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Released: Thu, 01/28/2010 - 11:12 By Anonymous
Burgopak Ltd.
Contact Person :
Jess Macnaught
Marketing Coordinator
+44 (0)20 7089 1950
This award-winning, patented pharmaceutical packaging is designed around a unique operating system that takes healthcare packaging to a new level. Inspired and distinctive, Burgopak packaging is already the choice for the PocketPak brand of analgesics, which retails in the United Kingdom.
The advantages of Burgopak pharmaceutical packaging:
Patient safety and compliance
Essential information is always clearly displayed whenever the product is used
The leaflet is never separated from the product Child-resistant and senior-friendly designs have achieved the top US rating: F=1
User friendly and portable
Retrieving medicine is a one-step rather than a three-step process Compact and durable, the pack can be conveniently carried in a bag,  briefcase or pocket
Unique and difficult to make, Burgopak’s patented mechanism is a barrier to counterfeiting.
Added value
Customers accept that these features add value.
Brand communication
Maximum opportunity for consumer communication and cross-promotion each time the packaged product is accessed.




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