Cap For Efficient Te Performance

The Hexalite 2911 Closure Is Equipped With A Slit And Folded Safety Band Flexband For Efficient Te Performance, Providing Good Anticounterfeiting Feature At The Same Time

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Mussel Martina

The hexalite® 2911 closure is equipped with a slit and folded safety band flexband for efficient te performance, providing good anticounterfeiting feature at the same time, reliable and forgiving application also on highspeed lines.

The sealing system has been designed for maximum tightness.even more, the easy opening of the hexalite® was a major improvement versus the previous closure and was promoted on their shrink film onpack promotion on the 1,5l bottle &sbquonow, a new and environmental friendly closure, easier to open&lsquo. This information was highlighted with a specific color on the label to achieve highest recognition by the consumer.

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