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5 Tips to Improve Packaging Research

In today’s fast-moving and competitive marketplace, failure is not an option. When it comes to researching the packaging design possibilites, it is best to go to experts who can effectiv

Luxury and environmentally friendly packaging materials that will make a product stand out on the shelf

Amsterdam metallized Products BV - A white paper that explains the benefits of transfer metallized materials for brand owners

Luxury packaging materials that will enrich designs

Amsterdam metallized Products BV - A white paper about transfer metallizing directed at designers

The benefits of transfer metallized packaging materials for printers and converters

Amsterdam metallized Products BV - A white paper that explains the characteristics of transfer metallized packaging materials

Oxygen Absorbers

Sorbead - Oxygen absorbers are revolutionized to increase the shelf life of dehydrated food

Guidelines for sending biological samples by post/courier

Informative article to understand the guidelines required for sending following samples through courier - Category A – Infectious Substances Capable of Causing Disease in Humans or Anima

Molecular Sieve Packets

Molecular sieves are considered as the most effective option to remove the water or humidity from liquids and gases

Silica Gel Packets

These are used to control the moisture and humidity, and to adsorb HC1, CO2, C12 or aromatics

Activated Carbon Desiccant

Clay Desiccant

Silica Gel Unit Pack

Silica Gel Pillow Pak

ACTIVE VIALS_Pharma Desiccants

Desiccant Unit Pack

Desiccant Pillow Pack

MSDS_Polyester Coils

Sorbead India - Polyester coil is white, odorless, soft, resilient material comprised of 100% polyester fibers. Pharmaceutical polyester coils are use for pharmaceutical bottles packaging.

MSDS_Rayon Coils

Sorbead India launched pharmaceutical rayon fiber coils for pharmaceutical packaging  to protect bottle packaging. coils are USFDA approved and DMF free with available number. Rayon coil&nbs

MSDS_Cotton Coils

Sorbead India - Dealers of Carolina absorbent cotton, which is the only vertically integrated cotton coil manufacturer in the United States. Cotton coil is composed of 100% bleached, absorbent co

MSDS_Silica Gel Packets

Sorbead India - They are approved by USFDA standard and are DMF free, non-toxic and moisture free packets. The non-indicating and indicating silica gel desiccants are packed in small pillow like packi

MSDS_Humidity Indicating Cards

Sorbead India - The humidity Indicating Cards are used to find out the humidity conditions for variety of barrier packaging. They are generally kept inside dry vacuum packed blockade bags that help yo
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