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16 April 2014
“Full-Fill” - Gap Fills are made up of expanded foam plastic material. They are resistant to fungus, do not readily absorb moisture & have very good heat & insulation properties. “Full-Fill” gap fills, being light weight, are most economical option for filling gaps in any packing box thereby minimizing shipping cost. Its interlocking structure helps in keeping the product intact in its place, thus resisting shock impact & avoiding any breakage to the product. “Full-Fill” Gap fills are most suitable for packing delicate items viz. Glass, Crockery, Porcelain, Electronics, Spare Parts, Statues & Sculptures, Delicate Handicraft items, etc. These Gap Fills stabilizes movement of the product & prevents it from sliding or settling down inside the box.   Read More...
14 April 2014
A High Barrier OPP & PO films for Packaging of so many products right from cereals to snack food.    Read More...
7 April 2014
Empty medicine containers can be unnoticeably refilled and put on the market as a supposedly original product.Schreiner MediPharm will present Flexi-Cap, a first-opening indication that prevents illegal reuse with an innovative combination of label and cap, and protects patients from dangerous counterfeit products.   Read More...
27 March 2014
Clear Locked flip Top cap for Squeezable bottles   
27 March 2014
Light weight edible oil closure systems   
27 March 2014
First shoulder less plastic tube that has mark-able material reduction hence cost saving as well.   Read More...
27 March 2014
Innovative packaging for hand wash which is adherable to the walls, tiles or any glass surface.    Read More...
27 March 2014
Temperature sensitive ink to indicate customers from hotness by changing its color.   Read More...
18 February 2014
Fancy printed card board packaging for wine bottles as a unit pack which also has ribbon to carry    Read More...
10 February 2014
A Simple screw cap system that has a special nob to ensure from leakages that fits into ring which also makes it child resistant    Read More...
27 January 2014
Very light PET Bottle for mineral water and soft drinks, made out of 9.9 gm/ 500 ml capacity    Read More...
14 January 2014
Clear self stand up pouch for beverages with multilayer film structure.   Read More...
14 January 2014
Fast dry ink for thermal inkjet printers, that will avoid characters broadening on fast production lines.   Read More...
13 January 2014
Gas Barrier Property in thermoformed Container by EVOH in Dog food range.   Read More...
10 January 2014
Unitisation of Cigarette Packaging for better consumer reach and bearing capacity of middle class Indian consumers. Fresh odor and essence on every smoke.    Read More...
6 January 2014
Solvent Based high resistant adhesive for acidic products like sauces, Spices, Prickles etc.    Read More...
6 January 2014
Different Kind of Cap for Sports & Energy Drinks that escalate the use of ultrasonic seal in Karma cap. it is away fro push & pull mechanism,add easiness towards consumer convenient.   Read More...
30 December 2013
Paper Board & Plastic Hybrid trays for Micro Wave oven use.    Read More...
30 December 2013
Lacquer made up of Tomato Waste for Food Processing Industry.    Read More...
24 December 2013
Metered Dosing system for Elderly patients & Convenient Packaging for Patient    Read More...
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