Label Solution For Safe Use Of Autoinjectors

The use of autoinjectors or pens for drug delivery is becoming increasingly common. They are primarily used in the area of selfmedication, for instance by diabetics who inject insulin. Specialty labels by schreiner medipharm help increase patient safety and user comfort of these systems.

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Schreiner Medipharm
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Amninder Singh

The multifunctional label solution for autoinjectors is optimally tailored to customer needs and far exceeds the function of mere marking. For example, assurance that the autoinjector has not been previously used and definitely contains the right drug is an important safety aspect. The specialty label is equipped with a tamperevident feature &ldquoproofof first opening&rdquo in the form of a perforation that helps provide this assurance. The position of the perforation makes it impossible to close the cap again unnoticed after the label has been applied to the autoinjector. The patient can check the fill level and content through a transparent window in the label. To prevent the user&rsquos hand from slipping during the injection, the label has a nonslip texture for improved grid and safe handling. Due to the special material properties the label snugly fits the shape of the autoinjector and reliably adheres to the plastic surface. By combining marking, safety and comfort, schreiner medipharm has created a solution that can be customized as needed to suit various injection systems.    

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