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Lip-gloss Timestrip Technology

Released: Thu, 12/03/2009 - 12:40 By Anonymous
CARGO Cosmetics
Contact Person :
Reuben Isbitsky
+1 416-847-0700
+1 416-847-0770

The expiry date indicator technology is developed and manufactured by UK-based Timestrip. Although the principle of the timestrip technology is not new, integrating it into Cargo’s lip gloss range required it to be formulated as a nine-month room temperature label, and to be produced in a smaller size than standard labels. On opening the lip gloss for the first time, a consumer can insert the timestrip into the lip-gloss cap which activates the technology. The window begins to turn red and when, after nine months, the entire window is red, the consumer knows the product has reached its recommended expiry date. Although Cargo’s lip-gloss was the first cosmetic to use the timestrip technology, this technology was suitable for use in a range of products. The technology can be used in any cosmetic where there is a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol. In accordance with the European Cosmetics Directive, cosmetics with a shelf-life greater than 30 months, excluding single-use products and aerosols, must display a PAO symbol on both the product container and outer packaging. The timestrip technology may help to solve the problems inherent with PAO labelling systems.


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