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Drop Stop

Released: Wed, 12/30/2009 - 11:50 By Anonymous
Schur Inventure A/S
Contact Person :
Kent Sejdelin

DropStop® - a unique invention that has become a must for those who enjoy drinking.
DropStop® is patented and a registered trademark. DropStop® is the result of an invention by the Danish inventor, Brian Vang Jensen.
Beautiful to look at, simple to use and extremely functional, DropStop® has become a world-wide success, used in millions of wine bottles in more than 40 countries.
A material that had the right flexibility to fit tightly against the inside of the bottle as well as cut the flow so effectively that drops couldn’t form.
Now anyone could pour wine without spilling a drop. Having come up with the idea, Brian decided to have his invention patented and readied for production. No more table cloth stains. Simply roll up DropStop®, insert it into the bottle and pour the wine without spilling a drop. Due to its flexible material, DropStop® fits in every bottle.
DropStop® is excellent for promotional use. Full colour digital printing is used for state of the art results.
Using DropStop® in a promotional campaign is a terrific way to display your logo or message.
A single DropStop® lasts for several years. This means that your logo will be displayed again and again every time the disc is used to pour wine.
DropStop® has been used in promotional campaigns in many different sectors, including the wine, hotel and restaurant, finance, insurance, transportation, medical, tourism, entrepreneur, contracting and energy industries.


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