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Lift n Peel Extra Lift

Released: Thu, 04/22/2010 - 15:41 By Anonymous
Selig Sealing Products, Inc.
Contact Person :

Lift'n'Peel ™ innerseals are the solution for hard to open containers. Selig Lift'n'Peel ™ innerseals can seal to most any plastic bottle surface; polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, PVC, polystyrene and can be used with either dry or liquid contents. If you have ever broken a nail or cut yourself while removing a liner from a bottle, Lift'n'Peel ™ may be just what you need.

Once the consumer removes the closure from their selected product, Selig's innerseal becomes the focal point of the package – providing an ideal platform for a strategic communication program for the brand. Standard "Sealed for Freshness" and "Sealed for your Protection" advisories are also available, plus custom logos can be printed to give the brand differentiation and that extra lift. 

The tab is attached to the top of the innerseal disc, facilitating easy removal of the membrane from the container in one clean piece. Simply pull Lift'n'Peel ™ upwards to easily open the product and leave a clean bottle opening.
As revolutionary as it was to have an induction innerseal, Lift'n'Peel ™ innerseals are the next generation, and are starting to revolutionize the market again.
Along with tamper evidence Lift'n'Peel ™ will ensure that the pack remains intact and that the product remains 'factory fresh'.









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