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Labels with Void Effects to Povide Protection from Undetected Re-labeling of Pharmaceutical Packaging

Released: Mon, 06/28/2010 - 11:11 By Anonymous
Schreiner MediPharm
Contact Person :
Sandeep Goyal
+91124 4143952
+91 124 4143951

Thieves and counterfeiters detach labels from empty original containers and use them again for faked products. This exposes manufacturers and consumers to high safety risks. Specialty pharma labels with void effects by Schreiner MediPharm prevent illegal re-labeling. In addition, they protect variable printed data such as expiration dates from tampering.

To avoid both the re-labeling of packaging and the alteration of variable data, Schreiner MediPharm integrates special void effects into labeling solutions for pharmaceutical packaging. When detaching the label, a previously hidden text or pattern irreversibly emerges. Consequently, the label can no longer be used and is thus protected from tampering. The void effects reliably indicate the re-utilization of previously used containers or alterations of subsequently added information.

Void effects can be integrated into existing marking labels and designs. They provide easy and effective protection against tampering with which pharma manufacturers can safeguard their products from misuse and patients from inferior drugs inside original packaging.


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