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A Unique Look to Chocolate Pack

Released: Mon, 08/16/2010 - 12:26 By Anonymous
Max India Ltd
Contact Person :
Sanjeev Yadav
Head Quality & Development
+91 98760 08889

One of the top Chocolate manufacturers wanted to give a ‘Unique look’ as well as ‘Silky smooth feel’ of the pack. (New) Their focus was to give a ‘Unique look’ as well as ‘Silky smooth feel’ of the pack. Their plan was to introduce this project in India initially and to execute globally afterwards. Taking care of their requirement, Max  formulated a new ‘SATIN look BOPP’ film with additional feature of ‘Silky smooth feel’ ‘in-line with their new chocolate with silky smooth feel in mouth’. A totally new concept introduced in India

Major challenges for this project were: Matt film with…

1)       Silky Look:
Top Layer modified to have a unique Silky Matt look – in line with the concept of the product…a unique look introduced first time in India.
2)       Silky  feel on touch:
Top Layer modified to give a silky feel on touch with bare fingers/hand…a totally new concept introduced in India.
3)       Additional Features …Cold Seal Release( Anti Lock):
Challenge is to prevent blocking in laminate between the cold seal and the top layer of the BOPP Film
Top layer is specially formulated to repel the adhesion of cold seal adhesive in order to provide sufficient release from cold seal, i.e. to prevent roll blocking.
MAX got distinction to be the first supplier in India for this project in India.
Application Area
End Use: Biscuits in end use
Converter: One of the top converter in India
Product: Cadbury Dairy Milk – Silk




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