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Mr Marc Wolf,  27 November 2012

Released: Tue, 11/27/2012 - 10:46 By admin

Section I – Profile

Name: Marc Wolf

Designation:  Business Development Manager
Organization: B&R Industrial Automation

Section II – Professional

  • I have worked over twenty years for respected Packaging Machinery Manufacturers such as: Autoprod (Benhil &Gasti), Bosch Packaging and Rovema. My career let me experience all aspects of the Packaging Industry. I serve on the PMMI Eductation & Workforce Development Committee as well as the OMAC Packaging Workgroup.

This Industry knowledge has led me to my career at B&R Industrial Automation,

where I can apply my know-how and help Packaging Machinery OEM’s and End-users every day.

  • What are your key challenges at work and what/ how would you want to change in packaging industry? Or suggestions

I see challenges as grounds for opportunities. Here in the US, we need to “break the mold” regarding the Automation Technology. What worked here is no longer status quo and it will not be acceptable outside the US. We need to look at Technology Leaders, mainly in Europe. European Packaging Machinery Manufactures have dealt with issues like sustainability, safety, performance and interoperability, far longer.

Manufacturers need to differentiate their designs and show innovation, ease of use and

downstream as well as upstream connectivity.


  • Where do you see your organization in 5 years in relation to packaging industry?

Continued innovation, quality, compatibility and service to our Customers has and will be our strength in the industry. We are setting the trend of the industry and will grow with our customers. Thanks to the most modern automation architectures and innovative networks, the highest performance for extremely small batch sizes is already a reality when you have B&R as a partner."


  • Tell us about your Future plans

Convenience, individuality, emotional impact and intelligent features are decisive factors for packaging success in the future. For systems, this means more flexibility for both functions and materials as well as automated product and format changeovers while the line is running at full speed.
I plan on further strengthening our position in the industry.

Promote new ideas and help Manufacturers to become true partners to their prospects and customers.

One very important topic is the cultivation of new resources.

We have a serious deficit in scholars and new recruits in the packaging field.

Everyone in this industry should feel a responsibility to help educate the next generation

of professionals.

  • What are three important tenets (Principles) that you work by when beginning a new packaging project?




Section III – Opinion on packaging industry.


  • What are the key success factors for suppliers in packaging industry?
    Innovators are becoming the industry leaders. Thinking beyond traditional areas of focus or competence are generating revenue and present added value to customers.

There is not one single machine that does the job completely. We need to think upstream, downstream and make the equipment interact in a save and high performance setting.


  • What are the challenges of customers in the packaging industry?

Customers or End-users should involve the OEM in their package design stage.

Incorporate material suppliers of choice in discussions and development projects, with OEMs. This would present shorter time to market and cost savings for all participants.

One of my greatest wishes is for OEMs to build their equipment to their best knowledge and experience, without being dictated how to do things and what materials to use.

After all, the OEM is held responsible for performance of their equipment.


  • What are the recent trends in packaging industry that has impacted the market more than others?

Sustainability, OEE, Safety and Integration capability are the heavy trends.

In short, Machines and Lines have to do more with less.

  • Where do you see packaging industry in 5 years from now?

This industry never stops growing and we adapt to markets, political and economic issues. 5 years from now, we will see who broke the mold and is on top of the supply chain


I enjoy my membership and look forward to questions and feedback.

"Here we bring the interviews from the packaging experts who have done something different at their workplace in packaging and ready to share their packaging challenges. You can also recommend people known to you or if you would like to be covered. Kindly email the details to with brief details about your recommendation/yourself and contact details, our P-interview team will then be in touch to take it forward."

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