mechanism with a sliding key mechanism which the key can also be used after opening as a fork, useful for ‘on the go’ consumption.

Maggi Crispy Chicken Display Packaging

Nestle Maggi launched a new recipe solution and to educate consumer the company launch a display packaging which will communicate the main idea to the consumer. 

Crown’s Cottle with Eye Catchy CAN design

Crown launches Cottle can, as beverage brands with an pack differenting design.

Packaging design to engage consumers

An interesting creation on how korean food giant chung jung won is using packaging design to engage consumers


Global closure systems expands its food standard range in europe with magellan, a new lightweight 38400 55mm valve closure.
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Pathogen Free Hotdogs

Packaging Provides A Treatment Against Pathogen Contamination
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Grand Garden Milk Package

Innovative milk packaging. A creative design. Two layers, aluminum and paper. Easy to separate the two layers, easy to recycle and environmental friendly.
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Polyethylene From Sugarcane

Convert Sugar Cane Into Ethanol To Make Green Ethylene, Which Is Then Converted To Polyethylene Pe
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New Zip Box Food Package Merges A Folding Carton With A Resealable Pouch

Combining the best elements of the folding carton and the reclosable pouch, package developer and contract packager t.h.e.m. Has
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a glass bottle for home delivered milk

Milk packaging. Unique resin coating on outside surface of milk bottles allows cost saving and efficient use of natural resources. The coating reduces incidences of breakage, allows use of less glass per bottle
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Cryovac Saddle Pack Poultry Package

The cryovac saddle pack poultry package for fresh chicken parts utilizes a unique nonbarrier rollstock thermoform material to create multiple portions in a saddlebag configuration.
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mwvs Work in foodservice includes recycled content in its paperboardbased hot beverage cups.


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