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Create the PERFECT Package

Top 10 packaging priorities for getting your brand from concept to consumer. An interesting infographics by Sun Chemicals

2nd generation Child resistant Closure (CRC)

Needs two simultaneous movements to open; even open, the cap stays attached to bottle; sure of lock, click! to close.

Case Study_EuroPack Summits

A case study with Kati Randell, Head of Packaging Development at Fazer Confectionery, a delegate at marcus evans EuroPack Summits

Five factors to consider when selecting die-cuts

An informative white paper by Amcor Flexibles on 5 key steps to consider while selecting die-cut lids for dairy and other products.

Food and Beverage Processing - World is Shrinking

Feb'2015 edition of "Food & Beverage Processing "Magazine. Covers interestijng topics and articles on food and beverage, shrink films, flavours, trends and developments in functional

Packaging Guidelines for Clinical Samples

A guideline by FedEx Express® that gives simple follow up "instructions for packaging, marking and labeling clinical samples for shipment via FedEx Express® services&q

Development of Customized Packaging Facility for Cytotoxic Compounds

A white paper on "Development of Customized Packaging Facility for Safe and Effective Packaging of Cytotoxic Compounds" -By PCI Photo source -  

8 things to consider when picking a garment packaging supplier

An interesting white paper by "Britannia Garment Packaging" that guides a buyer in 8 simple steps on "How to find a packaging supplier for your garment's packaging"

Food and Beverage Processing - What is Quality

Feb'2015 edition of "Food & Beverage Processing "Magazine. Covers interestijng topics and articles on flexible packaging, trends and developments in functional foods and beverages, n

How to design packaging and labels in 3D

Packaging is not flat, so it is important to create and present your packaging designs in 3D! Whether you are a designer trying out different ideas, or a prepress operator checking a back-match, with

Anti-counterfeiting Technologies for Packaging

Adding Taggants, Hidden Indicia, Numeric Codes, and Color-Changing Pigments Provides Valuable Protection against Counterfeiting

Vision Systems for food safety, traceability and record keeping in packaging

Laura Studwell, Industry Marketing Manager for Food & Beverage Packaging at Omron, has authored an excellent white paper on how Vision Systems play an increasingly important role in food safety

5 Tips to Improve Packaging Research

In today’s fast-moving and competitive marketplace, failure is not an option. When it comes to researching the packaging design possibilites, it is best to go to experts who can effectiv

Luxury and environmentally friendly packaging materials that will make a product stand out on the shelf

Amsterdam metallized Products BV - A white paper that explains the benefits of transfer metallized materials for brand owners

Luxury packaging materials that will enrich designs

Amsterdam metallized Products BV - A white paper about transfer metallizing directed at designers

The benefits of transfer metallized packaging materials for printers and converters

Amsterdam metallized Products BV - A white paper that explains the characteristics of transfer metallized packaging materials

Oxygen Absorbers

Sorbead - Oxygen absorbers are revolutionized to increase the shelf life of dehydrated food

Guidelines for sending biological samples by post/courier

Informative article to understand the guidelines required for sending following samples through courier - Category A – Infectious Substances Capable of Causing Disease in Humans or Anima

Molecular Sieve Packets

Molecular sieves are considered as the most effective option to remove the water or humidity from liquids and gases

Silica Gel Packets

These are used to control the moisture and humidity, and to adsorb HC1, CO2, C12 or aromatics
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