Easy-To-Open Barex Replacement Takes On Pharmaceutical and Single Dose Applications.

Peelable Exponent is designed for hard to hold and sensitive chemicals. It is ideal for sample and single dose applications.


The all-polyester Exponent 2™ can be used for the most sensitive applications providing cost savings and recycling opportunities when compared to traditional foil structures. Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. has develop a peelable Barex® replacement structure targeting pharmaceutical and combination drug single dose applications. Peelable Exponent combines science with the consumer’s desire for easy opening by combining ultra-high barrier ClearFoil® with a chemically-inert sealant. The high-performance sealant, a coextruded non-crystalline polyester, is designed to replace Barex® for chemically-sensitive applications. Exponent 2™ is ideal for applications requiring exceptional barrier and clarity. With oxygen and moisture barriers available down to 0.0008 cc/100in2-24hrs, and 0.0008 g/100in2-24hrs respectively

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