Slitter Rewinder Roboslit With Dual Turret Rewinds

Feature Packed, Highly Mechanized And High Output Slitter Rewinder With Dual Turret Rewinds

Company Name: 
Sp ultraflex systems p ltd.
Contact Person: 
Mr. Biku kohli

Designed to run at a maximum speed of 500 mmin, the roboslit &trade employs devices and techniques which drastically cut down the cumulative changeover time, so that the machine runs for about 90 of the total time, thus doubling the output vis a vis it&rsquos counterparts rated for the same speed. Most importantly, this massive increase in output levels is achieved without increasing operator fatigue by the use of integrated material handling solutions which need minimum intervention or exertion by the operator.the revolutionary features in the roboslit &trade which make it possible to realize the above objectives includedual turret rewinds which bring down the changeover time to less than 30 seconds by making it possible for other devices to execute the activities related to removal of finished reels and set up of new cores with the machine in operationthese devices  include a cross cutting device, servo driven finished reels ejector, multi axis off loading mechanism and robotic core positioning systemrobotic cutter positioning system while cutting in the tangential, rotary mode, resulting in a drastic reduction in the time and expertise required to change slit widthshorizontal orientation of the lay on section ensures that the rewind reels are subjected to constant contact pressure as against the pivoted counterparts in which the contact angle changes with the rewind diameter

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