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Released: Mon, 12/08/2008 - 10:29 By admin
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TricorBraun has received the American Graphic Design Award for the creation of a men’s body wash container.The award, given for Blade brand body wash, was sponsored by Graphic Design USA magazine, and TricorBraun won the same prize in 2007 for its design of a new Elmer’s Glue bottle. The Blade brand is owned by CVS/Pharmacy and sold through its stores.  Apollo Health and Beauty Care developed the shower gel and hair care products within this winning franchise.“CVS’s objective was to create its own brand and take a leadership role within this category.  It wanted a package that was as distinctive in its presentation as it was functional,” according to Danielle Rogers, sales and product development director, Apollo Health and Beauty Care. “Blade was designed as a tottle, a combination tube and bottle, with the dispensing closure on the bottom so users won’t have to shake a nearly empty container.  The tottle was designed with a finger hole in the top so it is easy to pick up when wet,” David Snyder, TricorBraun design director, said. “Although the package was designed for men, we had to be mindful of the fact that it frequently would be purchased for men by women,” Rogers said. “To distinguish Blade from its competitors, the container is black with a black translucent closure to showcase the label’s colors.  The container’s profile features a sweeping curve to give it the look of speed as it rests on the shelf,” according to Snyder.“A number of designers can develop nice looking containers, but TricorBraun can create a great looking container that efficiently runs through the filling line.  They bring a high level of engineering ability to a project,” Rogers said.The Blade line consists of four products, which are packaged in 12-ounce polyethylene tottles.  The closure is a stock, polypropylene flip top that snaps onto a reinforced neck with a 24-millimeter finish.To reduce the manufacturing cost, special molds were used so surplus polyethylene does not have to be removed from within the finger hole. TricorBraun,, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rigid packaging, and it has 33 offices in the United States, Canada and Asia.Apollo Health and Beauty Care is the largest private label personal care manufacturer in North America.  The product was created for CVS.


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