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Sustainable Aluminium can

TUBEX GmbH has developed an aluminium aerosol can called Purity. This can is manufactured without any ink or lacquer on the inside or outside.

Coca-Cola Made Detachable Bottle Labels That Work as Wristbands for Music Festivals

No one does packaging stunts quite like Coca-Cola, and here’s another clever idea from the soda giant—bottle labels that detach and become working wristbands that young people can use to access music festivals.

Optimize the Manufacturing of Creation Windows

Comexi has developed an innovative combination of Comexi Cingular Laser and lamination in register. The solution devised by Comexi saves costs in production, machinery and energy as it simplifies the process of creating a window in a packaging.

Stand Up Pouches Leak Detection System

Qipack leak detection, reduced production failure with Clean Pouch

Wooden Spray Pack

Quadpack’s Geometric Wooden Purse Spray is the fragrance pack and has a unique geometric design that’s totally on-trend, drawing inspiration from new trends in architecture, interior decoration, art and fashion.

Bone Shaped Pack for Dog Food

This Bone-Shaped Container pack, designed for wet dog food, has a powerful shelf appearance and message. The entire aluminum foil pack, created by Constantia Flexibles for German pet food manufacturer saturn petcare, is also printed to underline bones as one of any dogs’ favorite foods.

New way to Print tube digitally

The ToBeUnique system is an innovative method of digital printing of tube.

Eco-Pouch for Spirit

The Eco-Pouch, is patent pending, a “revolution in sustainable spirits packaging”, according to UK-based distributor Identity Drinks Brands.

High-barrier papers for your sustainable packaging

Sappi’s paper-based packaging solution with an integrated barrier against mineral oil is intended for both outer and inner packaging. Its original application was dry foodstuffs such as pasta, rice, cereals, pudding powder, tea, and much more; and that remains the case today.

Snap pocket perfume

Snap pocket perfume is a small size perfume, contained in a robust non-glass container. The 20 ml/0.7 fl oz. spray bottle is about the size of a business card holder and looks kind of like a pack of gum.

Gin bottle with elegant and independent design

This bespoke bottle was created by Stölzle Flaconnage the British production site of the Stölzle Glass Group for Gin.This pack is very good ergonomics for superior handling. Subtle, rich in detail, effective.

 Innovative airless dispenser for flexible pouches

This is an innovative airless dispenser with a light packaging for hygiene & cosmetics formulas.


For their new product, the customer wanted an attractive and expressive packaging.

Biodegradable and Compostable Plant Pot

Due to CCL Label and collaboration from JD Transbio, CCL can now offer a new sustainable label solution along with biodegradable plant pot. This environmentally friendly development consists of a plant pot and label combination that can be fully reintroduced into nature

Keg with Double bag system

Ecodraft’s double bag patented system within a strong HDPE keg is a revolutionary development in the world of the drink distribution.

Wild Island Botanical Gin

Thirst Craft, a Glasgow-based studio has designed the visual identity and packaging for Wild Island Gin. The gin is produced on the island of Colonsay off the coast of Scotland, and is infused with botanicals sourced from the local area.


he new Airless tubes 'Evolux' and 'Evoclassic' combine luxury with safety. Available in two sizes, they catch the eye with their high-quality gloss looks.

Super barrel – Flexible Barrel Pack

 Self-standing double gusseted pack with bottom fitment

Überwood Tube

This is One of polyethylene tubes with more than 25% wood content.

Lamitube for Axe

This tube features the transparent window at the end. There is absence of any disruptive side seam due to 360° inviseam technology.

Cardboard made cigar pack

When talking cigars, one generally thinks of packaging made of tin or wood. This pack provided a completely new way to present cigars - with cardboard instead of metal.


A thermoformed in-mold labeled (TIML) container has been codeveloped with Coveris and Valio, the leading dairy producer in Finland and a pioneer in functional foods and unique milk-processing technologies.

Flexible shampoo packaging similar to rigid pack

Paharpur 3P have developed a new shaped stand-up spout pouch for thepersonal care segment.

Wooden Spray

Environmental- friendly packaging solution for fragrances

Brush for hair care

The Brush-twist combines hair care and brush in one product.


Ecodraft is a revolutionary development in the beverage industry. This system is within a strong HDPE keg. It presents a PATENTED DOUBLE BAG SYSTEM which separates the pressure medium completely from the drinks, guarantees a shelf life up to 2 years, and offers 100% safety to all users and environment.


Spin'n'dose™ - for exact large dosing of viscous prescription drugs. Spin'n'dose™ offers the required compliance: the innovative dispensing wheel doses 0.5 or 1 g from the tube when turned 180°. Even without the pump. The Spin'n'dose tube is perfect for creams and gels.

Flexible Sustainable Packaging

The Cowboy Bath package incorporates several features that accentuate this new product.

Smart packaging for innovative joint filler

For Tremco illbruck we developed an innovative can for the first water based, insulating joint filler that does not contain any hazardous chemicals. The new can offers the user important practical advantages and leads to a massive impact in logistics for entrepreneurs.

Gin bottle with elegant and independent design

Gin bottle in an elegant and independent design. Very good ergonomics for superior handling. Subtle, rich in detail, effective.

PET bottles with innovative bottom structure

The new Sidel StarLite PET bottle base for still drinks offers more bottle-base stability and resistance, resistance to extreme temperatures (hot and cold), lightweighting possibilities, energy savings, design flexibility.

PLA Based Capsule

The capsules are made using EarthFirst® PLA (polylactic acid) film manufactured using renewable technology

Bio based PE film

It is a facestock which is made entirely from sugar cane ethanol


This is a carton developed by adding a advertising function to the conventional “DIET BOX”.


Bericap has developed a new 2-piece sports closure, allowing a 2-colour look with a transparent PP shell and a coloured HDPE pourer section.

Refillable Packaging for Lip Balm

The new lip balm package is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic.

Innovative refill pack

A refill package in which there it no requirement of opening and dispensing the product inside the outer container

Smart and Mix Pro

Smart and mix pro is a convenient dilution control alternative for all ready-to-use spray bottles, ideal for small sites where storage, logistic and budget resources are limited.

Good example of Packaging communication

This playful and communicative packaging for a language learning game.

Beer gift pack

This pack for Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. combines the luxury and quality feel. It is a gift set box that represents the texture. 

GL FILM replacement of Al foil

“GL FILM” delivers superior barrier performance attained through a combination of vapor deposition and coating technologies.

Innovative Refill Pack

Refill package featuring improved hygiene and usability

Spotless Compostable Tea Bag

A dripping tea bag creates a mess and is unsightly.The answer is the so called SteaBag, an invention of the Finnish company Spotless Tea Bag Ltd, and offering the consumer a solution to the problem.


The Swiss Packaging Award is an award by the Swiss Packaging Institute, SVI, to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of packaging in seven categories. The aim of the competition is to showcase the creativity and innovation of the Swiss packaging industry. Winners of Swiss Packaging Awards are able to participate in the World Star international packaging competition.

Innovative shape of Packaging Canister

Canisters innovative in design with functional value-added design and good detailed solutions. Holistic and well thought-out.


Pilzbox  the goal certified organic gourmet mushroom growing kits has (so-called. Grow kits) offer for the Swiss household. To this end, an innovative and ready-made mushroom-growing packaging concept has been developed which enables the consumer, without any prior knowledge and using the simplest means Gourmet Mushrooms fresh breed home from a box out and consume.

Two corners, three sides and a clear view: rlc | packaging group gives toothpaste a brand new look

rlc makes the dental care product line "White Now" more brilliant than ever with a packaging relaunch. Cardboard with high-quality finishing and large PET windows with a clear view of the premium tube inside attract attention at the POS. The folding box is designed for a streamlined packing process and the choice of materials makes it more sustainable than its predecessor.


The ONEMI Radio is a brilliant example of good design for soc

Corrugated Beer Pack Imitating Wood Pack

Smurfit kappa developed a packaging of the flavoured beer “boilermaker by tuborg” produced on behalf of baltica, a member of the carlsberg group.

Mini Spray Packaging

Core Idea Behind This Design Was To Find A Packaging Which Works Both In-Store And Online According To The Company


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