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Presto launches more efficient press-to-close zipper tape

Presto Products Company has announced the launch of a new zipper tape to help manufacturers of individual quick frozen (IQF) foods to improve their line efficiencies.

Lovelle Premium Wine Carrier

Lovelle Wine Carrier is a commemorative pack designed in celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

Single serving wine packaging with snacks inside

Ready to drink has a clever package design that allows consumer to open drink anywhere with a bonus snack inside.

Nivea Men Cream in Blue Tin

The new Nivea cream designed specifically for male users is sold in a newly designed box, imparting both the brand core values and tradition of Nivea.

EcoShield Paper and Paperboard

EcoShield Paper and Linerboard is a patented product from Cortec. This is a packaging product coated with a barrier coating.

 Advanza Packaging innovate the existing identity of wine bottle

Advanza Packaging , throughout the project development Cumbres de Abona, innovate the existing identity to gain relevance, while respecting the personality and the recognition it has built throughout its history. Thus, they began design the new bottle, "Lucia".

Toly’s newly launched T15 Airless Jar

Toly’s newly launched T15 Airless Jar was announced the winner for the prestigious Cosmopack Wall Award in Innovation Packaging Skincare.

Electric dispenser

An electronic dispensing system with accurate dosing.

Polystyrene substitute made from Mushroom

Ikea to use packaging made from mushrooms that will decompose in a garden within weeks

TopFlow - the next generation technology for Bag-in-Box wine and beverage

A wine in box that pours from the top.The patented TopFlow technology enables 97% of the wine to be consumed without having to take the bag out of the box.Bottom plate inside the box is released and pushes the wine upwards.Simple and easy to use like any other bag-in-box, but so much better.

Obeikan's new improved handle attachment

Obeikan MDF has redesigned the handle system for its boxes, so achieving a substantial improvement in both box assembly and transportation.

Innovative solutions for pasty products (tube laminate)

Tube laminate Danaflex-NANO is the first Russian laminate manufactured according to European standards and featuring ultimate quality barrier properties against bacteria, water, oxygen and light.

Borealis and Borouge introduce a lightweight BorPure PE innovation for caps and closures

Borealis and Borouge, leading providers of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions, have launched an advanced grade of their BorPureTM high density polyethylene (HDPE) family to support the global beverage industry's lightweighting trend for caps and closures.

New multilayer kraft back board from Stora Enso

The CKB Carrier 380 g/m2 grade is a multilayer kraft back board ideal for beverage multipacks and other packaging applications that require ultimate durability combined with excellent printability and food safety.


Over recent years, increasing environmental awareness among consumers as well as consumer goods manufacturers has let the packaging industry to rethink its strategic orientation.

SIG Combibloc provides carton packs for German lupin drinks brand

SIG Combibloc has provided aseptic carton packs for “Made with Luve” lupin drinks from Prolupin.


The Schur Star® Squeeze ‘n’ Mix packaging has two compartments with a frangible seal in the middle. Simply mix marinades and meat inside the packaging. The easy opening guarantees convenient access afterwards. By separating the meat from the marinade, shelf life of the product is extending compared to marinated meat prod-ucts.

FunnyFrisch cooking pot crisps display

DS Smith designed this promotional sales display is made in the shaped of kettle.

PepsiCo, Coke set for mini cans and PET bottles (150-180 ml) cola war this summer

As consumers cut back on sugary drinks due to health concerns, PepsiCo and Coca- Cola are looking to introduce miniatures here to boost consumption and set the stage for a fresh cola war this summer.

ElifCare: An environmentally friendly Packaging

ElifCare is an environmentally friendly-patented product, prevents waste of food delivering an outstanding performance in the matter of food protection and also provides assistance in reducing ecological footprints contributing most to sustainability in production, usage, recycling and dissolution phases with its bio-soluble structure.

First fully renewable Gable Top package produced and filled in the U.S.

Gable Top Bio-based from Tetra Pak offers brands the first packaging made completely from renewable materials: paperboard and plant-based plastics.

Neckless tube

Montebello Packaging announces a unique “single use” laminate tube that eliminates the need for a conventional threaded neck and cap.

The Schur® Jar

The Schur® Jar is a unique flexible stand-up bag and shaped like a jar. The premium printing techniques of Schur Star Systems give this bag a three dimensional shelf appearance.

ElifHolo 3D holographic printing technology

Elif offers 3D printing as an optimum solution for FMCG companies. Exclusive technology enables differentiating product with a premium packaging concept that creates a tactile and visual depth perception.

Packaging deliver a different multi-element formula

Packaging features six-position, custom-blending design that allows end-users to design a personalized hair regimen by simply turning the dispenser.

Easy to use packaging for Sunscreen Applicator

SunSmudg is a compact reusable sunscreen applicator. The users fills the product with their preferred sunscreen for an easy and mess free on the go application.

Unique lidding solution for a revolutionary new tea machine from Unilever

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury (formerly Chadwicks) has designed and manufactured an innovative lidding solution for the capsules used in a revolutionary new tea machine.

Footy Water bottle

PET water bottle that replicates the traditional Sherrin football shape. 

Art on a bottle with dry offset

Aluminium based beer bottles are printed in HD dry offset with sharp screens on a metal base. 


Egnite is a high-luster laminate available in a variety of shades. Its metallic foil enhances its ability to block while also offering a striking level of product differentiation.

Innovative tube laminate

It provides quality barrier properties against bacteria, water, oxygen and light.

POS slidebox

Optimum presence of goods with unobstructive look of the product

Packaging creating Brand Differentiation

Innovative approach for Brand Identification

Packaging creating Brand Differentiation

Innovative approach for Brand Identification

Rexam supports Metalman, local Irish craft brewer, to launch first ever craft beer in cans

Rexam has partnered with Irish craft brewer, Metalman, to launch the brand’s first ever range of canned beers; marking a move from traditional draught to single serve in can.  

LED light bulb packaging

LED light bulb packaging with a paper craft-like structure.The packaging can just be folded without the need for heat moulding.

Instant Knockout

Eye catching transparent packaigng for weight lossing capsules. 

Innovative closure

It is side embossed closure 

2 litre Liquor bottle with handle

Easy pour, broad Guala PET bottle with handle which need not be inserted during blow moulding.

Display packaging as Ferris wheel

POP display designed in the form of a Ferris wheel, very similar to the “London-Eye“.

New gel decoration makes compacts come alive

Libo Cosmetics, one of Asia's leaders in the development of decoration techniques and technology for the cosmetic sector, has released a new decoration option that's proving to be one of this year's biggest eye-catchers. The new compacts offer a stunning new technique where imagery is combined with gel application to create a look that's incomparable.

Technology delivers unique surface effects

RPC Bramlage has introduced a new surface structuring process to create a wide range of tactile, patterned and textured finishes, such as leather, wood, stone and leaves, on plastic containers.

Glass Bottle Painting

Coating for Glass containers

Spraybottle made up of 100% post-consumer recyclate PET

Migros and M-industrial company Mifa AG has developed a Sustainable packaging solution with its spray bottles which is innovative and eco-friendly packaging for cleaning agents


This mysterious box look quite simple from outside but miracle happens when it’s opened.

Albéa's new Cream Dispenser, designed to save time

Albéa has released its new Cream Dispenser™, an integral dispensing roller that provides a light and uniform formula application to a targeted skin area. The spreading and massaging action of the roller speeds formula absorption.

Insulating eco-friendly packaging for champagne

This is a biodegradable package made of potato starch and recycled paper.

Wine box get converted into a table lamp

This sleek wine box by Ciclus converts into a table lamp with no extra parts required. 

Lip Kiss, the lip balm for instant make-up

Global leader in lipstick manufacturing, Albéa reinvents lip make-up with its latest innovation, Lip Kiss, a new lip balm for instant make-up.  

Pyramidal boiling rice bag

Microperforated pyramidal shape bag made up of heat sealable packing foril and suitable for the packaging requirement. 


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