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ART OF PACKAGING – Pearl among Packaging

Released: Fri, 04/30/2010 - 02:56 By Anonymous
Contact Person :
Igor Raczynski

 Line Packaging and White Squares Black Squares was created for the ice cream brand Augusto. Packaging "White Squares" developed a modern, ergonomic design and modern forms of graphic design. Lightly creamy color packaging brightens up the picture illustrating the taste of ice cream. Graphic design focuses on a single, large element. Strawberry flavor presents one big strawberry so that the consumer can easily read the taste of ice cream. Each flavor is assigned to each one color: Strawberry - red, cream - blue, etc. Graphic design is very simple acceptance and through its "purity" very light. The "black squares, black packaging, which most manufacturers are afraid to use the food product, a highly distinguished in bright packaging fridges / freezers and store pictures strongly emphasizes the products presented on the packaging. Built here at the courage of color and excitement of a clean, sophisticated graphic.All the attention focuses on the two knobs of ice cream with a subtle accent color (strawberry, almonds, chocolate, etc.), depending on taste. Each package has a custom bar code in the form of graphic drawing, which is a novelty on the Polish market. The whole is a harmony of shapes and colors. To create the images and obtain a consistent effect across the line graphics are made quite difficult in terms of technical sessions, photo ice cream. They took place with the use of dry ice in solid form and at a temperature of about -60 ° C, where he had to use extreme caution and prepare the special "tools" of work (spoons, etc.), withstand such low temperatures. The container is injection molded, and the labels embedded IML technique.




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