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Bag-in-Box Packaging for Easy evacuation performance of highly viscous liquids

Rapak North America, part of DS Smith Plastics, announced the launch of its EvacuStrip beverage bags for Bag-in-Box


Veetee – one of the largest rice suppliers in the United Kingdom had been facing four obstacles that were stymying its overall brand value
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Edible food packaging made from milk proteins

At the grocery store, most foods — meats, breads, cheeses, snacks — come wrapped in plastic packaging. Not only does this create a lot of non-recyclable, non-biodegradable waste, but thin plastic films are not great at preventing spoilage. And some plastics are suspected of leaching potentially harmful compounds into food.

Ultra high barrier plastic material

Plantic™ R is a bio-based, renewable and recyclable plastic material with ultra-high barrier and ideal for barrier packaging applications.

Barrier Film Compatible with Digital Printing

New grade of GL BARRIER developed as first transparent barrier film enabling digital printing on retort packaging requiring high barrier performance

SIGNATURE PACK wins the Beverage Innovation Award 2017

The SIGNATURE PACK from SIG convinced the jury: The world's first aseptic carton pack, which is 100% linked to plant-based renewable materials, has won the Beverage Innovation Award 2017 in the “Best carton or pouch” category. The Beverage Innovation Award has been presented by every year since 2002.

An (even better) handle on everything

Milk bottles with an integrated handle have two considerable advantages: They are easy to hold and they make pouring particularly simple. Greiner Packaging is the only company that offers such plastic bottles in the Romanian market and has been supplying them for several years now to Albalact, the traditional dairy company.

Tetra Pak innovation for frozen products

Tetra Pak offers packaging innovation for easy creation of frozen products

How McCormick is working toward more sustainable packaging

McCormick recently redesigned its OLD BAY and Black Pepper cans with a fully recyclable PET container, which equated to a 16 percent reduction in associated carbon emissions.

Non-Stick Pastry Side Film

Toyo Aluminium K.K. has developed an innovative oil-repellent packaging, which can prevent cream from sticking.

Climate-neutral stand-up bags

In order to bring environmentally friendly product packaging onto the market, various packaging concepts were analysed. The first step was to reduce the environmental impacts of metallized plastic packaging.

Squeeze Bottle with Dosing Cup

This bottle developed for Veterinary products is an efficient solution.


Drinking glass and bottle in one. The need is to just turn the vendl by 180°

Compostable Pizza Pod

Pizza pod is composed of 100% sustainably farmed sugarcane fiber

Chapelton reports success for Smurfit Kappa’s MB12

Chapelton is the distributor of MB12 in the UK and says the solution is working for those who not only want a sustainable quality but also require a grade that has zero migration of oils whilst retaining the food aroma and taste qualities.

CONSTANTIA Unshredded Chocolate Wrap

A new aluminium foil wrapper, called Unshredded Wrap, from Constantia Flexibles’ ends the frustration of chocolate lovers trying to peel off the protective layer in little bits.

Vento™ Packaging Simplifies Packing Freshly Roasted Coffee

Amcor introduces an advanced packaging system with built-in venting control for ground coffee and whole beans. For coffee roasters, freshness is key. To deliver full flavour to consumers, most coffee producers prefer to package their product right after roasting.

Signature Pack

First aseptic carton pack, which is 100% linked to plant-based renewable material

Easy to open sauce packet

Diners no longer have to struggle to tear a sauce packet open. The lid plays a role of tare sauce container.

Vento™ Packaging Simplifies Packing Freshly Roasted Coffee

Amcor introduces an advanced packaging system with built-in venting control for ground coffee and whole beans. For coffee roasters, freshness is key. To deliver full flavour to consumers, most coffee producers prefer to package their product right after roasting.

Robot Food redesigns Cadbury Cake Bars packs

The agency was tasked with repositioning and re-establishing the brand as a more ‘grown-up’ treat. The new designs introduce a more defined, better balanced pack hierarchy to encourage stronger brand recognition.

Antimicrobial packaging

Flexible packaging material with anti-microbial properties

Hobgoblin Taps into Ardagh Group's Keg Technology

Hobgoblin, one of the UK’s leading and most recognisable beer brands, is now available in a 5L Ardagh Group beer keg for both its Ruby and Gold versions to take advantage of growth in the off trade for the mini keg format.

Pottery Original Ecological Packaging

The package is made of local wild material which makes good use of waste materials with low-emission and green environmental protection. Innovative structure: lifting rope goes through the bottom of the packaging, and the force fully acts on the pot.

“Hexenkasverpackung” (POS packaging printed double-sided in F-flute)

The unique design of the packaging is based on an old pot for the traditional handmade manufacturing process of the cheese inside the packaging unit. With this unusual design the corrugated cardboard in F-flute is a striking eye catcher at the P.O.S.


Belheather Scottish Lager is sold in cans offering consumers a good quality lager at a low price. Lidl wanted to extend the range to include a crafted blended whisky beer sold in a smaller 330ml bottle to offer consumers an alternative.

Lever-lid cans – perfect metal packaging for the chemicals and engineering sector

Lever-lid lid cans, also available from Pirlo under the brand name StaCan, are the perfect metal packaging for paints and coatings. As a can manufacturer, we work closely with producers and contract fillers in the chemical and engineering industry. This is one of the reasons why Pirlo tinplate cans are able to fulfil the special demands in these industries.

Cap For Premium Oil in glass Bottles

No drips and controlled pouring from combination closure.

M&S slashes plastic use in food packaging to cut waste

A major UK supermarket has slashed the amount of packaging used for its popular snacks such as crisps and popcorn by reducing the pocket of air at the top of the bag. As a result of so-called ‘Project Thin Air’, more than 140 of Marks & Spencer’s best-selling products have been redesigned and repackaged in smaller, less bulky packets containing the same amount of food as before.

Convenient Cheese Packaging

This packaging is convenient and further development of the existing cheese slice packaging


Introducing our stand-out, innovative snack pack concept that taps into the on-the-go convenience market. Delivering strong brand identity and on-shelf aesthetics for retailers, the novel design features a laser-perforated lid that allows consumers to snap off one pack and keep the rest sealed for later.
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Parkside creates first re-close frozen for Northcoast Seafoods

Packaging solutions provider, Parkside, has collaborated with Northcoast Seafoods, a UK seafood supplier, to create a first to market re-close pack for frozen foods. The pack has been developed with Parkside’s unique laser scribe technology, Parkscribe®, creating an easy open and reclosable pack for frozen products.

Food Packaging: Smart Packaging Technology Rapidly Changing the Economics of Connecting Objects to the Internet

Food Packaging Industry Using the Internet of Things to Make Processing Smarter

Cling film with CO2 boundary layer for longer self-life

The cling film developed by dr-PLAST Engineering Zrt.have a CO2 boundary layer and is made of special antifog raw material.

Marks & Spencer reduces snack packaging through ‘Project Thin Air’

Marks & Spencer has reduced the packaging for some its best-selling snack products by reducing the bags’ pocket of air.

Robinsons Squash´d redesign concept

ChrisThursfield student from Loughborough University, United Kingdom had redesigned the Squash´d bottle.

Spout for Liquid Paper Cartons

DNP Develops the Industry's First Spout for Liquid Paper Cartons that Allows Opening of the Cap and the Inner Plug in a Single Motion

Block Bottom Bag 

A special lacquer coating strengthens the edges of the block bottom bag so that they do not break.

Easy peeling

A developed container featuring easy-peelability with little change. 

Multilayer PET Bottle

This PET bottle for Vichy Catalán mineral water is the the 1.2 litre made from multilayer PET with a more ergonomic and manageable design that includes an engraving of a Gaudí mosai

Paper based barrier Packaging

Sappi jointly with Felix Schoeller developed an exciting paper-based packaging solution for Belgian chocolate producer Delafaille.

On The Go disposable plastic packaging with Handle

This disposable on the go plastic packaging with handle can be used for food and fruit.


This machine combines two packing levels that have so far been undertaken in separate machines: cardboard box packing and foil wrapping.

New Cold Moulding Process for Aluminium

A new, semi–smoothwall container range, branded as “Happy Day” by makers Contital, are produced using a new patented manufacturing process which allows the manufacturing of containers with perfectly smooth sides and base, resulting in higher non-stick properties compared to traditional formats

Amcor Vento – Coffee Packaging

Vento allows coffee producers to capture the flavour and aroma of freshly roasted coffee without hard valves

ProAmpac’s award-winning EZY Pro10 pouch

ProAmpac’s award-winning EZY Pro10 pouch is a shaped, stand-up pouch with a spout that perfectly fits in the consumer’s hand. Pre-filled with 30g of protein powder, the user fills the pouch with 230ml of water and shakes before consuming.

Little Pocket

This is a french fries box design.The “little pocket “on the front can guide user to squeeze ketchup in it, rather than on paper plate, provide a sanitation, environmental protection and healthy way to eat

PushPop Bag

PushPop is an innovative, patented stand-up pack with a novel easy opening system which does not affect barrier integrity.


This bag from Flexomed absorb ETHYLENE. Depending on the product, this packaging reduces food losses between 3% and 9%.

Interpack 2017 | Mondi to show how innovative packaging can save food

Mondi partners with customers from the food industry to develop packaging solutions that reduce and prevent food loss and waste. Together with suppliers, customers, research institutes and experts from the Mondi E&I Food Safety Laboratory, Mondi has identified four ways in which packaging products can reduce food waste:


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