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Eco-Newpack: Eco friendly, low cost and retail ready corrugated packaging

Released: Fri, 08/19/2011 - 12:30 By Anonymous
Contact Person :
+33 345 213 609

Developed by Pierre Chevalier, President of the young and innovative company INAWA, Eco-newpack© is a range of over-wrapping solutions  which has been created from 3 major needs:

1- industrial packers look for the cheapest over-wrapping than ever  

2- need of more and more functionalities for a smart corrugated secondary packaging: the marketing  meets the logistical expectations e.g. retail ready packaging, shelf ready packaging, late stage customisation...

3- environmental needs: the over-wrapping have to  meet the always growing demands of customers, retailers and legal authorities.


From 3 very simple pieces of cardboard (freedom of dimensions), eco-newpack©  offers all solutions of over-wrapping (case/wrap/tray+lid…)!


How eco-newpack© answers 3 needs:

1-   Economy: the structure is very simple and modular. It gives the opportunity to get an open over-wrapping or a closed one, or an intermediary declination. The base will be the same for   industrial packers, the vertical components  being the only adjustable parts. Finally, we create a new reference with a unique principle  having the great advantage of cost reduction for the packaging buyer because he can pile up multi references, added to the saving of waste material at the corrugators plant (see §3 below):   eco-newpack© brings a budget decrease up to - 50 % in comparison with a common RSC.


2-   2- Ergonomic and presentation on the shelves are numerous: with or without tray on the shelf, products upright or lying down… Moreover, eco-newpack© keeps a highly-resistant mechanical structure thanks to its dihedron (edge on edge, carrier flutes…)

Moreover with its easy opening and its several original styles, eco-newpack© is a true RRP solution when requested, or a common logistic case for the others needs 


 3-  Sustainability through a great eco-designed over-wrapping: 

- A minimal amount of raw material thanks to the cardboard quality; each piece of eco-newpack© is adapted to the mechanical performance

- Waste reduction for the cardboard supplier are downsized thanks to simple and regular geometry of the cardboard pieces

- Cardboard quality used according to real mechanical and packaging requirements between the base and the walls (possibility of 2 references)

- Mechanisation with a versatile machine, which is able to produce different versions of eco-newpack©  as well as traditional over-wrapping like wraparound, tray... Solutions developed through strong partnership with well known machine manufactures (e.g. CERMEX)

-  Less volume of waste at the retailer (easy to break down for disposal, due to small, simple and non-joined pieces of cardboard)




all these characteristics make eco-newpack©  a real eco-designed solution!


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