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Dairy Drinks Packaging

 Murray Goulburn launched their new Devondale flavoured milkshake range in a stackable cup and lid format by replacing its older format of plastic bottle. 

Lipstick pack with secret mirror

Flower part on the top of the pack featues a secret mirror will appear, which is convenient for fixing  make-up. 

Innovative Beer Packaging

South Korean designer Wonchan Lee has created a concept redesign of standard beer packaging.

Flow-Tite Shrink Rollstock Films

Bemis Curwood Flow-Tite films for automated flow-wrap equipment replace hand-packed shrink bags, a packaging format that has dominated meat packing since the 1950s.

Resonator made of DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS helps revolutionary hybrid sports car sound good

The stunning BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car features a resonator made of glass-fibre reinforced DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS 95G35 which is tuned to reduce the typical high-frequency air intake sound to a lower level, so improving driving experience.

Swiss chocolate packaging

The Polyhedron shape and construction was very appealing to the eye a

Prefillable Stacked Needle Syringe

SCHOTT InJentle™ prefillable syringes are designed for the special needs of highly sensitive drugs.

Photochromic Bag

Invisible design hidden within a package’s visible graphics


DISPOS-A-VENT is a barrier package that allows for EtO or Steam sterilization. Dispos-a-vent® pouch provides the breathability needed for EtO or Steam sterilization and is easily converted to a barrier pouch prior to distribution.

Self-venting retort pouch functions as a bowl

This self venting portable meal pouch looks like a ordinary pouch, but when opened it trnsformed in a bowl. 

Ecolab Oasis Pouch

Ecolab uses a unique collapsible bag package with a self-closing port to offer a closed loop dispensing system limiting contact with the chemistry while minimizing waste.

Shake me pasta

 Multilayer plastic pot for the Shake Me pasta range 

Packaging reflects sensational impact of the product inside

This attention grabbing packaging truly reflects the sensational impact of the product inside.


Imagine taking a product off the shelf and a competing brands shelf display lights up! TouchingLight is an LED display which is simply placed on a retailer’s shelf where the price tags normally are.


SecurityPeel is an ideal lidding solution for meat and ready-meal packages

Book format wine packaging

Jean Leon presents a special pack on the occasion of World Book Day.

Gerresheimer: Duma Combi Container

Tablet container includes a separate compartment for the patient information leaflet.

Super Seal Max Touch - A Touch of Excellence

The Super Seal Max Touch, the latest development in The Super Seal Touch range of equipment, is Enercon’s most innovative and high speed induction cap sealer with key features including increased power and a multi-language touch screen.

Gravity Tray for meat packaging

The GravityTray is an innovative, completely safe, meat and fish tray packaging that makes the absorber super- fluous.

Coveris to present unique rigid pack solutions

The global packaging solutions provider will present a wide assortment of packaging solutions – from convenience foods and ready-to-eat products, fresh and processed foods to dairy and beverage packaging.

Water Retaining Pouches

Flower Fresh water-retaining pouch for cut flowers in transit

SoTube / SoSafe solution for implants

This sterile medical device package is an alternative to double pouch or blister.

Absorbent Fruit Pads

It uses antimicrobials to extend the shelf life of soft and delicate fruits.

A cardboard-plastic cup for sausage packaging

Greiner Packaging developed a K3® cup (a cardboard-plastic cup) with a resealable IML lid for Sausage Packaging.

Vial Protection from Top till Bottom

Schreiner MediPharm has further developed Flexi-Cap, its innovative first-opening indication security concept, for oncological applications: An additional cap protects the bottom of bottles or vials against glass breakage and surface contamination. 

Easy-Fit Cup Insert

Fabri-Kal’s clear, easy-fit cup inserts provide a portable solution for multi-ingredient pairings. It is designed to aid fresh food packaging applications. The unique grab-and-go combinations are fast, convenient and portable providing the flexibility to merchandise a variety of foods such as yogurt and granola, fruit or vegetables with dip or green salads and dressing.


DS Smith was commissioned by Kopania Piwowarska (SABMiller Group) to come up with a design for a multipack for beer with no other specification’s other then it needed to be made from water-resistant paper. 


Zipbox, a combo box-pouch. Take a carton, add a zipper closure on top—that’s basically what the Zipbox is, an innovation designed to keep the advantages of both packaging types. It’s got the sturdiness and stackability of a carton, and the easy-close-and-open zipper closure that keeps contents fresh. No more torn carton lids or pouches that fall over on the shelf.  

Rocker Cap Speeds Handwash Dispensing

The new disc-top rocker closure used for Fast Orange waterless hand cleaner that allows for one hand opening and dispensing.

2-in-1 soap dispenser/air freshener

Celeste Industries’ Flight Luxe JetScent is a 2-in-1 hand soap and air freshener package.

Inert barrier technology

IBT is a revolutionary change in the ordinary measures used for enhancing self life for plastic food packaging. It provides longer product shelf lives without preservatives while providing good product protection.

Mustang™ Front Push Tap

The ideal dispensing solution for Bag-in-Box packaging and Stand-up Pouches. The Mustang front push tap has the lowest oxygen transfer rate (OTR) and the highest shelf life in the market.

eBeam sterilisation technique

eBeam sterilisation technique is a replacement for hydrogen peroxide sterilisation

Fantastak to launch new SuperRoller

It is the latest development in industrial adhesive tape application, holding up to 75 metres of double sided adhesive tape.

Fully Recyclable Water Resistant box

Ecofriendly, water resistant box

Inert barrier technology

It enhances food shelf life in the plastic containers

Innovative locking system for aircraft component

An innovation of incorporating a unique locking is developed by XPAC Technologies Pte Ltd.


Green Maple Leaf is an eco-friendly laminated tube that maintains the freshness of products while keeping in line with our commitment towards the environment and society.

Tense tube

An original package designed for formulas that require an applicator with dual function

Propellant replacement technology

It is used packaging and dispensing both low & high viscocity fluids.

Libo unveils its push up make up and treatment dispensing system

The new combo set offers push-button dispensing to saturate an application pad that can be used to apply a product directly on the skin, without any other tools, complements, or applicators.

Hydration Tracking Bottle

It meet the nutritional needs of professional and competitive athletes during training

Nutri-Line: Innovative lids and scoops for enhanced hygiene and comfort for Infant nutrition

As a leading supplier of caps and scoops for infant nutrition, Plasticum has developed the Nutri-Line, a new total packaging concept for a safe and hygienic dosing of the infant formula. The lid with integrated scoop can be used for standard tin plate and composite cans.

Coca Cola Contour PET glass

New concept of packaging coca cola in PET glass

Ball Shap Thermoformed Yogurt Packaging

Open-mold thermoforming technology can help you to reduce cost of your packaging.


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