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Good Morning Packaging: Keeping pace with packaging around the world, Issue # 04, Vol. 9, 2013



22 January 2013


Advance packaging solutions from Lenze

For the automation industry, Packaging technology is a pioneer. Therefore, Lenze, which is known for its innovative production, provides the packaging market advance solutions to meet their specific requirements. The Fechpack 2012 fair was held in Nuremberg during 25 - 27 September 2012. During this fair, Lenze marked its presence as an expert in the field of manufacturing and operations of packaging machine. The trade fair appearance of Lenze was focused specially on the major issues, which are affecting this sector. During this trade fair, visitors learned about how Lenze is using its expertise and completing the wide range of products and services to make sure that the machines are made to work efficiently in an economic way. The designs are made to increase the efficiency of resources used. This will be useful for manufacturers as well as operators of packaging machines. It is important to consider the whole lifecycle of the machine in order to achieve the best possible results. During the planning and implementation process, finding reliability and exploiting potential for optimization is the essential process, as well. To make this process simple and fast for machine designers and builders, software tools have been developed by the Lenze. This software tool covers each and every step of the lifecycle of the machine that is right from the basic idea to operation. These are specifically made to meet the individual tasks. As energy efficiency serves as a criterion for assessing the standard of a particular machine concept, it represents a core element. Energy efficiency also has a direct impact on the running cost of the machine. Visitors were able to see how energy consumption can be calculated in detailed and accurately in the design phase. A scalable and wide-ranging product portfolio of Lenze that covers the complete spectrum, from drive shafts to control system, forms the root for high competence execution of machine functions. Lenze demonstrated that how the vast product portfolio enables users to choose and then easily put into operation automation architecture which is tailored to meet their requirements irrespective of drive based or controller based. The software tools are based on real world and practical requirements. Along with this, an extensive range of services make Lenze the perfect partner for automating packaging machines for their entire lifecycle. Source of Information :


Benefits of the vacuum and nitrogen packing

Free oxygen plays a major role in affecting the food quality. When food browns, the components of food intersections with oxygen, which is commonly known as oxidized. This process is somewhat similar to what happens with the iron when it rusts. Oxygen is required for the survival of yeast, molds, and aerobic bacteria. It wreaks their damage. There is no need to worry about the canned foods, which is vacuum packed and properly heat. However, even a minor mistake in heating or vacuum procedure may affect the food quality. Even if, sterile product is packed in the sterile container with the help of vacuum technology, if the heat treatment is not properly done, it will contain a small amount of air. Even a small amount of air left inside will contain oxygen in it. Insufficient heat may not be able to kill the spores, which may affect the quality of packed food. Vacuum bags can be purchased online or via TV advertisements. It will cost around $100. A handled pump can be used to suck up air from the special vacuum canisters and plastic freezer bags. Heat sealing the bag is advisable after evacuating the air form packaging. These things help to maintain the freshness of foods. It is possible to maintain the crispiness of food items like chips and fries, by following these practices. It is possible to preserve lettuce for weeks, Tostitos for infinite time and cheese for months in evacuated bags. Removing and replacing the oxygen with an inert gas is the most efficient way to constrain oxygen damage. The cello packs of potato and corn chips, which display their contents of greasy and salt calories effectively on supermarkets’ shelves, are inflated with nitrogen gas. The flame will go out if a small hole is punched and the gas inside is squeezed onto a burning match. The gains and dry goods can store for years in a plastic bags, which is filled with nitrogen and sealed in metal cans or plastic tubes. Medical gas suppliers supplies food quality nitrogen and empty containers. Somewhat similar to propane tanks, it comes in pressure bottles. It will require renting or buying a nitrogen pressure regulator, to keep a gas at a low pressure. Source of Information :


Use of plastic containers to serve hot food still continues in Qatar

However, this has no impact on most of restaurants across Doha as these restaurants are still serving hot food in plastic containers. If hot food like bread, tea and coffee, are packed in plastic container, there are chances of chemical components of container percolate in the food items and beverages. Consumption of such food items and beverages may lead to health complications. Therefore, supreme council of Health has banned the use of plastic containers. Though many countries in the west have banned the use of plastic containers to pack hot food and beverages, Qatar is one of the first Middle East countries that ban this practice. Before two years, Qatar’s Emir sanctioned a Cabinet decision on the ban. In the month of July, the ban was enforced with the deadline of 90 days. During these 90 days, the government was suppose to compel eateries to cut down the use of newspapers, wraps, plastic bags and any other printed material. However, even after five months, the use of these items to wrap food products is continued. A bakery supervisor said that though they came to know about the ban through newspapers, they have not yet received any official notification. Hence, the ban is not enforced, and the government should also provide an alternative, he further added. Some of them think that this ban will lead to increasing prices. There are great chances that the prices of bread, especially khubz and other products will increase after enforcement of the ban. Currently, the price for a one packet of ten Khubz is QR1, which is expected to rise after the ban enforcement. Meanwhile, some of the eateries, which have stopped using Styrofoam cups to serve tea, have raised their prices for karak from QR1 to QR2. According to officials, it is good to pay an extra small amount than consuming harmful chemicals. Source of Information :


Edible packaging for reducing packaging waste

Though it seems like a weird idea, a Harvard profession thinks that it can be done. WikiCell inventor David Edwards thinks that we can make use of natural ingredients to safe the inner values of packed item. These natural ingredients can be eaten by us, which will be a great help to environment. Such as citrus, coconut and other covers, the skin mimics will be protective exteriors. Edward says that the WikiCell skin can be used to package food products like yogurt, ice cream, cheese and other food items. On its website, a company has given an example of grapes to understand the concept of edible packaging. In the same way, WikiCell will protect the inner product, and at the same time we can consume the packaging. This packaging can be made up of many natural substance and nuts, chocolate, seeds, dried fruit, etc. Inside this packaging, we can store thick pudding or even fruit juices. Presently, in France, Wiki Ice Cream is the only available commercial product of WikiCell. The experiments are going on for the new flavours which can be used to package other food items than desserts. Source of Information:


Rengo wins bronze in worldwide packaging design competition

Company won the award in food category for JA TSUGARU - Apple Gift Box, created for JA Tsugaru Hirosaki. Pentawards is aimed at promoting awareness about packaging design as a tool of communication, which is more important than promotion and advertising. It is one of the world’s important, reputed and impartial packaging design competitions. The award ceremony was held in Paris, France on October 4, 2012. Rengo won the award for JA Tsugaru Hirosaki’s - Apple Gift Box. It preserves delightful taste and superior quality of Hirosaki’s Apple. On behalf of Aomori Prefecture, these apples are marketed by JA. The packaging embodies Japanese spirit of Omotenashi, along with the delicious taste and fine quality of Hirosaki’s Apple. Before two years, Rengo had won a silver award from Pentawards for DyDo DRINCO, INC.’s SAMURAI-ESPRESSO product. The Rengo group’s design and marketing centre will continue providing comprehensive and innovative design and packaging solutions. Rengo is seeking to become a comprehensive packaging provider, which actively provides unique and innovative packaging solutions to fulfill the packaging requirements of various industries. This award will motivate Rengo to keep on adding new values in packaging. Source of Information :


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