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Two Component Tube

Released: Mon, 05/09/2011 - 12:49 By Anonymous
Plasticum Group
Contact Person :
Vincent Gallon
+ 31 (0) 13 465 74 65

A two-component Clube (closure+tube) custom designed for L'Oréal will be revealed at the package manufacturer's booth at Interpack.  

The injection molding process, combined with innovative tooling techniques, releases the constraints of the extrusion process that is commonly used for the manufacturing of tubes and saves up to 40 percent of material (and its cost) by eliminating the tube's shoulder. Besides environmental and cost benefits, the Clube allows design freedom with easy changeovers of colors and labels, an advantage used by L'Oréal. The company has searched for the right packaging to commercialize two-component cosmetic applications. The Clube keeps two formulations apart and then dispenses them simultaneously in a practical and user-friendly packaging. The L'Oréal Clube with in-mold label for high-quality graphics is produced in a single molding step. The body and flip-top closure are fully integrated and form one part. The body contains two separate chambers that can be filled with two different formulations. The closure consequently has two orifices to dispense the two formulations. As soon as these formulations are mixed, they react chemically to develop the right effect. The label features silver contours and grey metallic parts. Because of a less complicated one-step production process, flexibility and short lead times are guaranteed, even for custom or small-volume applications, according to Plasticum. Injection molding Clubes also means less waste and rejects during processing, and hence less energy consumption.



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