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LED light bulb packaging

LED light bulb packaging with a paper craft-like structure.The packaging can just be folded without the need for heat moulding.

Instant Knockout

Eye catching transparent packaigng for weight lossing capsules. 

Innovative closure

It is side embossed closure 

2 litre Liquor bottle with handle

Easy pour, broad Guala PET bottle with handle which need not be inserted during blow moulding.

Display packaging as Ferris wheel

POP display designed in the form of a Ferris wheel, very similar to the “London-Eye“.

New gel decoration makes compacts come alive

Libo Cosmetics, one of Asia's leaders in the development of decoration techniques and technology for the cosmetic sector, has released a new decoration option that's proving to be one of this year's biggest eye-catchers. The new compacts offer a stunning new technique where imagery is combined with gel application to create a look that's incomparable.

Technology delivers unique surface effects

RPC Bramlage has introduced a new surface structuring process to create a wide range of tactile, patterned and textured finishes, such as leather, wood, stone and leaves, on plastic containers.

Glass Bottle Painting

Coating for Glass containers

Spraybottle made up of 100% post-consumer recyclate PET

Migros and M-industrial company Mifa AG has developed a Sustainable packaging solution with its spray bottles which is innovative and eco-friendly packaging for cleaning agents


This mysterious box look quite simple from outside but miracle happens when it’s opened.

Albéa's new Cream Dispenser, designed to save time

Albéa has released its new Cream Dispenser™, an integral dispensing roller that provides a light and uniform formula application to a targeted skin area. The spreading and massaging action of the roller speeds formula absorption.

Insulating eco-friendly packaging for champagne

This is a biodegradable package made of potato starch and recycled paper.

Wine box get converted into a table lamp

This sleek wine box by Ciclus converts into a table lamp with no extra parts required. 

Lip Kiss, the lip balm for instant make-up

Global leader in lipstick manufacturing, Albéa reinvents lip make-up with its latest innovation, Lip Kiss, a new lip balm for instant make-up.  

Pyramidal boiling rice bag

Microperforated pyramidal shape bag made up of heat sealable packing foril and suitable for the packaging requirement. 


100% Plant Bottle Technology made bottle by Coca cola ltd 

Vaseline Packaging design

Vaseline Packaging design for the people suffering from arthritis in the fingers for the people suffering from arthritis in the fingers.

Active Packaging

Active packaging for Cosmetics packaging to enhance shelf life

Self heating packaging for personal care

 Self heating tube for creams and lotions 


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