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Intercept Technology packaging provides 3-way protection and saves the environment

Released: Wed, 07/14/2010 - 03:18 By Anonymous
FPM Inc.
Contact Person :
Randy Dutton
+1 360-249-5833

Intercept Technology is a packaging material that protects all metals and elastomerics from corrosive gases, electro-static discharge (ESD) damage, and mold/mildew for up to 10 years per mil of resin.  Static Intercept, the more robust form of Intercept, is a dark brown resin uses copper covalently bonded to a polyethylene resin that sacrificially absorbs all corrosive contaminants from the trapped air space.  This leaves the air completely clean off corrosive contaminants.  What makes this technology so revolutionary is that no chemicals are emitted, and the plastic is recyclable as colored polyethylene.  It's cleanliness meets clean room requirements and is critical for protecting optical and computer components.  Because of the copper content, and the manner in which it is made, the plastic also provides static electrical protection in the preferred ohm range regardless of humidity. 

Intercept is the only active anticorrosion packaging material to win a European environmental award, and is the packaging that allowed VW to win the South African 2009 environmental award.  Intercept allows industry to eliminate the hazardous volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI), protective coatings, and the chemicals needed to remove coatings.  Intercept lowers a company's carbon footprint, and also allows the elimination of packaging materials that can't be recycled such as foils, VCI plastics, and some foams.  More information can be found at www.InterceptShrinkfilm;; or

Because of its production capabilities, Intercept can be produced in a variety of forms and sizes to protect any size or shaped item from the smallest electronic component, up to an including entire aircraft.




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