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Media Kit 2015_Packaging Connections

Packaging Connections provide 360 degree content marketing services for packaging suppliers. Check social assets, networks, connection and other details from this media kit. KNOW MORE TO GROW MORE

Food and Beverage Processing - Printing does selling

How printing plays an important role in packaging - an interesting article by a packaging professional published in a known packaging magazine

Solutions for confectionery and chocolate packaging_Stora Enso

Stora Enso offers a wide range of solutions that meets the demands of chocolate and confectionery packaging.

5 laws of content marketing

5 laws of content marketing defined in a simple way in Newscreed summit. Must read in today's world where content is everything (image source - url@google_images)

Food and Beverage Processing_Edible Packaging

CAN WE EAT PACKAGING?‑YES!!! The technology behind edible packaging, it's needs, trends and hindrances

Thinking Outside the Box - The Next Decade of Packaging

Dr Joseph Hotchkiss, a speaker at the marcus evans AmericaPack Summit on the next decade of the packaging industry. Interview with: Dr Joseph Hotchkiss, Director, School of Packaging &

Food and Beverage Processing_Aseptic Packaging

The articles covers various interesting aspects in food & bevenrage industry with a focus on "Aseptic Packaging"


Food and Beverage Processing - Role of packaging in ensuring food safety

Detailed articles, interviews, interesting topics in food and beverage industry. Covers material, packaging and many other aspects

Basic of packaging

A simple write up by "R2Launch" that defines and explains basics of packaging

The Top 10 Packaging Priorities for Getting a Brand from Concept to Consumer

Lightweight Packaging

Today, the wine industry can choose from a range of packaging solutions, be it glass, liquid cartons, aluminium, PET, bag-in-box or pouches. However, glass bottles currently dominate, making up 97% of

Retail Packaging 2016 and beyond_Stora Enso

Retail is experiencing one of its most dynamic and exciting periods in a long time. Consumers are placing ever-higher demands on retailers and brand owners, expecting a wider and more attractive assor

Technical Specification of Wine BiB packaging

Retail is experiencing one of its most dynamic and exciting periods in a long time. Consumers are placing ever-higher demands on retailers and brand owners, expecting a wider and more attractive assor

Glass Manufacturing for food applications

The American Society for Testing Materials defined glass as ‘an inorganic product of fusion which has cooled to a rigid state without crystallizing’ (ASTM, 1965). Chemically, we know that

White paper on packaging workflow solution

Printed Workflow Challenge: Keeping it all safe Keeping track of the accuracy of packaging components in the pharmaceutical industry can be very challenging. With so many people and departments involv

Packaging Benchmarking

The Packaging Management Council (PMC) is interested in raising the visibility of the importance to the packaging function within companies. The PMC believes that the way in which packaging functions

Glass bottle Neck finish standards and Tolerance

Specific Factors in the manufacturing or use of a particular glass finish, or the manufacture of application of a closure for a particular glass finish may necessitate the employment of tolerance othe

Food and Beverage Processing - Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Partner with DNV GL Business Assurance DNV GL Business Assurance. is a world leading cerficaon body. Within the food and beverage industry, we help our customers world wide achieve excellence in

Smart Packaging for Smart Customers

All major industries create wealth but if there is one industry that plays a unique role by way of both creation of wealth through a wide range of manufacturing activities and also by way of preservin
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