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Easy to tear strip & sachet packaging

With Easy Tear Everywhere packaging material for plastic stick packs, sachets and bags can be opened easily.

Rectal applicator

Enema dispenser with dust cover.
Screw-on solution: Best suited for the Pharma, Healthcare markets.

Plastic out of wood

Scientists are now trying to create a climate-friendly alter

Promotional Gift Packaging for Christmas

This Promotional Gift Packaging for Christmas is portraying customs and peculiarities from 24 regions / countries.


Single piece cardboard packaging made up for bath shower kit.


3-Dimensional round pouch consisting of four elements, all produced of aluminium-based laminates

Easy to use Chesse Fondü Packaging

A unique package for Emmi’s “All In One Fondü”, a ready-to-eat cheese fondue, delivers the cheese dip in a microwaveable metal bowl with an easy-peel opening made of aluminium foil.

Food product packaging to undergo more safety tests

FSSAI will be soon going to follow new norms which will apply to food products sold by Indian as well as multinational companies.


Securitypackfix is the new shipping box with security bottom and top. It offers a reliable theft protection as it prevents any attempt to remove articles from the pack during transport without leaving visible traces.

Cost-effective Low GSM bleached paperboard

Tembec launch of FSC®-certified Kallima Coated Cover C2S 16 pt – the latest extension of its line of bleached paperboard products.

Plastic to Mashroom

Unger, a Austrian designer partnered with Julia Kaisinger and Utrecht University to develop a system prototype which uses nature to process synthetic waste to break down plastic and grow edible, fluffy biomass.

Mono-material Flexirigid container

SkinnyPack, a mono-material package that combines flexible and rigid packaging to create a thin, light and strong structure that uses less material, enables recycling and allows more message space.

The Orbit™ Closure: An Opening Revolution

The Orbit™ Closure is an award-winning, revolutionary metal closure designed to be universally easy to open and enhance convenience for consumers of all ages.

Amcor’s Formpack- A New Cold form Blister

Amcor's Formpack blister can be elongated more than standard cold form solutions, resulting in cavities that can be drawn deeper. 

Child-Resistant Packaging for Nasal Pump

WestRock Launches the Child-Resistant, Consumer-Centric HiMark® CR Nasal Pump which is Child resistive.

Capsu'Matic: Gel Capsule Dispenser

Stiplastics designed and developed a new solution to dispense gel capsules known as Capsu’Matic

Cadbury revamps 80-year-old Roses wrappers

Mondelez, the US owners of the iconic British brand are switching to modern tear-off wrappers.

Dow’s Microfoaming Technology 

Microforming is an Innovative technology enables the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through new method that increases packaging production with the same amount of raw material.

Gift packaging for wine

This reclosable newly developed and manufactured packaging in Grafobal consists of two parts.

Flip-N-Sea: Innovative fitment, connection and dispensing system

Flip-N-Seal is new aseptic fitment which delivers a convenient connection and dispensing solution that is safe and sanitary and allows connection without removing a cap and exposing the product inside

Spectra unveil new anti-counterfeit print technique

Spectra Packaging have recently developed a clever new print technique to help counter brand counterfeiting.

Amcor Anti-counterfeit solution for Pharma Packaging

N'CRYPT is Amcor's proprietary portfolio of anti-counterfeit Pharmaceutical Security Solutions represent an innovative and proven approach in delivering patient safety, supply chain integrity and pharmaceutical and medical brand protection.

Amcor Anti-counterfeit solution for Pharma Packaging

N'CRYPT is Amcor's proprietary portfolio of anti-counterfeit Pharmaceutical Security Solutions represent an innovative and proven approach in delivering patient safety, supply chain integrity and pharmaceutical and medical brand protection.

Eggs for Soldiers:-Military packaging

If you scan through types of egg crate packaging at the grocery store, you will notice that the design of most crates is fairly basic.

Coke Debuts One-Brand Packaging in Mexico: Iconic Red Disc Features Prominently on All Trademark Coca-Cola Products

Coke’s new “One-Brand” marketing strategy is officially making its way to store shelves and beverage coolers, starting in Mexico.

All in one Fondue Packaging

The All in One Fondue concept is a great example of packaging improving consumer convenience

World Bag® - the concept for more printing space

World Bag® offers up to three times more printing space on the back side compared to a standard valve bag. With the unique flap-construction instructions printed on the inside of the flap can easily be accessed by the end-user.

Pot Noodle Tray

Recyclable packaging replaces shrink wrapping



Portable Beer Chilling Solution

All-in-one beer chilling party pack for use in the home

Multipack for beer

This E-fluted multipack for beer protects beer glass bottles.

Automotive headlamp package

This innovative pack replaced plastic padding in their headlamp packages with Corrugated packaging.

Pre-Pack: Package Integrated Pallet

Pre-Pack package features integrated pallet which is made from 5-layers of corrugated cardboard.

Ampac CubePak™

Ampac CubePak™ is a flexible packaging solution that replaces standard rigid plastic containers that are commonly used for liquid products in food service.

Novel 9 layer Film for Dry Food Packaging

This packaging film represents a significant step forward in materials, engineering, and property management

Child Resistive Closure for Ophthalmic Packaging

Amcor Rigid Plastics has launched a new child resistant (CR) closure, SerurePlus, for ophthalmic packaging.

Ultra-thin shrink sleeve

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging, Kirchberg, the specialist producer of shrink sleeves, die cut lids and lidding foils, launches an ultra-thin shrink sleeve.

Continental Uses DuPont™ Crastin® Super Fast PBT for new Contactless Position Sensor Housing

“Crastin® SK615SF PBT polymer is used by Continental as the material of choice to manufacture thermal cover applications effectively, thanks to easier mould filling and shorter cycle times versus standard PBT GF30,” said Régis Sarrahy, s

Innovative Chocolate Packaging

Retail ready display pack with impactful shelf presence and premium feel

Innovative Charcoal Design Concept

An innovative concept for charcoal packaging

Easy to use wipes packaging

no image

Lift up function has been incorporated in the base of this package so that it is still easy to pull the wipes out. 

eBay launching its branded packaging for sellers

Branded boxes for eBay shipment by its sellers

Innovative Woven Polypropylene Bag

Woven polypropylene bag with a hermetically sealed block bottom and block top construction. 

VCI protective packaging: reliable protection saves you time and money

It is already too late when rust starts to spread. Rust causes serious damages to high-quality metal parts and inevitably results in significantly higher costs, or even loss of production.

Self Venting plastic sack for Powdery gods

In the field of Industrial Packaging, RKW present ProVent self-venting plastic sack for powdery goods.


The patented Sure Seal dairy film is a co-extruded packaging film for high speed vertical form-fill-seal pouch applications in the dairy industry.

Groovy New Heineken® Can Delivers Visual Impact At Point-of-Sale

This excellent, unique and eye-catching 33-cl can has distinctive grooved edges running around its entire body. It offers consumers an enhanced tactile experience that also provides its handler a good grip on the chilled can.

Corrugated: Retail Ready and Point of Sale winner

In addition to its enticing on shelf appeal, the practical benefits of this cost-saving solution made a stand out in this category.

Innovative packaging for milling head

This packaging for milling cutters is intuitive and easy to open, protecting both users and product.

Pepsi raises recycling awareness in Austria

The initiative for beverage can recycling – “jede Dose zaehlt” (every can counts) – is aimed at motivating consumers in Austria to collect and recycle their empty beverage cans properly.


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